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  • This read was selected by one of the students. It was beautifully written and has gorgeous illustrations by Stephen McCallum. Belle is getting too old to be useful on the farm and Dad is thinking about selling her. Molly is thrilled at the thought of having a new pony to play with and dress in pretty ribbons. But, she quickly is worried about Belle and what will happen to her.The story is the stuff of winter nightmares and redemption. A great read. And, a Canadian one too. The book is dedicated [...]

  • Based on a real life event, this is a touching story of a little girl and the horse that saved her. Belle is Molly's old brown mare. Every Saturday, Molly rides Belle 8 miles to her piano lesson. 8 miles there and 8 miles back. When Belle becomes too old to pull the ploughs and wagons, Molly's father suggests selling her and buying Molly a new pony. At first Molly is excited about the idea of riding a faster pony, but then wonders who would take care of Belle and give her special treats.One wint [...]

  • Illustrated gr k-21920s, Canadian prairie. Molly rides her horse Belle to and from piano lessons every week. When they are caught in a blizzard, it is up to Belle to get them home.

  • Based on true story -- piano lessons on horseback -- Canadian setting -- story of the dangers of a blizzard in the plains - reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie

  • What a wonderful, heartwarming story of love and loyalty. Every horse lover will fall in love with this book. The illustrations are beautiful as well.

  • It's been years since I first read this book and I still tear up thinking about it. A touching story about the love and loyalty of an old horse that everyone thinks has outlived her usefulness.

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