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  • And thus the two-book adventure in wintry Norgate comes to a close. Fair winds to the Skandians, particularly Gundar Hardstriker. Farewell to the brilliant healer, the tender-hearted giant, the unpopular chamberlain. Au revoir to Horace and Alyss. We'll see you again, no doubt. Come visit me at Seacliff.3.75 stars (good but too predictable). I rounded it up to 4 stars because it's such a heartwarming book, with a sweet finish. No sex, no cussing, but beware of some bloody battles and scary super [...]

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    (Nov 17, 2019 - 08:29 AM)

    The Siege of Macindaw (Ranger's Apprentice, #6), John Flanaganعنوان: محاصره مکینداو - جنگاوران جوان کتاب ششم؛ نویسنده: جان فلنگان؛ مترجم: فائزه اثناعشری؛ تهران، افق، 1393، در 405 ص؛ نقشه، شابک: 9786003530362؛ موضوع: داستانهان کودکان از نویسندگان انگلیسی قرن 21 م

  • Rebecca L. Snowe

    (Nov 17, 2019 - 08:29 AM)

    Ok so I gave this book one star because it was that bad. Really was it that bad? yes it was that bad and more.I was so disappointed in this sixth book of the Ranger's Apprentice series! The first four books where so great and this one fell utterly short. I HAD hoped after reading the last book and being bored out of my mind that this next one would pick up a little, boy did it not. Quiet frankly it got to be a chore reading it by the end of the book and I was jumping in my seat waiting to get do [...]

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    (Nov 17, 2019 - 08:29 AM)

    I've found these books to be sort of, "uneven". I liked the early books, but the sequence concerning Will's captivity lost me some what as I found my interest waning. A lot of this will of course be somewhat personal and subjective and apply to me, some will I suppose find it to be true for them others less so. I found my interest in this YA series picking back up somewhat in the last couple of books (aside from my annoyance at the blatant cliffhanger with which the book before this ended).Let m [...]

  • Yes, I actually read this book in one day It’s rather surprising what you manage to read when you have neither a smartphone nor a computer at hand. xDThe Siege of Macindaw is the sixth book of the Ranger’s Apprentice series. It starts immediately after the ending of book five. Alyss is still stuck in Macindaw, Will is hiding with the ‘magician’ in the forest and Horace is making his way north. This is the culmination of everything that was started in the last book. The character threats [...]

  • this one just didn't do it for me, I thought it was really disappointing after the first 5!! still good. But just not as exciting as the previous books. hopefully the next one is better.

  • They just keep getting better and better!!!!

  • Sadly lacking in Halt but somehow still amazing!

  • Tricia Mingerink

    (Nov 17, 2019 - 08:29 AM)

    Also not my favorite of the series. Once again, Halt is only in it very briefly, and Tug is barely mentioned.

  • ****spoiler Alert**** He's not resting until shes right next to his side and until he does hes going to do the impossible for her. This book is an adventure,action,type of story. i give this book a five out of five cause its so good. This story takes place mainly in Macindaw the castle and also Grimsdell wood where it is in the woods. So when we left of Will made a promise to Alyss that he would save her and get her back. Will in needing of an army and does which he finds the skandians and offer [...]

  • rachel • typed truths

    (Nov 17, 2019 - 08:29 AM)

    The Siege of Macindaw was much better than The Sorcerer in the North. I was glad to have Horace back - his and Will's relationship (and banter!) is becoming one of my favourite part of the series. I liked seeing them work together without Halt or Crowley or any of the other mentors. And getting some Skandians back on the scene was fantastic. They always supply some comic relief and epic fight sequences. Overall, a great sequel. I look forward to getting some answers in Erak's Ransom.

  • 7/10. This book was very good. It had great action, and I adored the characters and loved the writing style as always.

  • My favourite in the series. Probably the funniest.

  • The story was very well built up and I loved how Will and Horace managed to get back the castle by keeping a cool head and a very creative strategy!

  • I will make this 'review' for this and the previous book, as they cannot be separated in any way. Story wise, ofcourse. Page wise, they obviously have been.There are a few major complaints I have about this 5 year time skip. I generally love time skips. It moves a story forward, characters can develop in more drastic ways, a lot of things can change, and the need to adapt to the new setting is generally very enjoyable. But, this one annoyed me.Will, as such, didn't change. One tiny bit. His skil [...]

  • Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Because of the Ranger's Apprentice Day I recently attended with my youngest sister (and the following meet-and-greet with the author) I decided it was time to read more books in the Ranger's Apprentice series and start where I left off.The Siege of Macindaw is the sixth instalment of the series and forms one story together with the fifth book. The main thing happening in this book is the actual siege. I was a little bit disappointed that it turned out [...]

  • I am slowing down with this series and toying with the idea of handing them all off to my niblings without finishing the rest.The middle school boys I taught this year were all over the books in this series, but while I love training-the-hero stories and especially fantasy without magic, I find myself wanting something a little more grown-up.

  • 3,5/5 Traag gestart met veel verwijzingen naar vorige boeken wat het voor ons wat saaier maakte want we lezen ze vlak na mekaar. Maar dan weer geweldige nevenpersonages, actie en spanning. Of zoals oudste zoon het zei: nog een hoofdstukje mama?! Dus met twee weer genoten en op naar deel 7!

  • I really loved this book! It's so cool to see Will on his own now, though I do miss Halt a lot :(. I kinda wish there had been more of him in the book, but I guess Will would never grow up then. *sigh*

  • I loved this book, it was filled with action, adventure, suspense and has a good sense of humor.

  • Wow, so after a few months, I finally chose to get back to this series again; figured I should finish the book since I was interrupted by the book's due date, hence why I couldn't complete it the first time. But now, I finished! Yay for me~ *small claps*Let's begin!Story:The Siege of Macindaw begins where the previous installment of the series left off: Will and his friends find a way to take back Castle Macindaw and save Alyss.That's it. That's the summary and the main point of this book XDSimp [...]

  • *** Warning: This review contains spoilers! *** A very satisfying conclusion - all loose ends tied up! - to the events that began in Book 5. I think the author is really good at character development. He keeps Will, Horace, and Alyss interesting while also introducing all sorts of new and different characters. He even had me feeling sorry for Keren at one point! The book was probably on track for a 5-star rating, but then I reined it in because I felt like there were some major holes in the acti [...]

  • This was a really good book, and I enjoyed until the very last page. It was full of twists and turns, and surprises. It also had a lot of emotion which helped you connect with the main character. Also it had action pretty much throughout the book, and it doesn't get boring. I would recommend this series to anyone who liked the Harry Potter, and the Percy Jackson series.

  • I loved this whole series, the characters were amazing and really made the story something special.

  • Stāsta nobeigums no iepriekšējās sērijas grāmatas. Bija labs. Galvenais varonis sāk pieaugt un skatās uz meitenēm :)

  • Graham Corcoran

    (Nov 17, 2019 - 08:29 AM)

    The siege of macindaw consists of violence, emotions, and a good sap up of the whole book. Violence comes when ranger will and his lead ranger alyss, plot to take out wacindaw, and to bring the fight to the Araluen kingdom. The best part is the part when ranger will is forced into hiding, which is a perfect lead up for the upcoming books in the future. The flow of the book was sketchy, but it all made up for a good ending. I would recommend this book to any 13-18 cause it is a good book, but it [...]

  • Just wonderful. And a great way to end this sort arc

  • (4.4)It's a slower book but the relationships between Will and Horace and Will and Alyss are the best parts of the book.Speaking of Alyss and Will, the romance is 100/10 and the cutest thing ever (view spoiler)[ which makes my heart hurt because I know about The Thing and ugggghhhh (hide spoiler)].Recommended 13+ for violence, some language (less than 10 words), and clean romance.

  • I have a real soft spot for this series. I really do. I see people giving three stars and four stars and to be honest, they're probably giving more objective opinions. But I can't help it. I love this series to death. I've been writing reviews for all of the books in this series as I re-read them. So I have nothing to say that I haven't already said in other reviews of these books. Good writing, great characters, interesting plots, amazingly creative, etc. etc. There's only one thing that I don' [...]

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