Athena the Wise

Athena the Wise Principal Zeus asks Athena to help Heracles aka Hercules in the Roman pantheon complete his twelve labors But when Heracles starts borrowing Athena s friends things without asking will she be able to

  • Title: Athena the Wise
  • Author: Joan Holub Suzanne Williams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Principal Zeus asks Athena to help Heracles aka Hercules in the Roman pantheon complete his twelve labors But when Heracles starts borrowing Athena s friends things without asking, will she be able to help him set things straight

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    Joan Holub Suzanne Williams

    Children s book author TOOL SCHOOL MIGHTY DADS a NY Times bestseller LITTLE RED WRITING the GODDESS GIRLS series with Suzanne Williams THIS LITTLE PRESIDENT, A Presidential Primer THIS LITTLE TRAILBLAZER, A Girl Power Primer, ZERO THE HERO Lucky to be doing what I love

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    • This is the fifth book in the Goddess Girls series by Joan Holub. Our oldest has really gotten interested in Greek Mythology and loves this series. I like them as well and they have a fresh, young vibe that will appeal to the pre-teen, young teen girl audience. This story is longer than the first book in the series and it also gets a little deeper into a romantic aspect. Our girls are not quite ready for that yet, but thankfully it's still PG. We've enjoyed this series so far and our girls are e [...]

    • This book, "Goddess Girls: Athena the Wise", written by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams, was very unique and adoring."Goddess Girls: Athena the Wise", is about a boy that recently just got invited to attend Mount Olympus Academy, if he could finish the 12 labors that he was assigned. But, of course he would get the help from a goddess girl who might have just happened to be assigned to his case especially. The main characters of this fiction are Athena and Heracles (Hercules), while the minor ch [...]

    • Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids

      (Feb 17, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      I love the Goddess Girls series! I think this is fantastic series that not only teaches grade school and middle grader readers about Greek Mythology with a fun twist, but the series is a fun, engaging read set at their level. Joan and Suzanne have done a wonderful job with not only making the Greek Gods and Goddess relatable, but they've made them so readers get to see them in similar situations they may find themselves in. I also like the fact that each book teaches a message.Athena The Wise is [...]

    • Athena is a fairly new resident at the boarding school for young gods and goddesses. Therefore she feels sympathy when an even newer kid takes up residence. Then her dad, Zeus, who is principal at the school, asks her to help the new kid with these 12 tasks. Basically these are mostly retellings of the Greek myths, more or less transferred into modern times.At least in the way the "kids" think and react to the authority figures. This is pretty funny in many ways. If nothing else, it introduces k [...]

    • beautifullybookishoklikes.c

    • The Goddess Girls series is one of my favorites, and "Athena the Wise" is an especially sweet installment! As a romance fan, I love the cute romance blooming between Athena and Heracles. I also love Athena's relationship with her so embarrassing dad, Zeus. As with the previous Goddess Girls books, there's a subtle but important message woven throughout the story. The book takes a look a the varying shades of right and wrong. It also explores anger and revenge. The authors are never preachy but i [...]

    • Originally posted on Small Review blog.Like all the books in the Goddess Girls series, Athena the Wise can be read as a standalone and it is not necessary to have read the previous books.This series gets better and better with each book! Athena again narrates and she solidifies her spot as my favorite Goddess Girl with her brainy approach and ongoing struggles juggling all of her many activities (I can SO relate with her "more is more" approach!).The twelve labors of Heracles takes center stage, [...]

    • This series isn't shaping out to be as perfect as I thought it was when I first read it. I did enjoy Heracle's labours as a storyline but Athena was waaay too obsessed with him even after promising her friends she wouldn't forget them just because of a boy. Also, I found the writing style pretty poor and, unlike most of the other books in this series, the way that the whole gods thing was dealt with just felt wrong to me. I do understand that the authors are trying to stick to the original myths [...]

    • Amy (Books, College, and Other Random Things)

      (Feb 17, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      Athena is the goddess of wisdom but doesn’t always feel wise. One day at lunch, Artemis and her friends, Aphrodite, Persephone, and Artemis, see a new mortal at their school. Mortals normally don’t come to Mount Olympus Academy. Heracles is very strong for a mortal and is often wearing lion’s skin and carrying a club.Athena decides to introducer herself but is interrupted when she gets called to go to the principal’s office, Zeus, who happens to be her father. Zeus tells Athena that he n [...]

    • LOVED IT!!!!! But I don't ship 'em

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this return to Mount Olympus Academy, and loved the clever ways Athena found to accomplish the tasks she and Hercles have to accomplish. A great example of using brain over brawn and thinking outside the box! Get my full spotlight--plus the cat's two cents--on my blog, and happy reading!

    • Kezzie and books

      (Feb 17, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      I read this as I kid and still like the stories. This really got me into reading. And love Greek stories. A lot of books got me into reading but I absolutely loved these. My mom would sometimes read them to me. And I would sometimes read them myself.

    • This book was very mythical.

    • I remember these books! I loved them. They were so cute. I still remember a bit of them from when I was nine, and I can't believe it's been years since I read them.

    • 3.25/5 stars I ended up liking this book more then I expected.

    • it is very nice.

    • Tiffany Spencer

      (Feb 17, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      Athena The WisePLOT: Zeus gives Athena an assignment (among her tons of others in her classes) to be a mentor to the new student Hercules. As Athena gets closer to MOA's new superman of the hour, she discovers she's becoming attracted to him. Even more so when he entrusts her to help him with the 12 tasks he's assigned by the Oracle (Labors) that will allow him to stay at student at the school. But does Zeus have more involvement in his request than simply concern over a new student?MY THOUGHTS: [...]

    • At First Sight: There is a new kid at Mount Olympus Academy and Athena - the principal's daughter and goddess of wisdom - is asked by her dear ol' dad to help him fit in. Athena knows all too well how difficult is to be the new kid at school - as she came to MOA just a few months earlier - so she's happy to help Heracles as much as she can. Particularly after she learns that he has to complete 12 Labors in order to stay at the Academy for good. Athena has never been particularly adventurous, and [...]

    • This review is by Reagan from Reading Tween and is dictated from her Video Review, which can be found here on her blog if you'd rather watch it ;-) I haven't read all of the books yet (but am planning to!). In this book Athena is in the cafeteria and she sees a new person whose name is Hercules. When her dad, Principle Zeus, calls her into the principle's office, he says she has to help Hercules, even though she's never met him, to keep his temper and everything. Her dad wants her to help him in [...]

    • This goddess girls book mainly focuses on Athena and there's a new godboy, Hercules. Zeus tells her about his 12 labors and tells her to try to make friends with him and help him with the labors. Athena accepts and starts hanging around Hercules and Aphrodite starts getting suspicious. Athena is then forced to tell Aphrodite, Persephone, and Artemis about the 12 labors. She and Hercules start doing the labors together which ends up jeopardizing her friendship with Artemis, challenges her and Ara [...]

    • My Thoughts – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a new kid at school. In this book Hercules is the new kid and he is only there on a trial basis. It appears that Principal Zues has set Hercules up with a list of twelve favors that had been created by Hercules cousin. Hercules must complete all twelve favors in order to be able to remain at MOA. When Zues figures out that the favors aren’t going to be as simple as he’d assumed and that Hercules tends to be a bit of a hothe [...]

    • Athena the Wise, was a terrific book. I enjoy Joan Holub's writing style. She has a great way of integrating Greek Mythology, friendship, love and humor into one great book. She does an amazing job with her character descriptions because each character has strong and clear personality traits. I have read a few other books by Joan Holub, but with this particular book I felt as if I could be a part of this story. I could even see myself become friends with these characters because some of their pe [...]

    • In Band 5 geht es endlich wieder um Athene, ich mag sie nach Persephone am meisten. Diesmal muss sie dem sterblichen Herakles helfen 12 Aufgaben zu bestehen. Wenn er sie besteht kann er an der Academy bleiben, wenn nicht muss er gehen. Doch Athene merkt bald das sie mehr als nur Freundschaft für ihn empfindet, doch nutzt er sie nur aus oder mag er sie auch?? Und wird es Herakles gelingen zusammen mit Athene die Aufgaben zu bewältigen?Athene und Herakles sind so süß zusammen und man muss die [...]

    • Athena the Wise is a few months after Athena starts at Mount Olympus Academy, she meets a new kid at school named Heracles. He needs help fitting in, and Athena helps him. Heracles also has to complete twelve labors. Athena thinks that she can help him, so they have to work together to complete the labors. I think other kids would enjoy this book because it's a mix of Greek mythology and realism. There are fictional monsters and real places in the book. Athena the Wise also shows what high schoo [...]

    • If this book had been on shelves when I was younger, I would have been all over it. I went through a huge Greek mythology phase in 6th grade and I definately would have picked these books up. I'm sure tweens today will do the same. Heck, it's basically a younger Percy Jackson for girls. Kids will laugh at the clever manipulations that share the classic myths (Arachne the Arachnid anyone?) and the mythology is visible in every character and detail. each "Goddess Girl" is a mini portrait of the Gr [...]

    • I’ve been reading this book with my 8-year-old daughter.The Goddess Girls series is a twist on Greek mythology. The goddess girls and god boys are preteens attending Mount Olympus Academy (MOA). In Athena the Wise, Principal Zeus asks Athena to help Hercules complete his 12 labors, which will enable to remain at MOA.The book was cute and the story was fun. Most importantly, my daughter loved it! She liked that it was based on mythology because she’s learning about mythology in art class. She [...]

    • When Zeus, Athena's dad, asks her to keep an eye on the new boy Heracles she doesn't realise her job will involve helping him complete the 12 labours!This series is epic! In this one we meet Heracles, Arachne and Eurystheus. We also see Poseidon in his bath towel! Artemis had been staring at Poseidon ever since he appeared. Finally she asked, "You shower with your trident?"My favourite parts were the part with the boring boar and the part where Athena and Persephone go to the underworld to break [...]

    • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)

      (Feb 17, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      This is the first Goddess Girls book I have read. My daughter really enjoys them though and when I won this book in a giveaway, I thought I'd better check it out. I really enjoyed this mythology based story. Athena and Heracles were fun and their adventures kept things lively. My daughter said she liked how Athena had to go along with Heracles to keep him out of trouble. She thought it was funny.These books teach good lessons along the way too. I like that the situations are ones that kids can r [...]

    • This was an interesting addition to the Goddess Girls series. It portrayed a different aspect to Athena than I've seen in the others I've read. While the goddess girls aren't usually portrayed as perfect, this story included a lot more self-doubt than others and some thought-provoking ideas. I was able to use the story as a springboard for a conversation with my pre-teen daughter (who also enjoys the series.) I feel it's not as closely related to the Hercules myth (allegedly the main focus of th [...]

    • I grew up watching Hercules on TV, so it was fun seeing Heracles (the Greek version) of the hero and how he's introduced to the school and students. Also interesting, was seeing the story of Arachne/Athena from Athena's POV, since usually the story revolves around Arachne's side and how she was wronged in the weaving contest. I enjoy this series and will continue to read the rest when I get the chance - they are very quick reads and cute.

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