The Girl from the Chartreuse

The Girl from the Chartreuse One wet afternoon while driving a vanload of books to his shop tienne Vollard knocks down a little girl va Haunted by guilt Vollard visits va in hospital and reads stories to her while she lies in

  • Title: The Girl from the Chartreuse
  • Author: Pierre Péju Ina Rilke
  • ISBN: 9780099468691
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • One wet afternoon while driving a vanload of books to his shop, tienne Vollard knocks down a little girl, va Haunted by guilt, Vollard visits va in hospital and reads stories to her while she lies in a coma He also meets va s mother, Th r se, a struggling single parent whose dream is to be faraway and alone When va awakes, the three of them are immediately aware thOne wet afternoon while driving a vanload of books to his shop, tienne Vollard knocks down a little girl, va Haunted by guilt, Vollard visits va in hospital and reads stories to her while she lies in a coma He also meets va s mother, Th r se, a struggling single parent whose dream is to be faraway and alone When va awakes, the three of them are immediately aware that their lives are forever altered Pierre P ju s profound and moving novel is about life, childhood, loneliness and learning to accept and understand our differences.

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    Pierre Péju Ina Rilke

    Pierre Peju was born into a family of booksellers from Lyons He read philosophy at the Sorbonne, and while he was a student, he became involved in the famous demonstrations of May 1968 Pierre Peju is a teacher of Philosophy at the Lycee International of Grenoble He is also the Director of Studies at the International College of Philosophy.Pierre Peju is the author of The Girl from the Chartreuse , published as La Petite Chartreuse in Peju s native France, and this was also the title of the movie of the book, which was released in 2005 This novel received great acclaim in France, and won the Prix du Livre Inter for 2003 He is also the author of Clara s Tale 2007.

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    • Leisure, light, literature: true happiness!Gustave Flaubert asserted “Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live." But can literature seriously be a substitute for life? Or can reading at last help to live, to soothe, to becalm? Are books the straws to grasp in the realm of silence, weariness and despair? Éva is ten when she ends up under the van of Étienne Vollard, a bookseller. The shocking event awakens [...]

    • محمد عبد العزيز

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 00:51 AM)

      كيف يمكن الكتابة عن القراءة !الامر معقد ؛هل يمكن الحديث عن طقوس الشراء وظروف الشراء والتى تجعل من الحصول على كل كتاب قصة مختلفة مغامرة للحصول علية خصوصا لو كان الكتاب غير متوفر أو ظفرت به من باعة الكتب القديمة يبدو أن المغامرة الاولى للقراءة هى الحصول على الكتاب !بعدها تبدأ ا [...]

    • د.حنان فاروق

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 00:51 AM)

      ماهذه الحالة من الصمت التي انتابتني عقب انتهائي من (فتاة من شارتر) لبيير بيجي.؟؟أتكون تلك اللطمة التي تأتينا على غير انتظار لنفيق مما نحن فيه؟ أم لأنه قال الحقيقة دون واربة ونفذ إلى أماكن لم نكن لنتخيل أن يصل إليها غيرناهناك في هذا الركن القصي يقبع داخلنا هذا الكائن الرافض ال [...]

    • Molto probabilmente il mio idraulico sa fare di meglio.

    • Existentialist teenage crap, that’s what this was. Sorry, but seriously. . . Rolls eyeballs I have nothing against angst, but this really was just puerile. Étienne Vollard is a bookseller. He owns a bookstore called “Le Verbe Être” (The Verb “To Be”--a little wink and nod at Sartre’s L’Être et le Néant there). One day, a panicked little girl, Éva, rushes out onto the street and right into the path of Étienne’s van. He brakes, but it’s raining, and he crashes into her fr [...]

    • "They shut me up in Prose- As when a little Girl They put me in the Closet- Because they liked me "still"- Still? Could themselves have peeped- And seen my Brain - go round - They might as wise have lodged a Bird For Treasure - in the Pound - Himself has but to will And easy as a Star Look down upon Captivity - And laugh - No more have I - "#445 Emily Dickinson So, yes, this svelte volume tells a story, sad little girl, sad man who runs into that girl in his van and sad mother of little girl who [...]

    • فاطمة كرم

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 00:51 AM)

      سيد فولار لا أعلم كم من الوقت سأظل أذكرهصاحب المكتبة الوقور العاشق للكتب هذا الرجل الهاديء الذي كان ينفق أي إنفعال يشعر به في التمشي حتى التعب رغم ضخامة بنيتهإتخذ من الكتب جدارا سميكا يعزله عن الحياة وكانت له هكذاأعادت له إيفا التي صدمها بسيارته دون قصد لون الحياة لأيام مؤق [...]

    • Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 00:51 AM)

      I don't know if I like this book. It has some great moments and the atmosphere in the opening chapters is vivid, even luminous despite the confusion, terror and loneliness it depicts. Then there's the awkward middle section where the author tells us about his own encounters with one of the characters. The final act isbleak and sad, but I'm not sure what to make of it all or the way in which 'literature itself' (how I hate blurb and review writers who use that phrase), one of the themes of the bo [...]

    • Malheureusement, je ne peux pas dire que j'ai entièrement accroché avec ce récit. L'histoire avait pourtant de quoi me plaire dans le sens où nous suivons un libraire, véritable boulimique de livres et hypermnésique avec ça (se souvient d'absolument tout ce qu'il lit, à la virgule près ! ), et j'ai tendance à particulièrement aimé les histoires mettant en scène des amoureux de la lecture.Mais voilà, l'histoire est avant tout un drame, celui de l'accident de la petite fille qui va f [...]

    • "Cold" is the word at the forefront of my mind to use to describe this book.The coldness of Thérèse in her failure to love her child.The coldness of Étienne's barran loneliness.The coldness of Éva's silence.The story entwined you in the lives of the above 3 people, and you will them all to "do better".I applaud the author to write in such a nature that appears almost shallow. The time spent reading the book I felt the story somewhat wash over me with no lingering effect. It is only upon fini [...]

    • At some point in the book a narrator (we don't even why he's there but okay) describes vollard's bookshop, and there's a lot of portrait of great authors : all are dead white men. Right. It's not a classic if it's not written by white old dead men. Brb vomiting. The characters are bland, the prose is so purple it gave me headaches, and the story in itself is close to non-existent. What a scam. Tl;dr : didn't like it, don't recommend it.

    • I'd give this book 3 and a half if I had the choice. I enjoyed it, but I'm uncertain how to rate it. A strange little book and because it is kind of about books and how lonely people can be (and it describes that pretty well), I did in fact think it was worth the read. However, I would have liked to read it in the original french and I would have liked to know all the literary references (but that's not the book's fault).

    • The bookshop is called 'The Verb To Be'. How cute is that? I think this is one of those books that definitely read better in its original language. The translation's not particularly atrocious. It's just I think you have to be in a certain mood to understand and enjoy the book. As for what mood, perhaps, misanthropy mixed with the subliminal appreciation for mountains and the ability to exult in the mundane.

    • يا لحزن فولار و حزن الكتب و حزن الضياع قصة ذات معاني عديدة تترك بك أثراً، تجد فيها من هو أكثر عشقاً للكتب و أكثر ميلاً للعزلة و مشاعر متضاربة مفاجئة تتبع سير حدثٍ يشدّك حتى النهاية .

    • بين امرأة تريد الفرار دوماً ورجل ضخم لا يقرأ الكتب بل يلتهمها في نهم يوجد جسد ضئيل يقبع في المنتصف ، سئ الحظ منذ ولادته وحتي لحظة تعرضه لحادث الاصطدام اكثر شئ أعجبني بالروايه هو الوصف النفسي لكل شخصيه من الشخصيات والوصف للأحداث والمواقف التي تتعرض لها فذلك الحادث لم يؤثر علي [...]

    • بسام عبد العزيز

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 00:51 AM)

      الذروة كانت في المقدمة و بالتالى الانهيار يأتي في المنتصف!بداية رائعة تماما للقصة السائق الذي يصدم فتاة و الوقع النفسي للسائق و الأم بعد الحادثة و الفتاة قبل الحادثة البداية تدفعك تجاه عمل أدبي يتحدث عن أولئك اللامبالين في الحياة إنهم كغريب ألبير كاموالسائق فولار شخصية عاش [...]

    • C'est un avis assez partagé, 24H après avoir lu ce livre. Un sentiment de trop peu je suppose,l'histoire aurait pu être grande, belle inoubliable ce n'est pas tout à fait le cas. C'est un live simple avec un thème compliqué, la fuite, échapper à ses responsabilités à sa vie, au monde Et finalement l'histoire en elle même se prête vraiment bien à l'exploration de ce thème: des personnages qui se rencontrent autours d'une petite fille blessée au sens propre dans un accident de voitu [...]

    • John the Obscure

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 00:51 AM)

      Those who know what it is to be unbearably saddened by the experience of reading - and long for it - will find a sympathetic voice in Péju. The Girl from the Chartreuse revolves around the power and symbolism of words and tragic childhoods.The novella opens and closes with terribly visual scenes of near-death experiences. The first has the protagonist, Vollard, a bookshop keeper en route to his store with a van load of books, collide and nearly kill a young girl, Éva. This accident and the gir [...]

    • Ne mogu započeti čitati drugu knjigu dok mi se ne slegnu dojmovi o ovoj knjizi. Prekrasan i tužan kratki roman. To je priča o vezi triju bića, mladoj ženi koja nije željela biti majka, koju je odgovornost prema malenoj kćerki gušila i morala je uvijek nekud ''nestati'', djevojčici koja nikad nije iskusila roditeljsku ljubav i knjižaru koji je od svog ranog djetinjstva bio samo usredotočen na knjige pa su ga svi zbog toga zlostavljali.U jedno hladno, kišno kasnojesensko predvečerje [...]

    • I bought this book last part of July 2006 and finished reading it by the third part of August.As much as I would like to post the “truisms” I’ve read in the book, it wouldn’t give justice to the essence of the composition for it would be quite limiting.There’s nothing new with the plot of the story. However, from an ordinary incident lives were forever changed by an extra ordinary fate.Hep! Before you jump into conclusion like this book is some kind of inspirational thingy piece of wri [...]

    • I read this book because it was recommended to me by a French friend. It is very French. The story, the subtleties of the characters actions and reactions -- it's all very culturally different. If you like Le Clézio, you'll probably like this novel. Regardless of the plot, the language (even translated into English) is very smooth and beautiful.

    • le croisement accidentel et accidenté de 3 personnages cabossés par la vie. Un peu a la Anna Gavalda. Mais sans rédemption. Les paysages de la chartreuses et l'amour des livres apportent une atmosphère particulière

    • فولار صاحب المكتبة الرجل الضخم الذي لا يفعل شيئ سوي قراءة الكتب عالم الكتب وكيف يجعل الشخص يصبح بعيدا كُل البعد عن الحياة الأجتماعية، الوحدة التي ينغمس فيها هذا الألم الذي يراه بين الأرفف ويخطو متجهاً نحو قلبه ليمتلئ.تبدأ الرواية بفولار واصطدامه بفتاة صغيرة بسيارته فتصبح ح [...]

    • 4/5Découverte d'une plume magnifique qui m'a emportée dès la première page. Ce livre est un magnifique hommage aux livres et au pouvoir de la lecture ce qui ne m'a pas laissée insensible. J'ai beaucoup aimé l'histoire et l'évolution du personnage principal. Cependant, ce dernier m'a mise mal à l'aise à plusieurs reprises, ce qui a fait passer ce livre à côté d'un coup de cœur. En dehors de ça, c'est une histoire qui se lit facilement et dans laquelle on se laisse embarquer sans dif [...]

    • La solitudine più profonda, la sconfitta, la vita mancata in centosessantatré pagine.Il potere salvifico della lettura completamente annullato dalla mancanza di amore.

    • Really touching story of a man who runs over a little girl. Given the title, I thought the story would focus on the little girl, but really it focuses on Vollard, the middle-aged bookshop owner who can't avoid the panicked girl who crossed the motorway without looking, on a rainy night. It is about the little girl, insofar as Vollard's life changes radically after the accident, and we see through the eyes of a former schoolmate what he used to be like when he was younger, always buried in a book [...]

    • Volker Rivinius

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 00:51 AM)

      Trois êtres solitaires qui se rencontrent, ça ne pouvait que mal finir. Jusqu'au bout, on espère une quelconque rédemption pour au moins un des personnages, mais on espère en vain. Il s'agit bien d'une méditation sur la lecture - qui dans le cas du libraire Vollard, frise le pathologique: Boulimie de lecture pour oublier, pour vaincre ses insomnies, avec pour seul résultat de pouvoir en réciter par coeur des passages. Donc une simple reproduction, sans conséquence sur la personnalité d [...]

    • Back from vaycay! Update 1: I was in Shakespeare & Co in Paris, not having brought any books with me to read on our trip (I must have been on crack before leavingor this one project at work was really getting to me even more than I'd thought), and picked this up to get a flavor for a recent French critical success. ***SPOILER ALERT***Well, I think I pretty much got what I wanted. Like a lot for critically successful French novels, this was long on references to literary giants and to man's c [...]

    • Marika Bonuccelli

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 00:51 AM)

      TristeNon è facile fare la recensione di questo libro perchè da una parte, mi ha messo una grossa tristezza addosso, dall'altra ci sono alcuni aspetti che invece mi sono piaciuti molto. Sicuramente un libro di semplice lettura, scorrevole e veloce. La prima parte scritta un po' troppo "a spezzoni", troppe frasi corte, mi sembrava di soffocare. Ma forse l'autore ha voluto dare proprio questa impressione, velocizzare il romanzo. La seconda parte, secondo me, è scritta molto meglio. Si ritrovano [...]

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