Information is Beautiful

Information is Beautiful Facts statistics issues theories relationships numbers words there is just too much information in the world We need a brand new way to take it all in Information is Beautiful transforms the ide

  • Title: Information is Beautiful
  • Author: David McCandless
  • ISBN: 9780007294664
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Facts, statistics, issues, theories, relationships, numbers, words there is just too much information in the world We need a brand new way to take it all in Information is Beautiful transforms the ideas surrounding and swamping us into graphs and maps that anyone can follow at a single glance.

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    David McCandless

    David McCandless Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Information is Beautiful book, this is one of the most wanted David McCandless author readers around the world.

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    • Information is Beautiful by David McCandless.I think this will go down as one of the great, if not the greatest, coffee-table book of my generation. Information is beautiful is dedicated to the Internet and, indeed, almost every page seems to reflect a quintessentially contemporary concern or interest. The book's overarching theme seems to be that information is important because it empowers one to change the world for the better. Aimed partly at Guardian readers with similar interests and views [...]

    • Absolutely phenomenal book; full of interesting facts presented in stunning and unique ways. The only problem I found (which wasn't a content fault), was that the way the book was bound causes a lot of the content that is in the middle of the page to be unreadable. :( but other than that, fantastic!

    • These days we are surrounded by data, every transaction online or in a shop is recorded, processed and analysed. That data is sucked into vast databases that are then used to sell you even more stuff. But in the hands of McCandless this vast data stream is shown in all its magnificence. He has taken the facts and numbers and made them beautiful, elegant and more importantly understandable. The range of subjects he has covered is vast too, there are maps of the internet, global spending, radiatio [...]

    • I love it except some pages had too many words for what they were tryna do and some I couldn't understand (bc i'm stupid:)))) ) but apart from that they were all super pretty and had mostly super interesting info

    • Reviewing before I mark this as "read" because this is a book to dip in and out of.David McCandless is a graphic designer who compiled (I can't quite say "wrote" - it's really more "designed") this book as a means of exploring - and demonstrating - how to make information "approachable and beautiful" by presenting it visually.I'm not sure how *useful* the book is -- but it is beautiful.

    • Ω†ß Folk Horror Baby ߆Ω

      (Feb 17, 2020 - 10:24 AM)

      Cool. I only really skimmed this but I learnt stuff expect some of the information was very difficult to interpret.

    • Pretty good, works well in monochrome. But often approached more factoid territory, and I think when looking at a small screen the visual element is not as compensating.

    • I've seen this book around for a while and finally gave into purchasing a copy. It is a new edition revised in 2012. It's got some fun facts and graphics. And some of the topics and graphics are engaging. However, despite being a new edition, it still contains glaring issues. The book doesn't put its strongest forward, and the first graphic is hard to understand. In many cases the author leaves out legends. Produces graphics that don't present data in the most intuitive manner. Uses colour schem [...]

    • If you like looking at graphs, learning new information or visually pleasing composition, Information is Beautiful is well worth your time. Spreads cover a multitude of topics, from the ingredients of coffee beverages to the varieties of romantic relationships to the meanings of colors to different cultures around the world. This edition was revised for 2012 so some information may be a bit dated; but it is well worth the look.

    • An informative and often whimsically humorous journey through imaginative infographics, though not all are equally interesting. The visuals occasionally focus on design instead of information, and a few are downright illegible due to poor choice of colors.

    • I really enjoyed the variety of different infographics and the range of subjects. The infographics were beautiful and imaginative. Having worked for years in medical communications its good to get some inspiration for presenting complex information in easily digestible, visual formats.

    • Great book. Spectacular representations of data.

    • Veronika Kudinova

      (Feb 17, 2020 - 10:24 AM)

      It's a nice coffee table book with a bit of humor to it. We are to see once more that infographics is a very powerful tool of conveying a message or an idea. It's all good except for the fact, that Aral Sea is marked on the territory of Ukraine

    • Similar to my review of Knowledge is Beautiful which I'm pasting below:---Most of us have heard the term 'Death by Powerpoint'. In my experience this is due primarily to the amount of words that are packed into a slide as well as the amount of slides in the typical presentation. 'Knowledge is Beautiful' takes a different approach by illustrating information using graphical approaches such as graphs, images and abstract objects.I spent over an hour going through this book. Some pages take time to [...]

    • Holiday Treat Read #3 - This is a beautifully illustrated miscellany of statistics from every sphere of life. There are plenty of lessons to be drawn out: Firstly, that presenting information in a striking new way conveys the message much more effectively than a few bullet points and an excel chart.Secondly, units matter - a lot of these diagrams are visibly misleading because the things they compare can be measured in any one of a dozen ways and if the labels don't tell you which is being used [...]

    • nwhytevejournal/2224365ml[return][return]Compiles David McCandless's personal favourites from the infographics he has posted at informationisbeautiful/ which I have glanced at from time to time in the past, and will now start reading more regularly.[return][return]Oddly enough I found myself less interested in the political graphs than in his desperate attempts to make sense of psychobabble and cooking - here's one for instance mapping what flavours go with what main dishes. I also felt that he [...]

    • To say that this is a book about graphs would really be selling it short. It’s true that this book is about outstanding graphical representations of quantifiable data (phew!) but the data is so very interesting! What kind of data you ask? Well let’s see…we have hangover cures from around the world, most edited pages on , types of disease you are most likely to get based on body type and ethnicity, and my personal favorite “everyone’s good at something” which lists the various countri [...]

    • So, this book was an intriguing one because I wasn't entirely sure what it was all about to begin with but as I continued reading it I discovered that it is essentially just a book about verious, random facts and these facts and figures and speculative ideas are all displayed in clear, clean cut graphic design works. The images are very vibrant and clean cut, stylish and minimalist. I found the book to be interesting and inspiring in some areas too. I especially liked the pages about the books e [...]

    • If you are overwhelmed by huge piles of information that you need to compile and present, this book will give you loads of ideas.Graphical representation of information (infographics) is a sure hitter to seek attention. No more mundane tables and graphs. I believe this book should be a must-have for all information officers out there, especially those who constantly have to compile facts and figures in their report.I took 2 stars because some of the facts are questionable, and not all of the inf [...]

    • It wasn't exactly my usual read but i found that some of the information displayed was very interesting to learn about. I enjoy looking at well presented information and i recommend this book for people interested in graphic design. The only thing that made this rating a three star and not a four was that some of the information I wasn't captivated by in the scene that it covered topics I'm not interested in. A lot of it was about environment, taxes, government and politics which are a bit too i [...]

    • Tematyka poruszana w książce jest naprawdę szeroka i barwna. Myślę, że tak można ująć wszystkie omówione zagadnienia. Są i przepisy na drinki (trucizna), i sposoby z całego świata, jak leczyć efekty uboczne. Autor omówił też problem globalnego ocieplenia, uwypuklając różnice między sceptycyzmem a konsensusem naukowym. Prawda jest taka, że niemożliwe jest szczegółowe omówienie tej publikacji. Jest ona tak bogata pod kątem omawianych tematów z tak wielu dziedzin, że tr [...]

    • Got this as a belated birthday present this morning, and I have to admit that I never expected such an amazing gift. As somebody who loves to read and loves to learn random facts, this book had me written all over it, so I was surprised that I hadn't seen it before!12 hours later, and I've pretty much finished it, but rereading and finding specific information will undoubtedly keep me interested for hours. The book is colourful, each infographic being individually eye-catching and interesting, a [...]

    • Love this book. I used it as a bedtime story book with my daughter (after tabbing it with PostIt flags, to ensure we weren't going into "no go" areas for a 6 year old). For me the wonderful thing about the book is the story the infographics tell -- demonstrating that data in isolation is meaningless, but data with context changes how we see the world (look at the informationisbeautiful for a great example of this - David McCandless was it's originator).Top tip for parents: The graphic on which a [...]

    • I bought this for a friend for Christmas but couldn’t resist have a sneaky read first. To say this is a book of graphs and charts makes it sound much drier than it is. This is a book of varied and random information presented graphically and colourfully (one of my favourite light-hearted ones was a timeline depicting where time-travellers in films/books will run into each other). It’s a fun coffee table book to flick through, though make sure you get the re-printed second edition as it corre [...]

    • Good toilet book, or for a waiting room, nice to flick through, interesting if not mind blowing.

    • This book is a splending marketing idea for a coffee table book, and the ratings on this site make it clear that it is a success in that sense. However, it's content does not match the idea. Few of the images really use the power of image to depict information, and many are cluttered or confusing, complicating what could have been shown more easily with words. The real power of image to show information has been done much better in other books, such as Envisioning Information by Edward Tufte.

    • Fantastic book to show how information can be displayed in different ways. I strongly recommend the book for Project Managers looking for innovative ways of presenting reports and project dataFantástico livro para mostrar como informação pode ser exibida de diferentes formas. Eu recomendo fortemente o livro para os Gerentes de Projeto procurando por formas inovativas de apresentar relatórios e dados de projeto.

    • Super cool! This book, and its extensive and diverse array of graphics, makes statistics exciting. Even sexy. So rare!! It’s a coffee table classic, a magnum opus for Post-Modernity with its penchant for blending the random with the relevant. Author David McCandless shows the way forward for those who wish to communicate data in a way that is visual, immediate and highly-emotive. This is a great book!!! SIMON

    • This is not a reading book but it is gorgeous truly gorgeous.i love a graph and i love a map and this is just the book to feed that. its info porn and who doesnt want info porn.Some of the information is at best slightly pointless but some charts are eye opening and informative. Unless you have a coffee table dont buy but get it from the library and read and enjoy. You will find something that you will want to tell others and you cant argue with that

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