Kung Fu High School

Kung Fu High School Wear your gear Bring your blades Back your family Fight for your lifeK High School has collapsed into Kung Fu High School where Jen B and her brother Cue belong to one of two gangs still standing ag

  • Title: Kung Fu High School
  • Author: Ryan Gattis Brandon Gattis
  • ISBN: 9780156030366
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wear your gear Bring your blades Back your family Fight for your lifeK High School has collapsed into Kung Fu High School where Jen B and her brother, Cue, belong to one of two gangs still standing against the puppet principal and the drug kingpin who pulls his strings Cousin Jimmy a world champion martial arts master of mythic stature arrives in town after sweaWear your gear Bring your blades Back your family Fight for your lifeK High School has collapsed into Kung Fu High School where Jen B and her brother, Cue, belong to one of two gangs still standing against the puppet principal and the drug kingpin who pulls his strings Cousin Jimmy a world champion martial arts master of mythic stature arrives in town after swearing to his mother that he ll never fight again His rep precedes him and everyone s itching to see him kicked in Kung Fu s brutal initiation ritual But he won t break his vow and defend himself, so Cue steps in when things go too far Soon, a surprise counterstrike sends Kung Fu spinning toward one final, raging battle Teachers flee, students break out full weaponry, and Jimmy must make a decision that will brand him a coward or a hero.

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      373 Ryan Gattis Brandon Gattis
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    Ryan Gattis Brandon Gattis

    Ryan Gattis is the author of the upcoming SAFE 08 01 USA , ALL INVOLVED, KUNG FU HIGH SCHOOL, and ROO KICKKICK THE BIG BAD BLIMP, as well as two novellas, THE BIG DROP HOMECOMING and THE BIG DROP IMPERMANENCE His most recently published novel, ALL INVOLVED A Novel of the 1992 L.A Riots, is grounded in 2.5 years of research background spent with former Latino gang members, firefighters, nurses, other L.A citizens who lived through it The book won the American Library Association s Alex Award the Lire Award for Noir of the Year in France Gattis lives and writes in Los Angeles, where he is a member of the street art crew UGLARworks a founding board member of 1888, a Southern California literary arts non profit.

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    • I was kinda disappointed by this. I read the first chapter in the book store and thought it was a new slant on an old theme. It turned out to be a neo-violent slant (which I don't mind per se) on an old theme (teen angst). I thought it would play deeper than it did but it was like a Jackie Chan movie transcribed by Kurt Cobain.

    • I consider this to be sort of an American version of Battle Royale: brutal violence involving teens used as a simile for growing up. Kind of like Lord of the Flies. But with kung fu instead of a wild boar.

    • Unbelievably stupid

    • The story starts off describing the main setting of the novel, which is a high school. Martin Luther King High School, but later known as Kung Fu High School, may be expected to be the perfect school, hence the name is named after Martin Luther King, but however it is not. In this high school, there is a series of gangs/families, in which most of them are under the leadership of Ridley, the antagonist, and a lot of brawls stirs up between those gangs. An everyday school life always had action-pa [...]

    • This book was more of a 3.5⭐ for me.Kung Fu High School is very creative. It's social commentary on school violence, but set in a world where that violence is pretty much encouraged, and isn't really punished. It was unique, and it definitely caused me to think.I wish the action would have been a bit more spread out. Not much occurred during the first portion of the book, and then everything went crazy at the end. I'm also not a huge action reader, so I was a little overwhelmed with the second [...]

    • A fun read. Very graphic in its descriptions. It almost feels like a Tarantino film with the brutality and attention given to the smallest detail. If you have a strong imagination and a weak stomach, I suggest not reading this one. However if you enjoy bone-cracking, skull smashing action then grab this book and start reading!

    • while the premise is interesting, the treatment is very juvenile. it ends up being a twilight meets jackie chan meets mills n boons!! its like a corny B grade movie where a hundred goons cnt defeat one heron by the end of it, the over the top, non stop fighting just gets tiresome n boring. fine for a easy read on ur day off, but something that u wud probably forget by the next weekend

    • I was excited, you got your kung fu, your high school and the author's name is Ryan. what a letdown. the female narrator is not pulled off. it also doesn't captialize on the idea, which could have been pretty sweet. they're making a movie, it will probably be better than this slush.

    • I found this book has no real good plot. I found it only a book that listed different fights, and there really was no conclusion. At the end it sorted out some things, but there was nothing really interesting.

    • Outstanding satire on high school violence.

    • I received this book as part of a giveaway from Ryan Gattis and FSG books. Kung Fu High School is about a school so overrun by gang violence that every single student has some sort of expertise in martial arts. Most students, and even the principal, are in the pocket of a drug kingpin. A new kid moves to town - the archetypal kung fu master who has sworn never to fight again - and his presence kicks off a sequence of events that throws a wrench into the status quo. PROS:I've never read a book li [...]

    • I think you have to look at the historical context of the time that this book was written. Kung fu films were beginning a revival with the bulletproof monk and Jackie Chan movies being real en vogue at the time. Hong Kong movies were beginning to wane in popularity and you have to remember that the Matrix had been coming out. So all in all, I think that this book seems to have been influenced by this. If you can remember Treat Williams in the Teacher. Very evocative of that with the urban warfar [...]

    • This book was really good, the action was awesome and I highly recommend to readers.

    • Jason Brown (Toastx2)

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 00:07 AM)

      Fans of Battle Royale (Koushun Takami) and Severance Package (Duane Swierczynski) should definitely add this their reading pile. It is fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It doesn’t hurt that it is chock full of kid-like drawings showing you how to reinforce your daily clothing with plastic, giving you more protection from knives with out setting off school metal detectors.This book may not be suitable for some readers. do not assume Pokemon or other cutesy text due to the name. [...]

    • Randy Daugherty

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 00:07 AM)

      Martin Luther King High School once a place of higher learning , now taken over and ran by the gangs all trained to fight in various forms and styles. Don't look to the teachers for help for they all know the rules, as for the principal and his chief enforcer forget it, they get 15% of the take to let things run as is.The Police are on the take as well and parents, well the parents are at a loss to save the school, the community or their kids. They have tried calling the police, the school board [...]

    • This book caught me with the narrator's almost gleeful account of how her school came to be. The once decent Martin Luther King, Jr. High School’s swift descent into the legendary Kung Fu High sets the stage and summarizes the story (and with it, perhaps, a lot the current urban education crisis.)Doubtless reading this during the school year helped me completely buy the premise of this novel: a school run nominally by maniac gangs, partially by a shot-gun toting principal and madly-truly-deepl [...]

    • Any book dedicated to Bruce Lee makes my list of favorites. Had Holden Caulfield attended this school he would have been pulverized before his first snide remark. Ultra violent, it’s all about survival on a day to day basis. This school is ruled by gangs or “families” built around their fighting techniques.Think Warriors meets Kwai Chang Cain in high school.Jen, our narrator and sophomore girl, and her brother Cue are leaders of the Waves, the best fighters, and not affiliated with Ripley [...]

    • Oh man, I love this book so, so much.A public school that has been taken over by a hierarchy of street gangs and drug dealers. Everyone is a killer. EVERYONE. There are rules, and they are BAD. Kung Fu High School reads like the work of one of the Columbine shooters if instead of being complete fucking garbage they had picked up a pen instead.Oh, there's a reaaaaaally nice kid who transfers in from Japan to live with his cousins who just so happens to be the world's champion fighter, but who won [...]

    • Jack berrigan 288 pages THis is an very violent book, not that any thing is wrong with that but it borders on the edge of disgusting. Life for Jennifer is not very differen than any other teenage girl, but she is in one of the deadliset high schools ever. Run by the corrupted principle life isn't easy bieng a wave for jennifer(One of the many gangs that dominate kung fu) or any other gand for that matter. But everything changes when her talented cousin comes. Will he keep his promise never to fi [...]

    • This book is shocking and violent, but sadly bordering on reality for some inner city schools. Reading some of the other reviews, one of the biggest complaints is that it is unrealistic. While I would hope that the extreme level of violence found in the book could not happen in any school, one only has to watch the news to be proven otherwise.I found the ending a little depressing, but at the same time I realized if someone did possess that level of skill and encountered that situation their res [...]

    • This is probably the most intensely violent book I have ever read - beats out Fight Club. I have to say that I like the protagonists in this book - Jenn, her brother Cue and their cousin, Jimmy. The villians had some humanity in them, but they still seemed almost as though they were comic-book characters. Primarily, I felt sorry for the students at the high school who were part of something they had no control over. I was both horrifed and fascinated - and I think most high school students would [...]

    • THis book is about Students in Martin Luther King high school, and this fell into kung fu high school. Even though this school sounds like an odinary high school, but it is a violet and one of the most dangerous schools. I thought this book is too dramatic and it seems unrealistic for all these situations to happen in a school like this. Not only does it seem unrealistic, there is too much violence in this book. Jimmy, who is a world championship in martial arts is being blamed by many students [...]

    • Gattis's descriptions of violence are the highlight of this book - crisp, unflinching, and brutal. You can't help but react physically to wounds that rip open "so fast it was like the skin had been unzipped," and to "skin and fat torn up and clumped together like overdone pasta." You cringe. You feel it in your bones. But it's not just excess, not just shock value; all of it serves a purpose. Though the final showdown fell just short of its climactic lead-up, I feel that I now have a much better [...]

    • If you love martial arts films, then you definitely have to read this book. It is part-"The Big Boss", part-"The Warriors", set in high school. It involves the fighter who is forced to give up fighting, rival gangs, a law breaker of a principal and a badass who runs drugs out of school. Ryan Gattis is amazing in describing the various forms of martial arts and techniques used in a gory fashion. I can picture a film adaptation that yells "NC-17" or hard "R"!!!

    • I read this while backpacking in Guatemala. I liked it for what it is, a piece of pulp literature with gratuitous violence. I was failed by the lack of sexual themes present in the novel (barring the implication of incest). Its fun with low expectations. The copy I picked up was a publishers preview, so it may have had some editing since then.

    • Vent your frustrations and stress out with one of the most innovative depictions of gang warfare that I've ever read.Read my review of this book here: The American Battle Royale: "Kung Fu High School"

    • The best way to describe this novel is a Quentin Tarantino movie in print. The plot is thrilling. The characters are well-written and interesting. The drawings are fun. The action is written so a reader can follow and picture the scenes. Gattis did a great job.

    • One of the things that came to mind after I was done reading this book: "This will make a wickedly kickass movie.". If you guys picture the sequences in a book in your mind like I do, you will have a real good time with this book.

    • This was the first pulp fiction novel I'd ever read and what an intro it was. This near the top of my reccomendtion list for anyone who is in interested checking out pulp fiction and for those who love the genre already.

    • It's unsentimental, brutal, cruel and utterly invigorating, with a physicality and a sense of the physics of combat that give it an unrelenting energy. It has an active sense of itself and gives at it's heart, a more honest approximation of the teenage experience, blown up to operatic volume.

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