Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance Only love makes life worth living over and over again Ghostwalker Blake Jones dies every day It s his job and how he helps trapped souls cross over But to return to life he needs an anchor His new pa

  • Title: Ghost of a Chance
  • Author: Kris T. Bethke
  • ISBN: 9781640800342
  • Page: 114
  • Format: ebook
  • Only love makes life worth living over and over again.Ghostwalker Blake Jones dies every day It s his job and how he helps trapped souls cross over But to return to life, he needs an anchor His new partner, Derek Scott, is a surprise Not only is he male, but his appearance belies a caring and gentle heart Despite attraction and a strengthening relationship, they knowOnly love makes life worth living over and over again.Ghostwalker Blake Jones dies every day It s his job and how he helps trapped souls cross over But to return to life, he needs an anchor His new partner, Derek Scott, is a surprise Not only is he male, but his appearance belies a caring and gentle heart Despite attraction and a strengthening relationship, they know they shouldn t take things further.But there s a big difference between knowing and doing.Their growing love presents a problem, though not the one they expect Blake and Derek have to decide if they should take their relationship to the most permanent level an unbreakable metaphysical bond Doing so offers both risk and unimaginable reward Can Blake let go of his fears and put his complete trust in Derek in order to have the happily ever after he s always craved

    • ☆ Ghost of a Chance || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Kris T. Bethke
      114 Kris T. Bethke
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Ghost of a Chance || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Kris T. Bethke
      Posted by:Kris T. Bethke
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    Kris T. Bethke

    Kris T Bethke has been a voracious reader for pretty much her entire life and has been writing stories for nearly as long An avid and prolific daydreamer, she always has a story in her head She spends most of her free time reading, writing, or knitting crocheting her latest project Her biggest desire is to find a way to accomplish all three tasks at one time A classic muscle car will always turn her head and weekend naps are one of her greatest guilty pleasures She lives in a converted attic with an aquarium full of tropical fish and the voices in her head She ll tell you she thinks that s a pretty good deal.E mail kristbethke gmailBlog kristbethke Twitter KrisTBethke

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    • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

      (Dec 05, 2019 - 20:42 PM)

      ~4.5~This isn’t a story about ghosts. It’s a story about Ghostwalkers—people with a genetic marker that allows them to die, visit the spirit realm to help earthbound spirits cross over into the light, and come back to life. It’s quite the party trick. Blake is an experienced Ghostwalker whose Anchor recently retired. An Anchor’s job is to take care of the Ghostwalker before and after he travels to the spirit realm. Blake is very emotional when he re-enters his body; he shakes and cries [...]

    • R * A Reader Obsessed *

      (Dec 05, 2019 - 20:42 PM)

      4 Hearts!!For me, this was a really interesting paranormal story and quite the win!Here, Bethke has created a present day alternative where there’s a national (and I presume international) organization that employs people of various abilities solely for the purpose of helping others pass safely and painlessly into the afterlife.Blake is a ghostwalker, and he dies willingingly everytime to help a spirit find their way home. To help make his job doable and tolerable, he needs an anchor who cares [...]

    • I loved this! I had no idea what to expect when I started this, but I ended up with a very intriguing story and a sweet and intense romance. Blake has the ghostwalker gene. Ghostwalkers can walk the spirit plane when they die, but they can also come back to life again. And that’s what he does at Requiem. First Blake gets stabbed to death by a sword, then helps the spirit cross over into the light, and comes back to life when the sword is removed.But this entire process isn’t a walk in the pa [...]

    • Blake Jones is a Ghostwalker, he's able to cross over to the spirit plane and guide trapped souls to the other side. It's a hugely important job, but it requires that he have someone there to anchor him. Because in order to cross over Blake Jones has to die. And to return to life he needs an anchor, someone who cares for people deeply and takes care of the needs of the ghostwalker.When his current anchor retires, his boss matches him with Derek Scott, a new anchor who actually has the anchor gen [...]

    • Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈

      (Dec 05, 2019 - 20:42 PM)

      Aside from the random dude on the cover (he can’t possibly be either MC), I found this quite enjoyable. Why haven’t I read this author before?

    • I did like this new take on the Grim Reaper storyline. Here the Ghostwalker is not only a living being, but they actually have to die to help the troubled soul get to the other side. While they are under, their partner "anchors" them to the physical plane. While I enjoyed the thought of an anchor, I honestly didn't feel that the author went into too much depth here. Therefore, I really didn't see or feel the emotional connection between Blake and Derek; especially given the exceptionally rare an [...]

    • alll the starsThis is going on my list as one of the best books I read in 2017! I was captivated right from the start! I’d never encountered a set up like this and was immediately enthralled in the intimacy and horror and immediate connection shared by our two MCs.Not only was this a wonderfully sweet and sensual romance, but the actual story of Ghost Walking and the ghosts they encounter were fascinating!I really hope to see more from this world in the future!6 of 5 stars

    • Good lord where do I start? This book has its own character and charm. It was so imaginative and inventive and I love it. Let's see if I can make some sense with this review. Probably not. You were warned. We meet Blake as he is on his way (late) to work to meet his new partner at Requiem Inc. When Blake meets his new partner, Derek, he starts to freak out a bit because one - he’s attracted to the guy and two - it’s a man. You see, Blake has always had female partners and makes mention about [...]

    • (Review originally published on my blog)I have a confession to make: I am a complete sucker for the hurt/comfort trope. The most direct way to my heart (and likely make me tear up) is to have two guys caring and providing comfort for each other. This explains why this book blew me away.At its heart this is a character-driven story, and not only are the main characters good, so are the secondary characters. Blake is a bit of a mess. He’s impetuous, emotional, and due to a long series of poor ch [...]

    • It's hasn't been very long since I finished this and I honestly can't think of one thing that stood out to me. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good enough to leave an impression either. Bethke's books are hit and miss for me, and this was obviously a miss. Lots of other readers loved though, so I'm going to go ahead and recommend it to people who have extra time on their hands but aren't looking for something they won't be able to put down.Personal Review: I own a copy of this book.

    • 4.5 stars :)

    • The Novel Approach Reviews

      (Dec 05, 2019 - 20:42 PM)

      I gotta throw it out there: I really enjoyed the interesting world Kris T. Bethke created. Blake Jones is a Ghostwalker, meaning he basically helps those departed souls cross over to whatever awaits them. Though this is not the first book with someone with these capabilities, I will say I have never read one as remarkable and unique as this. See, in order for Blake to help those souls cross, he has to die. And I’m not talking shut-your-eyes-and-slip-from-your-body die. We are talking painful e [...]

    • A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Review:Rating: 5 stars out of 5I absolutely loved this story. Blake is used to people leaving him, his only constant has been his brother and boss and fright from the get go he wants to see if Derek has it in him to stay. Derek is willing to take that bet from the start and exceed anyone’s expectations.Blake’s biggest fear is someone he loves leaving him, his parents kicked him and his brother out after they learned about the ghostwalker g [...]

    • *2,5 STARSThe premise of the Ghostwalkers was very intriguing and original. Unfortunately, I think the author didn’t do much with it. There were plenty of things that were never explained, for example, how does the company Requiem make money? Who pays them for walking the spirits? Also, the spirits don’t seem to interact with the human world, then what happens when a spirit turns vengeful? There’s nobody to hurt in the spirit world?!In any case, the story focused mainly in the relationship [...]

    • ~nikki the recovering book addict

      (Dec 05, 2019 - 20:42 PM)

      Absolutely brilliant!!I was hooked the moment the first chapter ended. And I just had to buy it and keep reading. I’ve been burnt so many times where the characters or storyline just plunge into disappointment after the end of the sample. So I was a little worried that would happen again. But alas! I’m happy to report that that wasn’t the case here!! I love this new concept of ghost walkers and their anchors. Sure, there are mediums and such who help spirits cross over after death. But thi [...]

    • Very VERY intrigued by this blurb :-)! Me wants :-)!!

    • “For so many different connections our separate paths might have made… Somehow we find each other through all that masqueradeI don't believe in forever or love as a mystical state But I believe there's a ghost of a chance, we can find someone to love and make it last” - Rush (Ghost of a Chance)Blake Jones, of 'Ghost of a Chance' by Kris T. Bethke, is a special person. Blake belongs to Requiem, an international organization of people with extraordinary talents who selflessly endure physical [...]

    • Mari Cardenas ~ Bayou Book Junkie

      (Dec 05, 2019 - 20:42 PM)

      4.5 Stars!Blake Jones is a ghostwalker and as such, he dies everyday to help souls cross into the light. He'd refused having a male anchor because he's usually a mess when he comes back, but maybe Derek will be just the right one for the job?This was such an original, different premise. I really liked the idea of persons that can help others move on after passing and those persons needing someone to care for them. The author did a great job setting up the story and the series and I'm already int [...]

    • These Dreamspun lines are designed to be light fluffy romances High on romance low on page heat the focus on love so you can expect some insta love or fast moving relationships. This book fits perfectly.Derek has careing in his genes as he is an anchor to ghost walkers to help tie them to our plane and care for them. Blake has been Ghostwalking for 15 years and is good at his job. When he finds out his new partner is a male and has the anchor gene he isn’t happy. All the men in his life walk a [...]

    • 3.75 Stars.

    • Love, love, loved this book!!Looking forward to the rest of the series as there is a lot of scope for some really fabulous storylines

    • 4.5° Review to follow

    • A different take on the paranormal. I thoroughly enjoyed every word.

    • My Anchor of Love I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting that. It's different, unique, wonderful, and superbly romantic. This is not your typical ghost story, but a paranormal story focusing on humans with a genetic marker that enables them to enter the spirit world to help ghosts or spirits cross over to the other side. I feel the story mainly focuses on the budding relationship of co-workers Blake & Derek.They were instantly attracted to each other, but at the same time [...]

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