A Life Well Played: My Stories

A Life Well Played My Stories No one has won fans around the world and no player has had a bigger impact on the sport of golf than Arnold Palmer In fact Palmer is considered by many to be the most important golfer in history As a

  • Title: A Life Well Played: My Stories
  • Author: Arnold Palmer
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  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • No one has won fans around the world and no player has had a bigger impact on the sport of golf than Arnold Palmer In fact, Palmer is considered by many to be the most important golfer in history.As a follow up to his 1999 autobiography, Palmer takes stock of the many experiences of his life in A Life Well Played, bringing new details and insights to some familiar stNo one has won fans around the world and no player has had a bigger impact on the sport of golf than Arnold Palmer In fact, Palmer is considered by many to be the most important golfer in history.As a follow up to his 1999 autobiography, Palmer takes stock of the many experiences of his life in A Life Well Played, bringing new details and insights to some familiar stories and sharing new ones Palmer has had tremendous success but is most notable for going about it the right way and always giving back to the fans who made it all possible Gracious, fair, and a true gentleman, Arnold Palmer is the gold standard of how to conduct yourself He offers advice and guidance, sharing stories of his career on the course, success in business and the great relationships that give meaning to his life This book is Palmer s gift to the world a treasure trove of entertaining anecdotes and timeless wisdom that readers will celebrate and cherish.

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    Arnold Palmer

    Arnold Palmer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Life Well Played: My Stories book, this is one of the most wanted Arnold Palmer author readers around the world.

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    • By any reasonable measure, Arnold Palmer had a good life. From a humble background he became the face of professional golf just as it was becoming a “world sport” watched by millions through the miracle of television. He also became the idol of the many that identified as “Arnie’s Army,” the fans that followed him from one tournament to the next always cheering from the gallery.There is plenty in this book to make you feel good: from Palmer’s veneration of his father’s advice and e [...]

    • As a golfer for most of my life, Arnold Palmer was one of my favorite players. I have several of his books about his life and about golf instruction. I even tried to imitate his style and some of his swing techniques. Since his recent death, there has been an increased interest in his legacy in golf. This book came just at the right time. It was like sitting down with him and having him address every question you ever wanted to ask him regarding his golf career, his business activities and his p [...]

    • great stories in Mr Palmer's own words

    • This is a book, not just about Golf stories, but about life in general. When I say that, I mean values and lessons a that "I feel" are important. I'm not saying that everything Arnold Palmer says should be graved in stone, however there are some valuable tools in this book. They are tools that help you with your everyday life. Such as, how you talk to and treat people, how you present yourself, and doing in life what makes you happy. I'm kind of going through some personal issues and this book s [...]

    • Arnold Palmer is my all-time favorite golfer. I was very saddened by his passing. I'm so glad he was able to write this book and give us his observations about golf and about life. Particularly, I enjoyed the stories of his family: his love for his wife Winnie, and for his daughters and grandchildren and of the great influence on his life by his father. I think one reason for his immense popularity was his very relatable personality: a man not born into privilege, but one who had to work hard fo [...]

    • Such a spectacular and priceless set of stories from Mr. Palmer. He sets a great example in this book of how we all should see the game but also life. A must read for anyone who thinks of their self as a part of "Arnie's Army".

    • This is a book that is not just for golfers. I found the stories, written by Palmer, very entertaining.

    • Not only a golfing legend but also a wonderful human being. The world is richer for his presence.Many wonderful life lessons to be taken from this articulate account of the great mans life. Arnie thank you for what you have given in a wonderful life.

    • This was Arnold Palmer’s 13th book, and the sequel to his 1999 autobiography A Golfer’s Life. The book, which was published shortly after his death on September 25 at age 87, features 75 short stories on a wide range of topics under the headings of Golf, Life and Business. As a bonus, on the audiobook version of the book, Arnie reads the beginning section of the book, be it in a very weak voice. Arnie writes that the biggest influence in golf and life was his father, “Paps”. He taught hi [...]

    • September 24, 2016, the day the golf world lost Arnold Palmer, was also a day the entire planet lost perhaps the greatest gentleman and humanitarian to ever play the game. For some inexplicable reason, Palmer’s passing at 87 struck this reviewer as a day not unlike another September day fifteen years earlier. America’s second “day of infamy” which also involved the state of Pennsylvania, Palmer’s own birth place. For someone who was never good at the game, never played competitive golf [...]

    • I first became a fan of Arnold Palmer around 1963 when I was nine years old. Within a few years I bought a very cheap beginners set of clubs, and I was hooked. When ever I actually made a good putt, I'd dance around.ng a big "thumbs-up", acting like I was Arnie sinking a long putt to win a tournament on the 18th green.That was nearly 50 years ago now. And while the quality of my play has had its ups and downs over time, the love of the sport and admiration of the guy who initially inspired me ha [...]

    • This is a story that should be of interest to those who grew up in the 50's or 60's, to readers interested in golf or celebrities, or to anyone who enjoys autobiographies from good role models. Palmer describes how he learned from his parents, especially his father, about hard work, integrity, good manners, and kindness, and how it carried him through a successful golf career, business, and personal life. It also answers the question, "How did Arnold Palmer's name get associated with lemonade ic [...]

    • I received this book from a Giveaway. Arnold Palmer lived an extraordinary and principled life. This autobiography is wonderful read for golfers and non-golfers alike. Palmer has great pride in his game, but still is very humble about his myriad accomplishments. Joseph Campbell talked about the concept of Satchitananda, which is Sanskrit for being, conciousness, and bliss. He said that he wasn't sure if his being was the correct way of being or that his conciousness was the correct conciousness [...]

    • (2). I reserved this book before Palmer died, so it becomes an almost nostalgic read. The longest chapter may be 4 pages, so there are lots of stories, anecdotes and life lessons here. Mot of it is very simple stuff, reflecting Arnold's common sense look at life, which he attributes mightily to his father. A few interesting golf stories, a few interesting business stories and a few interesting looks at how he lived make up the 250 pages. Very light reading but nicely played by one of the most im [...]

    • Great book. I'm a big fan of Palmer, the man, since I was born well after his prime in golf. This book is a collection of life lessons on a number of topics. It is like sitting down with your grandfather and learning a life time of helpful hints. He discusses everything from golf, to business, to basic manners and his thoughts on how to be a gentleman. This was published shortly before his passing and it was sad at times when he wrote about the many things he still planned on accomplishing. High [...]

    • Frances Bonardi

      (Dec 13, 2019 - 05:57 AM)

      I loved this book. I have always admired Arnold Palmer, he was introduced to me by my dad, also an avid golfer, dad was definitely part of Arnies army. If you .i,e golf, or even if you don't, but admire hard working, honest people who do good in this world, then you will like this book, it is not so much about golf, but about life, and how it can be played so very well.

    • Great stories about golf, life and business. I enjoyed some of the first person accounts of how he started some of his business ventures. Chapters are short, but stories are powerful. Really pleasant read that can be finished in 2-3 days.

    • Listened intermittently.Just about gave up at the beginning as it seemed very much to emphasize technical golf elements and then it switched to some interesting stories from Palmer's life, professional and personal. It was a nice mix.

    • Reading this book was like listening to Arnold palmer speak directly to me. His stories, values, and humbleness come through in this book. Even after achieving world fame and being THE KING, Arnie retained his small town roots and values. I am so glad I read this book.

    • Arnold shares some great stories, golf tips/via, life lessons and a behind the scenes look into his business empire. And yes the story of the Arnold Palmer drink is a good one. Overall it's a bit stodgy but entertaining.

    • My dad loved Arnold Palmer. My home memories have golf playing on the TV nonstop. The Golf Channel didn't exist then so it really couldn't have been nonstop, but it on was regularly with a commentator with a soft, subdued voice. This one's for you Dad!

    • Wish I could do "half stars" -- would be a 3 1/2 --We listened to the audio version on a road trip. His story is engaging but Sometimes repetitive and I don't think I would have stuck with it if I was reading instead of listening. Was good for a car ride.

    • Wonderful read for all sports fans. Arnold Palmer has always been one of my favorite golfers, and even athletes of all-time. His last published book is an account of numerous stories and collections of thoughts. A Life Well Played is a quick read, and one worth checking out.

    • All recycled stories, I think timed to make money right after Palmer died.

    • I read this one as part of a reading challenge and although I am not a huge golf fan I did enjoy the book. I learned a lot about the industry of golf as well as the the life of Arnold Palmer.

    • A solid 3.5 stars, add one more for golfers and fans of the game.My copy was a gift through First Reads.

    • Great overview of the life of Arnold Palmer-he was one heck of a businessman, for sure-had his finger in every pie, it seemsr p.221(hit it through the tree a few times)??

    • In addition to being one of golf's greatest players, Arnold Palmer was a true gentleman and all-around good guy. The world could sure use more folks like him.

    • a delicious fun to read book about the game of golf.

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