Mail Order Surprise

Mail Order Surprise Colorado Lydia Walsh is on the run The quiet rancher she marries and expected to find safety and protection with turns out to have three siblings next to nothing to live on and is a crack shot

  • Title: Mail Order Surprise
  • Author: Lucy Thompson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Colorado, 1881 Lydia Walsh is on the run The quiet rancher she marries and expected to find safety and protection with turns out to have three siblings, next to nothing to live on, and is a crack shot who may or may not be one of the states best cattle rustlers.Beau Harding wants to keep his family together and do the right thing by them His mail order bride comes withColorado, 1881 Lydia Walsh is on the run The quiet rancher she marries and expected to find safety and protection with turns out to have three siblings, next to nothing to live on, and is a crack shot who may or may not be one of the states best cattle rustlers.Beau Harding wants to keep his family together and do the right thing by them His mail order bride comes with her own set of baggage two mouths to feed and empty hearts begging him to fill The job he took for some quick money gets him thrown in jail for rustling, and then to clear his name he takes on another job and learns that his wife may have been the one plotting his family s downfall all along.

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    Lucy Thompson

    Lucy Thompson is a stay at home mum to five precocious children by day and a snoop by night, stalking interesting characters through historical settings and writing about their exploits She enjoys meeting new people from all over the world and learning about the craft of writing When she can be separated from her laptop, she is a professional time waster on Facebook, a slave to the towering stack of books on her bedside table, and a bottler, preserving fruit the old fashioned way so she can swap recipes and tips with her characters Her home is in central Queensland, Australia where she does not ride a kangaroo to the shops, mainly because her children won t fit.Represented by Chip MacGregor of MacGregor Literary, she is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America

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    • I do enjoy a good Christian Western—I suspect they are one of my favourite genres of historical because they are full of strong heroines and loveable heroes, and many of them also have a touch of humour (e.g. Karen Witemeyer, Carol Cox). So I was thrilled when I heard Australian author Lucy Thompson had released her debut novel, and even more thrilled when she offered me a review copy. And it’s excellent: totally on point, as my teenage daughter would say. We’ve got a heroine in a pickle, [...]

    • Mail Order Surprise is a lovely romantic novel by Lucy Thompson. It is set in America's Wild West, Denver, Colorado in the spring of 1881 where life is harsh and made more difficult by cattle rustlers. In a way this made it difficult for me to relate as this is a context that I'm totally unfamiliar with and I don't know a lot about cattle or horses. Nevertheless I enjoyed this story of two people both with serious issues finding love through arbitrary means. Beau Harding's issues are mainly prac [...]

    • Firstly thanks to Lucy for my copy for an honest review.I have to say wow what a great debut novel by Australian writer Lucy Thompson. I was hooked from the beginning. We start with Lydia and her two children running for a train trying to avoid someone following her. She is off to become a mail order bride in the hopes of safety and a new life. What happens when she arrives is interesting. She finds Beau has left a few things out of the letters he wrote her like siblings. I love the different tw [...]

    • I am drawn to Mail Order Bride stories so I was excited to read this one. It didnt let me down! I smiled, laughed, almost cried and bit my nails throughout this book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting a good clean Christian romance story. I received this book free in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    • This wonderful debut contained everything I like in a story, romance with a touch of humor, delightful characters and a well paced plot. Ms. Thompson has delivered a delightful read.*I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for my honest review*

    • Crystal Caudill

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 01:32 AM)

      Mail order bride stories have seemed to become a trend in recent Christian Fiction stories. Each has their own special twist, and Mail Order Surprise follows that trend.Neither character has a flawless past nor are they prepared for the trouble that seems to follow the duo wherever they go. Barriers create a love that is slow growing and hesitant, especially on Lydia’s part.Lucy does an excellent job of showing the emotional reactions of an abused woman entering into a new marriage to escape h [...]

    • Western romances seem to be the rage in historical romances lately. There are so many and most seem to be cookie cutters of each other, but not so with Lucy Thompson's Mail Order Surprise. She exceeds a Mary Connealy book or a Coleen Coble novel with her wit and humor.To me it was a fresh take on the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers theme. The surprises that cropped up in the story were unexpected and pleasant. At times I wondered why Lydia did the things she did, and it made sense once the endin [...]

    • I received this book for fee from the author in return for a honest review. Mail Order Surprise, written by Lucy Thompson, is an excellent read! This is the first book I've read by this author, but I hope not the last!What a great story. Lovely blend of originality, spiritual depth and lovable characters. A subject I enjoy reading about. You can tell she put some thought into the creative plots. She has a bit of mystery thrown also.We start with Lydia and two children running for a train trying [...]

    • The LOL moments in this book are delightful. Lucy certainly knows how to write a humorous scene. This is the first mail order bride story I have read, and I loved the tension between the main characters. Family dynamics feature superbly in this novel. There are a lot of characters, but Lucy did a fabulous job developing each one. I never lost track of who was who, and I do hope she writes the story of some of the other family members. I grew quite attached to them. The action/mystery part thrill [...]

    • Mail Order Surprise, written by Lucy Thompson, is an nice read! This is the first book I've read by this author.What a sweet storya touch of the old west, a little mystery, and a Mail Order Surprise! I like the way that Thompson takes the story and makes the pages turn all by themselves with the great additions she adds to each character so that you just want to know what is going to happen. Just when you think you knowSurprisee shocks you with another little tid bit to keep those pages turning! [...]

    • My Thoughts: From the start, I was smitten by the plot and couldn't wait to see how Lydia and Beau would manage their blended families. The story started off a little rocky in places for me. I felt like the characters were having conversations without me at times, but things smoothed out soon enough. As a whole, the story was funny, charming, and thoroughly enjoyable.I loved the chemistry between these two. Both Lydia and Beau were characters that I could easily relate to and root for. I'm looki [...]

    • Susan Snodgrass

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 01:32 AM)

      I 'met' Lucy Thompson in an author's group on Facebook. She just recently wrote this book and asked me to influence for her. I'd already purchased the book because I wanted to support her. I'm glad I did. Lucy has written a very good first novel. I think she has a nice career as an author. I like mail order bride stories, anyway, but she has created a wonderful family of folks and I sure hope that we will see more of their stories from Lucy. With a little mayhem thrown in and other situations, a [...]

    • This was a great story that reeled me in right from the start. I stayed up late reading it as I simply couldn't put it down. Very well-written. I enjoyed the gentle Christian messages throughout. The characters were engaging and fun, especially Danny.This is the tale of a woman who runs away from an abusive situation to become a mail order bride. However, both her and her new husband are surprised to find that they aren't alone. They must learn to live together, as a family, and trust each other [...]

    • Mail Order Surprise is a historical romance with a twist of mystery and edgy theme throughout. It is also a family focused novel with distinct characters. The children were so realistic and darling; I think they were my favorite characters in the whole book. Beau and Lydia are a great pair and the dynamics of the family--with all them stinky brothers--made for very entertaining reading.I look forward to Lucy’s next book. I just wonder which one of the brother she’ll marry off in book 2. Whom [...]

    • Has PromiseFor a debut novel, this is pretty decent. Some very good ideas, and captures the uncomfortableness of a mail-order marriage very well. There are very good moments where I can tell this author will blossom into a very fine Christian fiction author. She is very good at the clean, Christian romance. Very excited to watch Mrs. Thompson grow as this series progresses. But, I do have some critiques. First, there are a lot of editing issues in this novel. Many misspelled and missing words re [...]

    • Jenny Glazebrook

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 01:32 AM)

      Loved this book! Didn't want to put it down. Sometimes you read a book that is a perfect mix of all your favourite stories this was one of those. A lovely blend of originality, clever plotting, spiritual depth and lovable characters with a bit of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Calamity Jane as well. Can't wait to read more from this author.

    • I have always been a sucker for a mail order bride story. It could have stood a little more development, but I liked the story line and most of the characters. I give it 3.5 stars. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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