David Livingstone

David Livingstone Amidst the millions of committed Christians in each generation a handful rise to special prominence Learn about their exciting and inspiring lives in Barbour s Heroes of the Faith series To go where

  • Title: David Livingstone
  • Author: Sam Wellman
  • ISBN: 9781557487308
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amidst the millions of committed Christians in each generation, a handful rise to special prominence Learn about their exciting and inspiring lives in Barbour s Heroes of the Faith series.To go where no missionary had ever been and to witness to peoples beyond the vast Kalahari were the dreams of this missionary and explorer.

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    Sam Wellman

    Sam Wellman, PhD, is a writer of numerous biographies He has traveled to Germany many times and twice stayed for several months in Berlin and Wittenberg He blogs and tweets on Martin Luther and Frederick the Wise He lives near Wichita, Kansas.

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    • I read this book because I was sick and needed to focus my addled mind for the day. Since I was unable to accomplish anything else, a biography written for children was the perfect pass time.What I found in this book was something far more challenging. Wellman ably handles the subject matter of the great explorer, missionary, geographer, activist, doctor David Livingstone. Livingstone is a controversial character. A man always advancing, he upset many processes of Victorian England and their ext [...]

    • I hear a lot of references to Livingstone from the American pulpit. So not having much familiarity, I read this book and watched a number of biographies. I very much enjoyed the first hundred pages of the book which deal mostly with Livingstone's family life and his formative years. They are supremely impressive and remind me of other teen scholars; such as, John Owen, John Brown of Haddington, etc. I find myself trying to identify the *what* that was the catalyst for such exceptional growth. I [...]

    • I could not put this book downwhat a wonderful man of God !

    • This book will stay in my collection for always. This is the story of a man who was truly called to be a missionary in Africa. His heart to reach the people of Africa for Jesus spurred him past the confines and restraints of the missionary association that originally got him to Africa. They were too slow for him. He really wanted to meet the people. God truly gave him an innate ability to reach them, not just physically but also in their hearts. When the missionary association decided to not sup [...]

    • This biography was about the exciting story of David Livingstone, a courageous man who was a missionary and an explorer in Africa. David grew up in Scotland with his parents and his two brothers. Even from a young age he loved learning and he read many books. Then when he was older he left to study medicine. While he was at university he decided to become a missionary. So in 1840 he first arrived in South Africa. While in South Africa he traveled a lot and suffered from exhaustion, river fever, [...]

    • I found this book to be a very simply written but also engaging story of the life of Dr David Livingstone that has encouraged me to look further in detail of his achievements and his seemingly never ending zeal in propelling th gospel against the odds.I got alot out of this book by reading it in 20 / 30 page sections before bed each night, which gave me food for thought the next day.It can't be understated that David Livingstone was a man who sacrificed ' Everything ' and lived the life he was c [...]

    • David Livingstone won many awards in his lifetime for his exploration of the interior of Southern Africa. Unfortunately a person can research this incredible man and not find out that the main driving force behind his exploration was sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Africans. This biography was very good and fast placed. It was written for a younger audience, so it glossed over several aspects of his life and ministry. It was quick but good read that encouraged me to be bold with the Gosp [...]

    • The only thing I ever knew about David Livingstone was that someone named Stanley went up to him in Africa and said, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume." This little book opened my eyes to a true hero of the faith, a man so dedicated to bringing the gospel to Africa, that although he lost so much on this earth and forged on through it all, he gave so much that has continued to this day and forward, in bringing people to the Lord.

    • The higher star rating is for the content more so than the format. This book was a good overview of the life and unusual ministry of David Livingstone. After reading it, I have a much better understanding and appreciation for what he did - which was more complicated and controversial than I realized. This book seemed to do a decent job with describing Livingstone without criticizing or glorifying him.

    • I have read so many books about David Livingstone that when I picked this one up I was prepared to have to force myself to read it. I was quite pleasantly surprised, however, to find it not only readable but very interesting. It kept my attention all the way through.Read my full review here.

    • A basic introduction to Livingstone and his life work. The series itself is a good starting point for those interested in Christian biographies. I only give it three stars because it leaves room for more exhaustive and compelling biographies of the same individuals. Don't let the rating discourage you from picking these up - just let them be a springboard to future reading.

    • Great story! We read this in preparation for our trip to Livingstone, Zambia. It was a great introduction to the good Doctor and all his adventures.

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