Bloodlist Jack Fleming ace reporter always had a weak spot for strange ladies And he certainly should have listened to the one who said she was a vampire Because when a thug blasts several bullets through Jac

  • Title: Bloodlist
  • Author: P.N. Elrod
  • ISBN: 9780441067954
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Jack Fleming, ace reporter, always had a weak spot for strange ladies And he certainly should have listened to the one who said she was a vampire Because when a thug blasts several bullets through Jack s back, he does not die and discovers that he is a vampire as well First in an exciting new vampire adventure series Original.

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      490 P.N. Elrod
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    P.N. Elrod

    Patricia Nead Elrod is an American fantasy writer specializing in novels about vampires Her work falls into areas of fantasy and in some cases mystery or historical fiction, but normally not horror, since her vampires are the heroes.

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    • Another fun adventure with Jack, newspaperman turned vampire in 1930's Chicago. It was well read by the same guy who still seems to think a Boston accent is the same as an English one, but that was the only rough part.The story has plenty of twists, turns, & action in it. The characters are likeable or not, as the case may be, but are pretty well drawn & interesting. The world seems quite authentic, although I'm no expert. It's fun reading about the old cars & such. I'd listen to the [...]

    • This is a book that does exactly what it sets out to do. It's a 1930's detective story where the main character happens to be a vampire, and well that's what it is. It's straightforward, and it's enjoyable. You've got guns, and gangsters, and murder, and mystery, and a love interest or two, and it's all just fun. I wouldn't say it's great writing, and the characters aren't that deep, and the plot isn't really that clever, but it gets the job done, and if you go into it knowing the basic idea, yo [...]

    • Bloodlist is the first book on the Vampire Files series by P.N. Elrod. They all feature newly turned vampire Jack Flemming. This book was okay. A bit different from what I was expecting based on the few short stories I've read featuring Jack Flemming. I listened to this on audio book; and the audio book was very well done.Jack Flemming wakes up dead on a beach, or should I say undead. Someone has murdered him and, because of his association with a female vampire in his past, instead of dying Jac [...]

    • The main character, Jack Flemming, is a reporter in Chicago during the Depression Era. He wakes up one morning with no memory of the past weekoh, and he is also a vampire. I think the story was suposed to be a mobster mystery with a little dash of paranormal thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. The characters all felt flat, and I couldn't bring myself to care about what happened to them. The whole vampire angle didn't help the plot along at all, either. Toward the en [...]

    • I couldn't finish this. One of the worst books I've ever attempted to read.Edit: I gave it another shot and finished. Still possibly the worst book I've ever read.

    • Jack Fleming, a reporter in 1930's Chicago knew that he would become a vampire after he died, he just didn't think it would happen so quickly. Unfortunately, after awakening undead, he doesn't remember who killed him or why and he'd really like to know. He ends up becoming friends with a private agent who takes Jack on as a client. If Jack can keep them both from being killed in the process of solving Jack's murder, it will definitely be a win for the good guys. I'd read Elrod's Gentleman Vampir [...]

    • While its protagonist is a vampire, it does not feel like part of the recent vampire trend, probably because it was written twenty years ago. Set in the 1930s, it is an interesting twist on the typical noir story in that the protagonist is an amnesiac vampire who has to investigate his own recent murder. The other male lead seems to be a British version of William Powell. I found myself mildly nauseated by the vampire sex scences, which when you think about it, is really how it ought to be. Whil [...]

    • so yeah I couldn't finish this. its possible the plot and character were utterly enrapturing but the writing was so tedious I just failed to notice redeeming qualities. the author gave crazy detailed passages to seemingly insignificant things yet barely any mention at all of the big one. I mean it was like page twenty before I even found out the main characters name. by page sixty where I quit I knew that he had been a journalist, had a vamp girlfriend who disappeared five year before, and someh [...]

    • Chicago, 1936. Jack Fleming wakes up dead and can't remember how he got that way.A fun homage to the hardboiled novels of the era, fast-paced, fun, and gritty all at once. This is an excellent start to the series and features one of my favorite opening sentences for sheer eye-catching surprise: The car was doing at least forty when the right front fender smashed against my left hip and sent me spinning off the road to flop bonelessly into a mass of thick, windblown grass.

    • [audiobook:]This book had a different take on vampires than the usual lore, which was interesting. However, overall, it didn't do much for me. The story wasn't bad, it was just kind of boring.The part that was bad was the audiobook's narrator. His manner of speech was so robotic at times that it was almost comical.

    • You know, I tried really, really hard to like this book. It didn't happen. From the "I'm bored even thought it's happening to me" tone to the "hey, would you look at that, I've a giant hole in me. Huh, whaddaya know?" bit I just couldn't get into it.

    • written for the time period after the depression, a detective novel with a vamp twist. Not you typical Vamp book. It reads like the ol' gum shoe books, interesting and cunfusing because of the different type of living/speech then. The characters draw you into the story well and carry it well.

    • 1930s noir and a vampire with a heart who interacts with the mob.P. N. Elrod is amazing in her depiction of the time period. You can see, smell, feel, and hear it as you read.Mob wars in Chicago complicate Jack's life.

    • Valentina Abate

      (Oct 21, 2019 - 22:56 PM)

      This book is really slow. I'ts basically the good guy,turned into a vampire,keeps being good,and fights the bad.No twists, the flattest plot I ever read.

    • I know I read a couple books in this series when they first came out, but I don't recall which ones, or much beyond the identity of the main character.

    • A fun noir vampire novel set in post-Prohibition Chicago, with a good sense of time and place. I wish that the libraries continued to stock this particular book -- it's much better than a lot of the recent vampire fiction.

    • Not much into period pieces, bu this one wasn't bad.

    • Sarah MacNamara

      (Oct 21, 2019 - 22:56 PM)

      DNF 50%

    • I've never been so bored with a vampire and his life It has all the elements of a good story, but has no sense of urgency. It just sort of meanders with no clear direction IMO.

    • As usual, I'm late to the party. A friend recommended I read this (and the series as a whole) as its one of her favorites so I gave it a shot. I'm a fan of mysteries and vampires/urban fantasy so it seemed to be right up my alley.Overall, I felt the book to be pretty solid. It didn't knock my socks off but I enjoyed it.Jack Flemming wakes up on a beach in depression era Chicago. His memory of the past few days is hazy. Why's he on the beach? Why are his clothes all torn up? Most importantly, why [...]

    • BloodList by P.N. Elrod as read by Barrett Whitener (08:39:59), was the first eaudiobook that I listened to on my new SmartPhone after I discovered that my library carried a wealth of eaudiobooks that I could listen to for free. It was the first book I saw which was available and so I downloaded it based on the description and a brief sample of Whitener’s reading of it.Jack Fleming, is a reporter in 1936 Chicago who is trying to find his own murderer after coming back to life. While he knew th [...]

    • The first time I read Bloodlist, it was brand new on the shelves in my local B. Dalton Bookstore. It was, in other words, a long time ago. However, it was also one that I re-read several times, along with its sequels, as I got older. I loved the then-new and still uncommon, setting of Chicago in the 30s, with gangsters and radio stars and, oh yeah, vampires. I loved how different it was from other major vampire series out at the time, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I loved the main character, J [...]

    • This novel had a great many pros and cons and strangely it was some of the pros that led to some of the cons. Set in the 1930s, the author has done an excellent job of catching the feel of the period. It felt as though I was reading a story actually written at the time as more than just the dialogue and description had been written for the period, the narrative had as well. Therein lies the paradox. In doing such a good job of capturing the era the author has also captured the pitfalls of that e [...]

    • Manis is the worst vampire book ever. And it had such promise. Newly minted vamp, 1930s setting in Chicago, charming gangsters, potential for romance I gave it two stars because Elrod did do a good job of capturing the atmosphere of the time, and I found that kind of interesting. But the rest? Meh. The writing is pretty flat and we're given copious amounts of tedious detail on everything but the things we're interested in. Like what kind of entertaining mischief could you get into if you were a [...]

    • Jack Flemming wakes up wet, with no recollection of how he got that way. His clothes are torn and bloody; his body is badly beaten and bruised. As he is running away from a man and is shot with a bullet amazingly he is unharmed. Turns out Jack died and is now a vampire. Jack knows his death was no accident but he doesn’t know why he was murdered. Now he is on a mission to find out what happened with the help of his new friend.I am sure some of you might be wondering about this unusual choice o [...]

    • While suffering from several flaws common to the first book in a series, it's pretty good. The basic setup is that the main character wakes up outside Chicago and realizes that he's now a vampire. Oddly, the vampire bit doesn't faze him, because he'd been hoping to become one. No, really, he had this really unusual girlfriend andwell, you'll have to read that part for it to make sense.No, the problem is that someone seems to have killed him in the first place, which is how he changed from an out [...]

    • This takes place in the 1930's and has a great old-gangster feel to a lot of it, without going overboard with respect to cheap cliches. I had listened to a modern times short story about Jack in Many Bloody Returns and enjoyed it, so wanted to check this out. Definitely worth it. Although I'm annoyed that the library has book 1 and than skips to book 6, I'll buy #2 and hope it continues to be just as good. All the characters are well developed, in particular Jack and Escott. And it has just the [...]

    • Bloodlist by P.N. Elrod is the first book in the Vampire Files series. The story is set in a gangster-dominated Chicago of the 30s, and revolves around Jack Fleming, a vampire. In Vampire Files #1, Jack wakes up and realizes that he is dead, and a vampire. He has to work out what happened, and why, and learn the new rules that govern a vampire's life. The tone is wry, the story is interesting, the premise is intriguing, and the supporting cast of characters add to the fun. This is a good twist o [...]

    • This series is wonderful. If you liked Raymond Chandler/Mike Hammer, you will likely LOVE this series. Jack is a reporter who wakes up one day - dead in the gutter. In this book he spends his efforts on discovering who killed him.The series is pure Ray Chandler Gold. Hard boiled detectives, mols, mobsters - the whole shebang. I find reading these between other books makes them more fun - the style is very specific and not of our time (she does this brilliantly) - but that can make it hard to rea [...]

    • I like paranormal books and I cannot lie. I love new-to-me premise paranormal books. Historical paranormal can be fab of ick, like any kind of genre I guess. It works really well here in a setting of the 1930s: mob bosses, memories of "speaks" during Prohibition, torch singersd vampires.It starts fairly abruptly with Jack Fleming, ace reporter, waking to find himself with little to no memory of how he came to be where he is and a strange feeling inside. I liked his self-discovery of how to be a [...]

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