Barefoot Gen, Volume Five: The Never-Ending War

Barefoot Gen Volume Five The Never Ending War For the first time in the English language the story of Gen s life after the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima is continued In postwar Japan the people of Hiroshima face a massive food shorta

  • Title: Barefoot Gen, Volume Five: The Never-Ending War
  • Author: Keiji Nakazawa Project
  • ISBN: 9780867195965
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • For the first time in the English language, the story of Gen s life after the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima is continued In postwar Japan, the people of Hiroshima face a massive food shortage and horrendous health problems Gen is forced to choose between staying in school and making money to support his family and ailing mother.

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      242 Keiji Nakazawa Project
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    Keiji Nakazawa Project

    He was born in Hiroshima and was in the city when it was destroyed by an atomic bomb in 1945 All of his family members who had not evacuated died as a result of the explosion after they became trapped under the debris of their house, except for his mother, as well as an infant sister who died several weeks afterward In 1961, Nakazawa moved to Tokyo to become a full time cartoonist, and produced short pieces for manga anthologies such as Sh nen Gaho, Sh nen King, and Bokura.Following the death of his mother in 1966, Nakazawa returned to his memories of the destruction of Hiroshima and began to express them in his stories Kuroi Ame ni Utarete Struck by Black Rain , the first of a series of five books, was a fictional story of Hiroshima survivors involved in the postwar black market Nakazawa chose to portray his own experience directly in the 1972 story Ore wa Mita, published in Monthly Sh nen Jump The story was translated into English and published as a one shot comic book by Educomics as I Saw It.Immediately after completing I Saw It, Nakazawa began his major work, Hadashi no Gen Barefoot Gen.This series, which eventually filled ten volumes, was based on the same events as I Saw It but fictionalized, with the young Gen as a stand in for the author Barefoot Gen depicted the bombing and its aftermath in graphic detail, with Gen s experiences being even harrowing than Nakazawa s own It also turned a critical eye on the militarization of Japanese society during World War II and on the sometimes abusive dynamics of the traditional family Barefoot Gen was adapted into two animated films and a live action TV drama.Nakazawa announced his retirement in September 2009, citing deteriorating diabetes and cataract conditions.He cancelled plans for a Barefoot Gen sequel In September 2010, Nakazawa was diagnosed with lung cancer and in July 2011, metastasis from lung cancer was found He died on December 19, 2012.See also

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    • It is now December of 1947. It's been two and a half years since the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, but life is still incredibly difficult for the residents of that city. Gen lost his father, sister, and a brother to the blast and subsequent fires, and later his baby sister, born the day of the bomb, died of malnutrition. Now he and his older brothers, returned from the Navy and from being evacuated to the countryside, must find a way to take care of themselves and their sick mother. But there i [...]

    • The farther the Barefoot Gen storyline gets from the atomic bombing, the more it feels like an epic story. The first few books were dominated by a singular event: the bombing and its horrific aftermath; although the bomb certainly is the central thread of the following books (and probably the whole series), by the midpoint, the series is so much more about family, friendship, faith, and resilience. Clearly, the series has always been about survival, but the further it moves from the bomb, the mo [...]

    • saya masih terperangah dengan seri barefoot gen, dan terima kasih gramedia yang telah menerbitkan sampai jilid lima ini (konon ada sepuluh jilid). masih seputar keluarga gen yang harus bangkit kembali usai bom atom. setting pada jilid ini ialah pada dua tahun pasca bom atom. perang pasific sudah selesai, tapi luka dan peperangan dalam kehidupan gen dan sekitarnya belum juga usaikolah gen kacau. ryuta teman lama gen terjebak dalam kelompok mafia yang bertugas memeras dan membunuh orang. kemudian [...]

    • Gláucia Renata

      (Oct 21, 2019 - 22:52 PM)

      Esse volume se inicia em dezembro de 1947, dois anos após a explosão da bomba atômica e os desafios de sobrevivência na vida dos japoneses de Hiroshima continuam. Existe a máfia japonesa, a desvalorização do iene, os americanos tentando encobrir ao mundo a verdade sobre a bomba e suas pesquisas nada éticas a fim de aprender sobre seus efeitos imediatos e principalmente tardios.Histórico de leitura02/07/20172% (6 de 272)"Cidade de Hiroshima, dezembro de 1947."

    • nur'ainitri wahyuni

      (Oct 21, 2019 - 22:52 PM)

      menguras emosi. dampak radiasi mulai muncul di keluarga Gen, sememtara kehidupan mereka belum juga membaiknyak konflik luar yg datang, ditambah emosionalnya Gen ketika melihat Kaisar Jepang datang ke Hiroshima.

    • Yulia Windayani

      (Oct 21, 2019 - 22:52 PM)

      Saya harus bilang buku kelima ini: ironically amazing!Saat gen akhirnya bertemu dengan Ryuta. Meskipun Ryuta sudah menjadi anggota Mafia.Bagaimana Gen berusaha membantu Ryuta agar keluar dari kelompok mafia.Yang paling menyedihkan tentu saja efek bom atom yang perlahan-lahan semakin merusak.Semakin banyak orang sakit gara-gara radiasi bom.Dan yang membuat kecewa adalah, disaat seperti itu banyak org memanfaatkan situasinya.Saat Amerika membuat lembaga penanggulangan bom atom, orang-orang hiroshi [...]

    • This book tells a lot because it shows the tragic things that took place.It also helps realize that people should be grateful for what they are able to do and not face tragical things. It’s very breathtaking how people that they barely know do the best to survive.

    • E a tragédia continuaO foco neste volume é contar a questão dos idosos que se encontram sozinhos sem a possibilidade de trabalhar, já que a grande maioria está debilitada ou doente. Tem também as crianças abandonadas que chegam a casa de milhões e que para sobreviverem acabam se envolvendo com a Yakuza.Mesmo após perderem a guerra, as crianças japonesas continuam sendo ensinadas a reverenciar o imperador nas escolas, tamanha a lealdade - ou seria burrice? - deles.A parte que mais achei [...]

    • Volume five begins with a decent recap of the first four books--I'd actually recommend that if a reader doesn't want all of the gory details of the bombing but still wants to read Gen's story that they start with this volume.Gen tries to get Ryuta and his friends Musubi and Katsuko away from the crime family with which they've become associated. Meanwhile, Gen's family is still having trouble making ends meet. Although Gen is still with them, he and the other kids also build their own house and [...]

    • The Barefoot Gen series of 10 graphic novels tells the story of the World War II atomic bombing of Hiroshima Japan through the eyes of a young boy Gen Nakaoka who relates the events lived through by the author Keiji Nakazawa. Book 5, The Never-Ending War starts in December 1947, two and a half years after the war has officially ended. Hiroshima is being repaired and is occupied by American troops. The Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission has set up labs to evaluate the effects of the blast on the peo [...]

    • by volume Five, I was beginning to wonder, will life EVER get better for Barefoot Gen? of course it does but with life getting better, in however small increments Barefoot Gen is also growing up. With growing up comes the sight and knowledge of things Adults DO. Not always good things.He started out innocent and outraged, but now Barefoot Gen is starting to see that the world is not drawn in black and white, but in a vast range of grey what would YOU do to feed your family? protect your friends? [...]

    • This series just keeps getting better. Volume 5 examines the ongoing suffering of the people of Hiroshima in the years after the bomb, in often heart-wrenching detail. Nakazawa pulls no punches in showing the inhumane actions of Japanese and Americans alike in their treatment of the survivors. I'm not sure there is any better guide to one of the great tragedies of the 20th century than the inimitable protagonist of the books, Gen.

    • Although not the best volume in the series, it's still my hero Gen and this gem of a universe of desperate, funny, suffering, petty, starving, wretched, crazy, sweet and incredibly human kids (and some adults) of post-A-bomb Hiroshima, which is to me beyond words. I love everything about these books.

    • I am really enjoying how this series deals with the long-term aftermath of the bomb, rather than just the horrors of those few days when Hiroshima was burning. The recurrent theme of wheat and the subplots of Hiroshima residents are especially compelling in this installment.

    • we learn more about the long term effects of the bomb and America's attempts to study the effects (without treating the victims) as well as efforts to hide evidence of the short and long-term effects. we also learn more about the yakuza and their abuse of orphans.

    • See my review for the series as a whole at this location, which concludes with a one-line synopsis of this volume.

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