Внутрішня історія. Кишечник — найцікавіший орган нашого тіла

  • Title: Внутрішня історія. Кишечник — найцікавіший орган нашого тіла
  • Author: Giulia Enders Джулія Ендерс Карина Меньшикова
  • ISBN: 9789661493215
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • Unlimited [Music Book] ☆ Внутрішня історія. Кишечник — найцікавіший орган нашого тіла - by Giulia Enders Джулія Ендерс Карина Меньшикова Ã
      494 Giulia Enders Джулія Ендерс Карина Меньшикова
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Music Book] ☆ Внутрішня історія. Кишечник — найцікавіший орган нашого тіла - by Giulia Enders Джулія Ендерс Карина Меньшикова Ã
      Posted by:Giulia Enders Джулія Ендерс Карина Меньшикова
      Published :2019-011-16T09:36:47+00:00

    Giulia Enders Джулія Ендерс Карина Меньшикова

    Giulia Enders born 1990 is a German physician and writer.Enders is a two time scholarship winner of the Wilhelm Undelse Heraeus Foundation and currently works on her doctorate of medicine at the Institute for Microbiology in Frankfurt.In 2012 she won the first prize at the Science Slam in Freiburg, Berlin and Karlsruhe with her talk Darm mit Charme Charming Bowels This talk was also published on YouTube Enders received the offer to write a book about this subject that has sat atop the German paperback charts shortly after the release in March 2014 The drawings for the book were made by her older sister, Jill Enders.

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    • This is a great intro to a fascinating subject, written with the casual reader and layperson in mind. It is almost unbelievable that we know so little about such an important part of our body (scientists know more about bees than they do about our belly-based bacteria). Our digestive system is the only part of our body that operates outside of the purview of our brain. Perhaps this is why we have so many emotional expressions that we tie to our belly ("gut reaction", "butterflies from being in l [...]

    • Cait • A Page with a View

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      The information is pretty basic, but the author's enthusiasm is contagious. I just love how genuinely excited she is about the topic. And her sister's illustrations were really cute. Sometimes it felt like key information was simplified a little too much, but I think this is still a very approachable book for someone who just wants a brief overview of the gut!!

    • *review based on Audible audiobook*This is a book which is perfect for audio. Written for the layperson, it is informative and funny, but without the added benefit of an amazing narrator (who is able to get the tone just right), it may have seemed a little bit silly. Another reviewer noted the abundance of exclamation marks- in the text, that might be annoying, but when read aloud by Katy Sobey, the jokes and wry exclamations seem just right.The content was interesting and entertaining, both edu [...]

    • A charming book. Which seems an odd thing to write about a book which touches on bad breathe and its causes, tonsil stones(view spoiler)[ these are the stinky white lumps that you might cough up from time to time (hide spoiler)], faeces, food intolerances, and vomiting (horses, the poor things, can't vomit, while we can co-ordinate our intestines to do so), and don't she says, attempt to induce vomiting, your gut and brain can be relied upon to sort it all out by themselves, but there we are, th [...]

    • Recommended for those who would like to know more about how their bodies work, but are afraid of biological/medical jargon. Written by a young woman in medical school, this work explains things in lay-person’s terms and is very accessible.A pretty good section on our reliance on gut bacteria to mentor our immune system and help us to process our food. She explains very clearly why too much cleanliness is not necessarily a good thing. (Did you know that the whole “cleanliness is next to godli [...]

    • I did enjoy scientific parts of this book, I found out some stuff I haven't heard before, but fart jokes and such became rather annoying at some point. I understand that the author was trying to keep it "light" so her readers wouldn't start yawning and dozing off on facts parts, but I think it would be better off without it Oh well, maybe I'm just not the target reader for this book. In general - pretty good, informative and rather recommended, especially if you didn't know you shouldn't put you [...]

    • This book gives us a warm and friendly journey through the gut. Written in easy terms for the layman, and generously illustrated by the author's sister, this is a very accessible description of the journey of food through our bodies, and the critters it meets on the way down.Giulia Enders is a doctoral student, and she wrote the book in response to a friend wanting to know more about the gut. To do this she did a lot of research, as is shown in the bibliography at the end. Regarding the bibliogr [...]

    • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      DNF at 80%. I'm over the gut. I really, really enjoy science books, especially anything having to do with medicine/the body. That make sense, of course, seeing as I have a degree in a medical field, but I really can't get enough of learning about the human body. However, after listening to Mary Roach's Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal, which I enjoyed very much, I thought I was ready for another round of intestinal delight. I was partly right. What Mary Roach does is she breaks up a neve [...]

    • 3.5 stars. In the year or so I have had a fascination with my own gut, after my doctor surmised that my stomach problems were because I have IBS. Since then I have read countless articles and watched countless videos on the subject, in an attempt to help me manage my gut and its problems better. So naturally, when Gut by Giulia Enders was released, I had to get it and read up on the subject from a more scientific point of view.This book was a truly fascinating read, and I learned a lot of things [...]

    • This is a jaunty, easily digestible précis of intestinal biology, an enterological cornucopia of facts and figures and buttock-clenching anecdotes. Expect a lot of often fascinating talk about poo and farting, rather like a Monty Python sketch without the punchlines, as well as layman's introductions to the latest research into probiotics, prebiotics, antibiotics, the human biome, and the mysterious relationship between your gut and your brain. I learned a lot. I also made several strategic alt [...]

    • Наталия Янева

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      Всички имаме една обща характеристика, от която не можем да избягаме, ако и да ни се ще, и това е храносмилателната система (е, и останалите системи в тялото, но сега за тази ми е приказката). Или както правилно отбелязваше В. в далечната две-хиляди-и-ехее-кога-беше-то – „Брад П [...]

    • Neat little owner's manual for your digestive system, straightforward, humorous, and jargon-free. Complex ideas are presented as simply as possible, to reach as broad an audience as possible. It also included a lot of information I hadn't known, either because it was new, or because I hadn't been paying attention.Recommended.Ta, L.

    • Rating 3* out of 5. I'm not charmed. I found the writing childish with too many exclamation marks and didn't find things as funny as the author obviously did at times. I like the first 100 pages the best because of the numerous new things I learned, but the for the rest of the book I mostly just wished it would be over already. It's supposed to be fun and engaging and probably is to most people - to me it just fell a bit flat.

    • I find it quite hard to know just what to say about this book. It is one of the most interesting books I've read in quite some time. It is also one of the most improbable page turners I've read. The illustrations are wonderful and quirky.It's a book about what happens in the passage between the mouth and the backside. At times maybe it is not for the faint-hearted. You will learn quite a lot about your poo! However you will also learn a lot about your gut bacteria and their impact - frequently s [...]

    • È davvero sorprendente, per me, leggere un saggio di medicina e trovarlo estremamente interessante. Tutto merito di Giulia Enders, una 25enne, laureata in Medicina, ricercatrice a Francoforte nell'ambito di Microbiologia e Igiene ospedaliera. Giovane, bella e intelligente, Giulia Enders ha saputo parlare con semplicità di uno dei meno chiacchierati argomenti inerenti la salute, l'intestino, quello che spesso ci dà fastidiosi problemini, molto, ma molto diffusi. Ne parliamo poco perché, nonos [...]

    • This was a nice and an interesting read. Although written in simple language and full of humor and funny anecdotes, this book is quite informative and encompasses a great deal of knowledge. But, this is also it`s downside. This is a really good start for those who don`t have any prior knowledge on the subject or don`t have a scientific background. But for those that are looking for something less light and a bit more scientific I would recommend something else.

    • A lot of overlap with Mary Roach's Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal, naturally, and - as it turns out - I prefer Roach's style. This one has cutesy illustrations and a title that makes a horrendously cute rhyme in the German and Norwegian editions, which is obviously a plus.

    • Solange te parle

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      J'ai adoré la première moitié qui m'a souvent fait rire aux éclats. Giulia Enders excelle dans l'art de la vulgarisation fantaisiste. Elle use et abuse d'anthropomorphisme pour nous rendre attachante chaque réaction physiologique ayant lieu quotidiennement d'un bout à l'autre du tube digestif mais le livre s'effrite un peu vers le troisième quart (c'est peut-être le sujet qui est moins concret et la vulgarisation moins aisée). Heureusement l'adorable voix revient vers la fin pour clore [...]

    • Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ was both extremely interesting and sometimes disconcerting as well. The writing style of Giulia Enders and the fun illustrations, made for an entertaining but very informative read. Yes, some topics were a bit gross but that is also a part of everyone's daily functioning. Although I already was aware of some of the information presented, such as the use of prebiotics and probiotics for healthy intestinal flora, other facts presented were [...]

    • ¨Darm mit Charme¨ ist sehr unterhaltsam geschrieben, ein Buch über den kompletten Verdauungstrakt, von Mund bis zur Kloschüssel. Ich habe mich so gut wie nie geekelt, habe viel gelacht und sehr viel Neues gelernt. Gegen Ende war ich ein wenig langsamer beim Lesen, was darauf hindeutet, dass auch der Autorin ein wenig die Puste ausgegangen war. Insbesondere interessant fand ich das Kapitel über Bakerien, dessen Inhalt mir grösstenteils neu war - toll! Das Buch ist mit tollen und lustigen Bi [...]

    • Un très bon livre, qui nous apprend plein de choses super intéressantes! Je l'ai lu par petits chapitres de temps en temps et je trouve que c'est le meilleur moyen pour qu'il ne devienne pas indigeste Un livre interessant que tout le monde devrait lire une fois dans sa vie pour prendre conscience de certaines particularités de notre organisme!

    • Learned alot.

    • Это вторая книга, которую я читаю про кишечник. Первая была Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal, и хотя содержала много интересных фактов, не понравилась мне стилем автора, особенно ее "юмором". Тут же сразу видно, что пишет не журналист, которому лишь бы читателя скандализировать или фра [...]

    • Second in importance, only to the Brain, in our miraculous body is what is called the Gut. Gut is the shortened name of gastrointestinal tract which is the long tube that starts at the mouth and ends at the back passage. It includes the Liver, Gallbladder, Stomach, Pancreas, Large and small Intestine, the Appendix and Anus. The author claims that much of our health is determined by the Gut including Allergies, intolerances and reflux. The one interesting bit of information the author provides is [...]

    • Ayant d'énormes problèmes de digestion, j'ai trouvé dans ce livre des réponses à mes questions. Tout y est expliqué avec clarté et humour. Mention spéciale à toute la partie consacrée au moment où nous passons sur le trône. Si vous vous intéressez à la médecine et au fonctionnement du corps humain, il faut le lire absolument !

    • ❤Marie Gentilcore

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      This was a fascinating and informative read. I really enjoyed learning about the gut. I especially liked learning that the appendix is not a useless appendage and that it is surrounded by immune tissue. The tonsils are also surrounded by immune tissue and both of these appendages play a role in our health. The information in this book was presented in an easy to understand way.

    • Tosi hyvä, kattava ja kiinnostava teos, joka kannattaa lukea, jos oma hyvinvointi ja siihen vaikuttaminen kiinnostaa. Suoliston merkitys ihmisen hyvinvoinnille on valtava! Oon itse hullun kiinnostunut siitä miten ihminen toimii ja mikä on keholle hyväksi ja mitä ei kannata tehdä. Näitä juttuja on hyvä lukea ja oppia, ettei ole vain muiden sanomisten tai epätietoisuuden varassa. Oma hyvinvointi lähtee siitä, että tuntee itsensä, sanoisin ma.Kirja, jota olen lukenut valtavat pätkät [...]

    • Ok, I'll go (down) there, Enders presents a tour de force of the alimentary canal focusing on the importance of gut and its beloved, misunderstood bacteria. This book makes it to my very short list of most helpful books ever. Plus she's a gen-u-ine scientist, clever, funny, likeable and has mastery over the substance and content of her book. She makes the case that the human body is gut-heart-lungs-brain. Other researchers contend that gut bacteria should be classified as an ORGAN! Thank you swe [...]

    • nettebuecherkiste

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      Ein Buch über den Darm, ernsthaft? Ja! Und es macht sogar Spaß!Inzwischen weiß wohl jeder, dass der Darm weit mehr ist als unser Verdauungsorgan. Der Begriff “Darmgehirn” ist inzwischen in aller Munde, und schon lange sprechen wir von unserem “Bauchgefühl”.Die junge Wissenschaftlerin Giulia Enders hat es geschafft, alles, was wir über dieses tatsächlich sehr einflussreiche Organ wissen müssen, auf höchst unterhaltsame Weise und absolut laientauglich in ein rundum gelungenes Buch [...]

    • Barbara (The Bibliophage)

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 09:36 AM)

      Part of my business is holistic health coaching, so Giulia Enders’ Gut is my kind of book. The full title is actually Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ. I think that when it was written in 2014, there were many fewer public conversations about the gut than exist today. Our eyes have been opened, in part due to books like this.Gut is written with the layperson in mind. You don’t need to be a scientist. In fact, Enders is quite funny and even charming as she describes [...]

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