Slow Homecoming

Slow Homecoming Provocative romantic and restlessly exploratory Peter Handke is one of the great writers of our time Slow Homecoming originally published in the late s is central to his achievement and to th

  • Title: Slow Homecoming
  • Author: Peter Handke
  • ISBN: 9780020515302
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Provocative, romantic, and restlessly exploratory, Peter Handke is one of the great writers of our time Slow Homecoming, originally published in the late 1970s, is central to his achievement and to the powerful influence he has exercised on other writers, chief among them W.G Sebald A novel of self questioning and self discovery, Slow Homecoming is a singular odyssey, aProvocative, romantic, and restlessly exploratory, Peter Handke is one of the great writers of our time Slow Homecoming, originally published in the late 1970s, is central to his achievement and to the powerful influence he has exercised on other writers, chief among them W.G Sebald A novel of self questioning and self discovery, Slow Homecoming is a singular odyssey, an escape from the distractions of the modern world and the unhappy consciousness, a voyage that is fraught and fearful but ultimately restorative, ending on an unexpected note of joy The book begins in America Writing with the jarring intensity of his early work, Handke introduces Valentin Sorger, a troubled geologist who has gone to Alaska to lose himself in his work, but now feels drawn back home on his way to Europe he moves in ominous disorientation through the great cities of America The second part of the book, The Lesson of Mont Sainte Victoire, identifies Sorger as a projection of the author, who now writes directly about his own struggle to reconstitute himself and his art by undertaking a pilgrimage to the great mountain that C zanne painted again and again Finally, Child Story is a beautifully observed, deeply moving account of a new father not so much Sorger or the author as a kind of Everyman and his love for his growing daughter.

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    Peter Handke

    Avant garde Austrian novelist and playwright His body of work has been awarded numerous literary prizes.

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    • I thought reading this would be a quick read, and while I finished it pretty much in one sitting, it was a fairly long sitting. It's not a terribly long book, but it requires the reader to read slowly. As someone who naturally reads quickly, it was interesting to be forced to slow down, to match pace with the narrator.The first part of the story takes place in Alaska, where the protagonist, Sorger, throws himself into his work in order to forget himself. This section is page after page of descri [...]

    • Handke as a Late RomanticHere are some thoughts on "The Long Way Around," the first and longest of a trilogy of short novels titled Slow Homecoming. Although the novels are short, their language--especially in "The Long Way Around" is dense, and they read slowly in English or German. In this respect "The Long Way Around" feels more like a 350-page novel than a 150-page novel.The narrator of "The Long Way Around," who is called Sorger (an allegorical name, meaning something like "Person Who Cares [...]

    • This was an amazing book with a unique structure and a strong, clear voice.Divided into 3 parts, the reader at first assumes and then comes to question the consistancy of the narrative point of view. It doesnt seem to matter.What can I possibly say, other than detailing the plot, that can convey the delight I took in this reading, even the middle part which was the most challanging.Probably would help to be German, but the translation was awesome.

    • Did a review of this book here youtu/btD7yQONYiU

    • Slow Homecoming is a collection of three novella length pieces (written and published as separate works from 1979-1981) that explore the meaning of home in strikingly different ways. The first, "The Long Way Around," introduces a geologist named Sorger who is living and working in the far north. Sorger's obsession is with place, and as he follows a meandering route in the general direction of his European homeland, via several American towns and cities, we understand that this restless adventure [...]

    • sehr solide 3 sterne. wo ich im ersten teil noch etwas verloren war und nicht so richtig in das buch hineingefunden habe, hat es mich in seiner zweiten hälfte (teile 2 und 3) dann doch sehr von handkes qualitäten überzeugt.

    • أحمد الحقيل

      (Feb 28, 2020 - 16:07 PM)

      أثر هاندكه على الكتاب الأوروبيين، ومن أهمهم سيبولد، هائل وكبير. الرجل اخترع نمطا سرديا فريدا من نوعه. صناعة الجمل، تركيبة النص، صوت السارد. هاندكه موسيقي لغوي عظيم، ولكنه أيضا متأمل فذ. المزيج المتناغم من أوروبا ما بعد منتصف القرن العشرين، البرود والتصلب والعدمية المتماشية [...]

    • this is an amazing book, really 3 novellas related by the incredible poetry of the language, about the meaning of home, awe of nature and the growing revelation of love of a father for his child. This is not a book for anyone who requires action or much of a plot, but I loved reading it, and it's the kind of book to be reread again and again.

    • A stylistic masterpiece in Ralph Manheim's extraordinary translation. The novella "Child Story" is a very powerful love story between a father and his growing daughter (though the word "love" only appears once, at the end).

    • If you pay attention, you can figure out yourself that the place is Alaska. But don't. The text is perfect as a video game scenario. The protagonist is some sort of a field scientist of some naturalistic science. Therefore he is very soft inside in his expressions of his personal experience of life, because those considered to be the best times of a life, so never accept it - follow what he describes. It is my dream to experience more of near-Polar places, how slow the mundane life goes.Similar [...]

    • Slow and meditative, Handke paints portraits of modern exile. I read this after watching Wings Of Desire and they definitely complement each other.

    • Read it some while ago (in the past year or so). One of his best in my opinion. I enjoyed the whole thing but Cezanne's Mountain, a la Handke, was especially nice.

    • Scenery, in the hands of Peter Hanke, is a poetic description of a vast ontology. He lets movement, itself, trace the form of our humanity, as we watch and let the mind roam its natural course.

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