Hotel Arcadia

Hotel Arcadia Sam is a war photographer famous for her hauntingly beautiful pictures of the dead After a particularly gruelling assignment she checks into an expensive hotel Unfortunately she has chosen the exact

  • Title: Hotel Arcadia
  • Author: SunnySingh
  • ISBN: 9780704373792
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sam is a war photographer famous for her hauntingly beautiful pictures of the dead After a particularly gruelling assignment, she checks into an expensive hotel Unfortunately she has chosen the exact moment terrorists attack the hotel Abhi, the hotel manager, begs her to stay quiet and stay put Abhi has never wanted to be a hero a disappointment to his army father andSam is a war photographer famous for her hauntingly beautiful pictures of the dead After a particularly gruelling assignment, she checks into an expensive hotel Unfortunately she has chosen the exact moment terrorists attack the hotel Abhi, the hotel manager, begs her to stay quiet and stay put Abhi has never wanted to be a hero a disappointment to his army father and brother He thought he d come to a safe haven at the hotel, a place where he could be himself Now stuck inside the sealed off manager s office in the middle of a terrorist attack, he is desperately trying to keep those still alive safe His lover Dieter is amongst the hostages in the bar and the photographer Sam, refusing to stay in her room, is roaming through the hotel taking pictures, potentially coming face to face with the terrorists at any moment A small child, Billy, is found alive under the bodies of his dead parents and Abhi has to persuade the non maternal Sam to bring him back to her room He s hurt and Sam has no clue how to look after a child As the tension mounts and people are killed, the bond between Sam and Abhi, between Sam and Billy, grows If any of them get out alive, none of them will ever be the same

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    Sunny Singh was born in Varanasi, India Her father s work with the government meant that the family regularly moved, living in various cantonments and outposts including Dehradun, Dibrugarh, Along and Teju The family also followed her father s assignments abroad, living in Pakistan, United States and Namibia.She attended Brandeis University where she majored in English and American Literature She also holds a Masters Degree in Spanish Language, Literature and Culture from the Jawaharlal Nehru University and a PhD from the University of Barcelona, Spain.She worked as a journalist and management executive in Mexico, Chile, and South Africa before returning to India in 1995 to focus on writing She worked as a freelance writer and journalist until 2002 in New Delhi, publishing her first two books in that period She moved to Barcelona in 2002 to work on her PhD and published her second novel in 2006.Singh is currently the Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Creative Writing at the London Metropolitan University.

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    • An evocative and very intense thriller, Hotel Arcadia is heavily character driven and beautifully written. One of those books that completely consumes you during the reading of it, this is one that will stay with me.Sam, a war photographer, finds herself caught up in a siege. Her very real need to be at the heart of things makes her take unneccesary risks – meanwhile on the other end of the phone is Abhi, hotel manager, who is determined to keep her and as many others as possible, safe from th [...]

    • Hotel Arcadia, by Sunny Singh, is a work of discernment and contrasts. Set largely within the sterile opulence of a luxury hotel in an unnamed city it tells the tale of war photographer Sam and hotel manager Abhi who are caught up in a siege when a group of terrorists storm the building killing many of the staff and residents. As the country’s armed forces gather outside to deal with a volatile situation these two hunker down in the relative safety of their respective rooms building up a rappo [...]

    • A hyper-luxury hotel in a city by the sea has been overrun by terrorists. Guests who were in public spaces, or who were rash enough to open their doors, have been gunned down. Now the survivors hunker down inside, as outside, the security forces plan their assault. With an opening chapter headed ’87 hours ago’, it is clear we are counting down towards a showdown.The premise of Hotel Arcadia could be the outline for yet another Die Hard film, but Sunny Singh transforms it into something quite [...]

    • I'm lucky enough to have Sunny Singh as one of my lecturers this year and was fortunate to listen to her talking about her views on writing, being an author and the issues she explores in Hotel Arcadia. But, I do have issues with this novel.The premise and concept is brilliant, especially when commenting on today's global events. But the plot is weak and the fragmentation of narrative, the constant revert to character's memories seemed unnecessary and overdone. If the description of photographer [...]

    • Based on the blurb for this book I thought it held a lot of promise, but I was left pretty dissatisfied with the end product. I believe that the overall premise of the novel was great but the inclusion of so many flashbacks/past memories, with respect of the two main characters, was, in my opinion, unnecessary and detracted from the tension and drama being built up in real time. I accept that the purpose of the inclusion of these flashbacks was to build up an understanding of the characters and [...]

    • Originally reviewed at wp/p1eNUC-4G If 2015 is to be a year defined by refugees and terrorism, Sunny Singh's remarkable novel Hotel Arcadia should play a part.  Although brief and nominally a thriller, Singh's third novel is equally a deep meditation on empathy and engagement.The eponymous hotel in an unidentified middle eastern (I think) location is the subject of a terrorist attack, leaving many staff and guests murdered, and the remaining few hiding desperately.  Somehow hotel manager Abh [...]

    • Hotel Arcadia is a tense read. From the outset the two key players, Sam and Abhi are in constant danger of being discovered and killed by the terrorists that have taken over the luxury Hotel Arcadia.We read of guests gunned down in cold blood and explosives being rigged around the hotel to prevent the security forces storming the building. The guests that were fortunate to escape the initial attack have locked themselves in their rooms hiding from the terrorists that roam the corridors leaving c [...]

    • Sam, a war photographer infamous for her curious photographs of the dead, checks into Hotel Arcadia after an assignment to wind down, only for the war to turn the tables and come to her instead. Terrorists attack the hotel, taking hostages and killing many of the guests. What Sam initially views as another assignment to capture, turns into something more as she finds herself forming a connection via phone with the hotel manager, Abhi, who escapes to the security of his office. While Sam has spen [...]

    • Fotografe Sam zit vast in een hotel dat onder controle is van terroristen. Verschillende gasten en personeel is al koelbloedig afgemaakt. De terroristen gaan van etage naar etage en gaan alle kamers af. Wanneer opengedaan wordt, wordt geschoten. Ergens in de buurt van de lobby zit Abhi, een jonge medewerker. Hij ziet op de schermen van de beveiliging waar de terroristen precies zijn en waar Sam is. Hij probeert gasten te bellen en te waarschuwen om stil te zijn en niet open te doen. Sam is gespe [...]

    • If the sign of a good thriller is that you speed through in a couple of sittings and are left wanting more, then count this a good thriller. Nicely nonlinear exploration of the two main characters' lives and attitudes that uses a deliberately fairly nondescript (and at times rather implausible) terrorist attack as an excuse to explore the significance of relationships, social expectations and death.Tom Clancy it ain't, but in a good way - and with a succession of short chapters, five minutes of [...]

    • Thriller? Nah. Ik verwachtte veel van dit boek door het actuele en veelbelovende hoofdonderwerp en misschien waren die verwachtingen wel te hoog en viel 'ie me daarom zo tegen. Ja, er wordt een soort spanning opgebouwd, en ja het plot is best oke uitgewerkt, maar nee. Net niet. Ik vond het boek uiteindelijk toch best onrealistisch en ik kon me niet identificeren met het hoofdpersonage. Eigenlijk heb ik dit boek alleen uitgelezen door m'n OCD, welke verlangt dat ik een boek eerst uitlees voor ik [...]

    • Ik ben zelf niet zo'n fan van dit boek. De stukken die zich in het hotel afspelen zijn best wel spannend en houden de vaart in het boek. de vele terugblikken zorgen ervoor dat het boek en de spanning telkens wat terugvalt. de terugblikken geven wat extra diepgang aan de personages, maar zijn soms wat langdradig en daardoor soms eerder storend.ik vond het einde ook helemaal niet spannend, ponk knots en hop verzin zelf maar wat.

    • A key part of any novel is creating characters who the reader can relate to, who you want to root for, and in Sam and Abhi author Sunny Singh has done exactly that. Full review here:livemanylives.wordpress/2

    • I'm sure I am missing something. The writing and words are fantastic, but I couldn't really get to grips with the story. I understood what was going on, but I found it hard going. Like I say, excellent writing. Sorry, Sunny.

    • Really enjoyed this thriller about a war photographer trapped inside a hotel taken by terrorists, and her relationship with one of the Indian staff and a rescued child.

    • Niet doorheen te komen. Ik heb het boek op de helft weggelegd. Het kan aan de vertaling liggen.

    • Gewoon een leuk boek (drie sterren), maar vond 't einde niet tof. Veel te open. Ik zag ook telkens allemaal gemiste kansen tijdens het lezen. Qua plot vond ik het knap in elkaar geweven (personages).

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