Cryptozoic Stalking the Past Haunted by Future TerrorsLike a phantom Edward Bush expert time traveller moves at will through the mists of a primeval age And like a phantom the Dark Woman whether a bizarre hall

  • Title: Cryptozoic
  • Author: Brian W. Aldiss
  • ISBN: 9780586049921
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Stalking the Past,Haunted by Future TerrorsLike a phantom, Edward Bush expert time traveller moves at will through the mists of a primeval age And like a phantom, the Dark Woman whether a bizarre hallucination created by the stresses in his own mind or a ghost from some unknown future haunts him at every turn.Bush has been recruited by a totalitarian world, traStalking the Past,Haunted by Future TerrorsLike a phantom, Edward Bush expert time traveller moves at will through the mists of a primeval age And like a phantom, the Dark Woman whether a bizarre hallucination created by the stresses in his own mind or a ghost from some unknown future haunts him at every turn.Bush has been recruited by a totalitarian world, trained to kill, and then sent back in time as an assassin Throughout his journey, the Dark woman shadows him, posing new possibilities, new terrors Well written, evocative and disturbing Aldiss is a magician eminently readable Edmund Cooper, Sunday TimesFront cover illustration by Peter Goodfellow

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      302 Brian W. Aldiss
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    Brian W. Aldiss

    Pseudonyms Jael Cracken, Peter Pica, John Runciman, C.C Shackleton, Arch Mendicant, Doc Peristyle.Brian Wilson Aldiss was one of the most important voices in science fiction writing today He wrote his first novel while working as a bookseller in Oxford Shortly afterwards he wrote his first work of science fiction and soon gained international recognition Adored for his innovative literary techniques, evocative plots and irresistible characters, he became a Grand Master of Science Fiction in 1999 Brian Aldiss died on August 19, 2017, just after celebrating his 92th birthday with his family and closest friends.Brian W Aldiss Group on Good Reads

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    • As everyone knows, there are two main families of time-travel stories. There are the ones like Back to the Future, where it's possible to change the past, and there are ones like Hitchhiker's Guide, where everything fits together like a jigsaw. And then there's Cryptozoic, which doesn't slot into any normal classification. I won't even try to explain how it works, but it's different all right. The book has an interesting, haunted atmosphere, though it doesn't make much sense.

    • I had high hopes for this novel. Actually, I had never anticipated reading any book as much as this one, for some strange reason (Most likely the description that other reviewers had). Also, I have never been more let down by any novel. This novel is completely unintelligible, and there are many parts that annoy me completely.The main character has the record for mind traveling the closest to any human age, but still hasn't reached humans yet. Yet, after he goes back to do his "assigned job" he [...]

    • Can the disenchanted artist protagonist find happiness with a dirty slut who doesn't bathe enough? Can he overcome the relationship problems caused by falsely calling her a traitor and gunning her down with a laser pistol? Can he overcome his Freudian distrust of all women caused by his mother locking him out in the garden in his boyhood? And do we have time to care when the sophomoric proposition the time is actually flowing backwards becomes chillingly TRUE!?? And the only reason we haven't no [...]

    • Eddie Bush is an artist and an employee of the Wenlock Institute, founded by the psychologist who realized, around 2090, that the only thing constraining us within the flow of time is our mind -- more accurately, our perception. It seems we have an undermind that's usually under complete control of our overmind, which governs such things as our perceptions of the reality around us. By use of various mental disciplines (effectively, a mantra) and a magic potion, people can prise their undermind f [...]

    • Charles Anderson

      (Jun 02, 2020 - 23:58 PM)

      Written in the 1960s and set in the 2090s, I was most struck by how limited the author's imagination was about how society might have altered. His picture of life in 2093 sounded drearily familiar, military coup to one side.However, his descriptions of mind travelling to the past are intriguing, and the continuity problem that seemed to have crept into part 2 is cleverly resolved at the end, with a final, ambiguous twist.

    • Blew my mind as an adolescent.

    • A somewhat challenging read and a little disjointed as a story, but it is a book worth persevering with as it presents some extremely interesting (if a little bizarre) concepts.

    • Kirsteen Gordon

      (Jun 02, 2020 - 23:58 PM)

      An interesting idea that falls a bit short in both plot and characters but still worth a look.

    • larealidadestupefaciente.c

    • Back in the 1970s Aldiss was one of my favorite writers but it has be many years since I have read one of his books. It was a great treat to read one again.

    • Back in the late 1960's and early 1970's I read a lot of New Wave science fiction, and at the time I thought I must be pretty stupid, because so much of it I just didn't get. Now I'm almost 60 years old and just finished reading what the back-cover blurb from the Science Fiction Book Club said was "one of the best SF novels of the decade" (i.e the 1960's). Brian Aldiss's Cryptozoic! is not as incomprehensible to me as it would have seemed to me if I'd read it 40+ years ago, but it is still an un [...]

    • At the end of the twenty first century, a “moderately expensive” drug allows humans to “mind-travel”, to transport themselves to some past era where they can see but not hear, smell, taste or touch their surroundings and not be seen or sensed by the residents of the past. One flaw in the novel is that it isn’t very clear where exactly the bodies of these mind travelers are while they are in the past. They go into a room in the 2090s, take the drug and leave behind a living sample of th [...]

    • "Cryptozoic" is probably the most psychedelic sci-fi book I have ever read. It is a mixed bag actually, Aldiss's writing style swinging wildly between the very crisply intellectual to the most juvenile. Set in the 2090s, when humankind have figured out that time is actually more of mental construct than a physical one and time travel can actually be equated to mind travel. Mind-Travel becomes a rage, especially in the western world, where the economy is already fragile. The chief protagonist, Te [...]

    • Having just read The Interpreter, I found Cryptozoic much better. The style seems more mature. The dialogue is more authentic with some differentiation between individuals, though with occasional lapses into preaching and narrative exposition by the characterse towards the end.Cryptozoic is very much a book of its time - (c) 1967. Advertised as a 'psychosexual thriller', that designation would raise eyebrows today. Its focus is on the character of Edward Bush, a mind-traveller wandering through [...]

    • After reading the flawed but compelling "Against a Dark Background", it was refreshing to read an older work, with a straightforward central premise. In "Cryptozoic", humans have discovered that they can (through the aid of drugs and mental discipline) project their consciousness back to visit the distant past. They can observe but not interact with the past, thus avoiding any number of paradoxes. The main character is an artist, who intends to exploit the past as inspiration to express the spir [...]

    • Could Use More Dinosaurs, ButAldiss is one of the more underrated sci-fi authors out there. His stuff is consistently smart and entertaining. But I mainly picked this one up because it has dinosaurs on the cover. There are not many dinosaurs in it. That's okay, because it's still a pretty rad tale of time travel via mind power that turns into this weird governmental/art conspiracy to take down the very concept of time.Page 26 in the paperback has a line about a sweet hole that is my favorite tim [...]

    • For my taste a little bit too much complicated. There were things I even was not able to imagine, what it actually could be and my imagination is actually very wild. Well, the idea of turning our perception of time upside down was interesting but my overall feeling about this story is a little bit frustrating. I released this book in wild in the reception of the hotel Belitsa, Primorsko, Bulgaria if someone is interested.A Czech translation of Cryptozoic! by the way.

    • No me ha entusiasmado, a parte que soy de la opinión que esta no debe ser la mejor novela del autor. plantea opciones interesantes a ratos. Pero hay ciertas cosas que me chirrían, cosas que tienen que ver con la sociedad de 1967 que es cuando se escribió el libro como por ejemplo que la mujer cocine mientras los hombres hablan de ciencia

    • Cryptozoic! (1968) is an odd and original treatment of Time Travel which sees time as running backwards with a consequent reversal of cause and effect comparable to Philip K Dick's Counter-Clock World published in the same year.

    • Decent enough - though the end felt very thrown together, and stops abruptly, in my opinion. Beautiful prose, though. Enjoyed the theory concerning time that is offered, but wish it had been fleshed out a bit more.

    • Disappointing. Took some getting into, then in part 2 it picked up a bit only to fizzle out with an ambiguous ending. Interesting ideas, as always with Aldiss, but just failed in the delivery this time for me.

    • I enjoyed this at the time but haven't re-read it

    • Oldschool SF, but top shelf old school SF.

    • An interesting concept: we are travelling backwards in time instead of forward.

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