Murder in Nice

Murder in Nice The French Riviera is the ultimate travel destinationunless murder is on the itinerary When an old high school friend is murdered on the C te d Azur while auditioning for the hit TV travel show Americ

  • Title: Murder in Nice
  • Author: Susan Kiernan-Lewis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The French Riviera is the ultimate travel destinationunless murder is on the itinerary When an old high school friend is murdered on the C te d Azur while auditioning for the hit TV travel show Americans See Europe, Maggie is forced to break away from village life and new motherhood to find the killer Her sleuthing takes her from the sun drenched beaches of Saint TrThe French Riviera is the ultimate travel destinationunless murder is on the itinerary When an old high school friend is murdered on the C te d Azur while auditioning for the hit TV travel show Americans See Europe, Maggie is forced to break away from village life and new motherhood to find the killer Her sleuthing takes her from the sun drenched beaches of Saint Tropez to the cafes and backstreets of Arles, across lavender fields and stunning medieval ruins and straight into the evil hands of her most diabolical adversary yet.Can Maggie find her friend s killer before an innocent man pays for the crime And can she do it without paying the ultimate price herself Winner of the 2015 Florida Authors Publishers President s Award

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    Susan Kiernan-Lewis

    Susan Kiernan-Lewis Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Murder in Nice book, this is one of the most wanted Susan Kiernan-Lewis author readers around the world.

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    • This is typical of this series - which means I thoroughly enjoyed it! This time I was surprised by the way the mystery unraveled. As always, I am more than half in love with Laurent and quite jealous of Maggiet only for her life but for the way she blurts and breezes her way through it. I was, also, happy to have her BFF, Grace, and daughter, Zouzou ( echoes of "It's A Wonderful Life) be back in her life. It makes sense to read this series in order or some of the elements of the plots won't make [...]

    • I can see why some people would enjoy this book, but I didn't. There were simply too many of my cozy mystery pet peeves. Here's what I did like - - Kiernan-Lewis does a fabulous job at creating a sense of place; I could imagine myself at Maggie's lovely country vineyard or in the streets of Nice. - Also, there were lovely descriptions of foods and wine. - There were plenty of potential suspects and believable motives. - The writing style was essentially good.Here's what I didn't like - - Maggie [...]

    • Had enoughI have enjoyed reading these books but now I'm fed up with the same old format. I can't believe now that Maggie has children that she would take such ridiculous risks. She's had multiple broken arms and is always getting herself into unbelievable fixes. Still no proof reader and the errors are now unforgivable. The use of the French is not how it's spoken in France either. I had assumed this would improve with Maggie's improvement in her use of the language. I liked Maggie, Laurent and [...]

    • True suspenseDefinitely true suspense you think right along with Maggie on who committed the crime only to change your mind several times.te must read

    • Very exciting read in a gorgeous setting.

    • I truly wasn't expecting to like this book. I was somewhat disappointed with the first book in the Maggie Newberry series, Murder in the South of France, and as my review indicated, I felt the main character was "unbelievable". I decided to read #6 since it was a BookBub special and loved it! It's the first book in awhile that I couldn't stop reading till the end and that was at 3:00 in the morning! Maggie has developed into a sometimes delightful and other times frustrating protagonist. She has [...]

    • Ericka N.Blackwell

      (Jun 02, 2020 - 23:32 PM)

      Not reading this series EVER glad this book was free!So this is the 6th book in the series - I'd never read this author before so this was an odd place to start but this was the free book so . . . I didn't miss the backstory on any of the characters as I didn't care about any of them. There were allusions to prior crimes, broken homes, family drama but again didn't feel like it was pertinent to this tale - should have been but the author saved those details for the tidy wrap-up at the end. The m [...]

    • booksthrubifocals

      (Jun 02, 2020 - 23:32 PM)

      Classy whodonit!Ms. Lewis has created another murder mystery in the beautiful grape growing region of southern France. As Maggie, an outspoken American from Atlanta, married to a french vintner, Laurent and proud mother of baby, Jem, gets in over her head once again as she promises to investigate the murder of Lanie, a high school friend. It seems that most of the cast of well developed characters had cause to wish Lanie bon voyagewell actually not so bone plot is very intricate and I did not fi [...]

    • I got a free electronic copy of this book from the Kobo site. Always take a free copy when you can. I read this book using the Kobo app on my smartphone,A woman is murdered in the South of France. On circumstantial evidence a suspect is arrested. It is then up to the heroine of our story to get the bottom of this mystery. Even though she does not want to get involved. There are plenty of suspects and opportunities.I always like a whodunit. There are plenty of clues, possible suspects and scenari [...]

    • I stumbled upon this book as a free offering through my Kindle. I didn't realize it was #6 in a series or I probably would not have read it. However, I did - and loved it. Maggie is an "every woman" kind of character, and yet she is not boring in any way. This story is obviously further along in the development of her character, yet stands alone quite nicely. There are just enough references to earlier mysteries that I want to read them, but reading this one (I hope) won't spoil going back and g [...]

    • Karen Lamoreaux

      (Jun 02, 2020 - 23:32 PM)

      Maggie is at it againThis is the second book I have read about Maggie and Laurent. The story lines and mystery in both books are good, but I cannot make myself like Maggie. I hoped that her attitude towards marriage would improve after having a child, but it didn't much As is often the case when the lead is a woman, she chooses to lie to her husband, abandon her friends, and face near death all to solve a mystery that no trained detective can possibly solve. I was pretty sure I knew the identity [...]

    • A lot has happened since Maggie Newberry first came on the scene in Murder in the South of France. This is the sixth book in the series, but only the second I've read. Reading numbers 2 through 5 would help explain some of the off-hand comments in the plot, but the book stands on its own just fine. A mystery with no end of possible villains, exotic and enticing scenery, and a likable, if sometimes irritating heroine. What's not to like? I still have my French teacher quibbles about mistakes in t [...]

    • A woman is killed while taking a bath. There doesn't seem to be any clues. Maggie's brother and wife were in the group the woman was traveling with. She decides to help investigate the murder to clear her brother. The police arrest one of the men in the group. Maggie doesn't think he is guilty as he was in love with the woman. Maggie's husband is home with their son Jem and wants her to come home. They have plenty of help with the child and then the added help of Maggie's brother and wife. The s [...]

    • Jessica Fontenot

      (Jun 02, 2020 - 23:32 PM)

      Entertaining enough Characters were fun. Setting descriptions were beautiful. Seems like an enjoyable series. I'll try some other books by the author.

    • When Maggie Newberry’s old high school friend is murdered while on a trip to the Cote d’Azur while auditioning for an American TV show, she’s forced to leave her cozy life in a little French village to find the killer to keep an innocent man from being saddled with the crime.Murder in Nice by Susan Kleman-Lewis is a neat little cozy mystery, with a bit more action and adventure than is usually found in this sub-genre—all to the good. Maggie Newberry is no Kinsey Milhone, but I like her a [...]

    • Wow! What a great ride! There were changes often, and suspicions verified and discarded at regular intervals! Because I was reading on a kindle, I was generally unsure of how close I was to the end, and each twist followed clearly and regularly! Not knowing how far I was, I still could tell. But the variety of "suspects", all of whom were reasonable, kept the brain working! I loved the variety and unexpectedness of possibilities! Each time one was discarded, I could continue the original suspici [...]

    • Cosy murder mystery set in one of my favourite places, the South of France. There are some lovely descriptions of the coastline plus some great characters. I really like Maggie as she has traits that we can all relate to. There are some baddies too and naturally some twists and turns. Trying to work out who is the baddie is all part of the fun. Looking forward now to reading some of the others in the series.

    • CrazyInteresting story about a young woman being murdered in her bathtub. As usual, Maggie gets involved and gets herself into some dangerous situations. I like the story. Unlike other cozies, this one has no likeable characters other than the main group(Maggie, Laurent and Grace). Even Maggie's brother, Ben, is mean and deceptive. A good one!

    • It took me forever to get through even just half of this book. It wasn't able to keep my attention for long. I honestly couldn't even finish it. I'm glad I got it for free, but it's one of the worst books I've read. But it's probably just me because I typically don't read murder mysteries. It just seemed really long and drawn out, which is what caused me to lose interest.

    • Growing up.The story was wonderful. It flowed very well. The characters interacted very well. Maggie's husband I in the end came through for his family. He choose family instead of the big payoff.

    • Maggie's old friend,Lanie, was murdered while she was trying to get on a travel show and Maggie promised Lanie's mother that she would find the "who done it".I really enjoyed reading another book by Lewis. She had me guessing til almost the end.

    • Pleasing plot, engaging cast of characters with some twists. No graphics, Christian-based ethics (NOT a Christian novel). Re-readable standalone. Recommend for mystery fans who like the gory type and for all the rest. Enjoyable :)

    • Frances L. Ehrig

      (Jun 02, 2020 - 23:32 PM)

      Nice is NiceAn exciting and charming mystery series that pulls you in immediately and holds your attention right through the book. Maggie's adventures are many and she rushes headlong into trouble. A good read.

    • Murder In NiceOnce again, a great read! When I read these books I can hear the characters saying the words on the page. I feel like I'm sitting at a small table in the corner observing the story as it unfolds. Ms Susan Kiernan-Lewis sure knows how to draw you in.

    • Loved this adventure crime book taking me from the country side to the beach resort towns in France. Well written and with tons of puzzle pieces to put together, will you help Maggie figure out the mystery before it is too late?

    • I read this because it was free on BookBub, and I'll be going to Nice in the Fall. Sadly, I didn't enjoy itl the characters lie to each other constantly, even the good ones. Had to force myself to finish.

    • Great MysteryThis book is a great mystery with lots of twists and turns. I would definitely suggest this book to those who like mystery without being grotesque. I plan on reading more of her books.

    • GoodFrom the beginning, this book had me hooked. I did not know of this author before reading this book. I will be investing in getting the other books in this series. Plus I really like Maggie's husband, yum !

    • What a twister!Good from start to finish! What a wild ride this was. I really enjoyed all the characters in this story. I though I had it all figured out, and then the storyline jumped another way.

    • I liked the characters and the setting in France. The investigation into the murder of a tour guide took many twists and turns. There were an unbelievable amount of crazy, rude tourists characters and all were suspects.

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