Work, Dogs, Work: A Highway Tail

Work Dogs Work A Highway Tail Top dog Duke and his busy crew of construction worker dogs have a big day ahead of them as they race to repair a road With miles of new road to lay the crew gets to work using equipment like bulldoze

  • Title: Work, Dogs, Work: A Highway Tail
  • Author: JamesHorvath
  • ISBN: 9780062189707
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Top dog Duke and his busy crew of construction worker dogs have a big day ahead of them as they race to repair a road With miles of new road to lay, the crew gets to work using equipment like bulldozers, steamrollers, and paving trucks But what happens when a rocky hill blocks the way Time to bring in the demolition crew

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    James Horvath has worked as a designer and children s illustrator for than fifteen years In 2002 he established Jamestoons Studios with a workforce of one so he could focus on his illustration When not scratching and scribbling at his drawing table, he plays with his two young sons and wife, bangs around on the banjo, surfs, and generally has a lot of fun A lifelong devoted cartoon fan, James Horvath lives with his family on California s Central Coast.

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    • I like this title just as much as Dig Dogs Dig. It follows the same format as the construction book, but of course this one includes the machines needed to build a highway. Readers will learn the name and job of each machine as the cheerful dogs once again get to work. Don't forget to look for Jinx the black cat in just abut each spread.

    • Use in a transportation unit for kindergarten with Go, Dog. Go!

    • Cute rhyming book, perfect for any kid who's hit the "truck phase." Lots of pictures of construction equipment with descriptions of what they do.

    • My boy loves this book to death and it isn't too hard to reread many times as a parent. ;)

    • This was the perfect book for my son who loves dogs and construction vehicles. He's just learning to read and these simple sentences and structure were great!

    • Great read-aloud at story time!

    • A dog crew works hard to get the road built.It's no mean feat to be able to put bulldozer, rock hopper, and quarry trucks into a rhyme that is done well. The rhyming is great and a lot of aspects of road building are covered from the big machines used to tunneling through a mountain to building a bridge. Kids who love machines and transportation vehicles should eat this up as will dog lovers. The fantastic rhyming makes it a great read aloud too.

    • I love 'Build, Dogs, Build' and 'Dig, Dogs, Dig' so I was thrilled to find another James Horvath book in 'Work, Dogs, Work'. This "highway tail" of building a road to a fun end location is a perfect addition to the dogs series. I have to confess these are very diligent worker dogs and I love the appearance of Jinx, the black cat, on each page. Full of colorful imagery, rhymes and rhythm, as well as a great amount of equipment adds to the treasure of these pages. I read an advanced reader copy. 6 [...]

    • I absolutely love these books. They are brightly illustrated and have fun rhymes that describe what goes on in construction. I used to work in construction before becoming a SAHM, so these books are a fun way to show my kids what I used to do when I was working. My kids really like the books, too (they are preschool/kinder age), and they really like looking at all the different pieces of construction equipment, learning what they do, and they like that the story is made up of dogs (including one [...]

    • Fun fun fun! Rhyming text flows well and details the complete process of building roads and all the equipment needed. Love how the dogs start the day at a Starbucks style coffee shop and end at the beach. Little details in the illustrations add to the meaning: when the traffic is stopped, the background color page is red, green when traffic is allowed to proceed. Front and back endpages are different as well. Need to read the other books in the series.

    • My son loves these books and this one was a Hanukkah gift this week. He enjoyed it but I found it a bit redundant and some of the illustrations were taken directly from previous books. I know he doesn't see the difference, but if authors want us to purchase their new books (especially hard cover), I would just like to see a bit more effort. RegardlessMax loved it and I know we will dig out the other two and we will read all three at bedtime tonight.

    • An excellent addition to Horvath's tales of the Construction dogs, with their quintessential refrain [work], dogs, [work]!(Readers will be pleased to note that in this one, Roxy, the pink dog, gets to drive nearly every construction vehicle.) There are some falterings in the rhyme scheme, but devoted construction fans are unlikely to complain. Pair with Roadwork, which is it is somewhat reminiscent of.

    • Debbie Stephens

      (Jul 17, 2019 - 11:13 AM)

      This is the 3rd book in this series by James Horvath. It is a fun children's series!! Who doesn't love dogsen you add all the big construction vehicles and you've got a great combination for a story. Very colorful, cute catchy rhymes and a playful black cat named Jinx hiding on every page. Your kids will have you reading this over and over until you know the story by heart.

    • Work, Dogs, Work: A Highway Tail by James Horvath tells a story of working construction dogs and some of the vehicles and other heavy machinery used to accomplish building a travel pathway. The illustrations are lively and the sentences are exciting to reach throughout each page. It was an enjoyable book to read during story time.

    • This is a good book for ECE readers who like to learn about construction and all of the processes that are required to go into that. It rhymes and is full of excellent information (except for the one small thing that paving a road doesn't just take one daywouldn't that be nice??)

    • [Note to self: Henry didn't like it as much as Dig Dogs Dig but it has a bridge in it so re-check from the library again.]Update: Totally obsessed toddler now, the tunnel and bridge worked their magic Also the Asphalt. It ends with a beach (Dig Dogs Dig ends with a park).

    • Rating based on my 5 year old's enthusiasm for this book. A fun, rhyming book with lots to see in the illustrations. My only problem is the unrealistic timeline. They supposedly completed a road, blew up a hill, and built an unexpected bridge in one day.

    • Kids love big vehicles. Kids love dogs. I love rhyming book. This one has all 3. I'm going to try it at storytime tonite and see how it works.

    • So colorful and a great story about building a road.

    • Colorful illustrations, and sure to delight fans of construction books, but nothing new here.

    • My son loves this book. He has begun to quote from it we have read it so many times. It has good rhythm, fun pictures, construction trucks, and dogs. All the best things. And the end is fun, too!

    • Edward Sullivan

      (Jul 17, 2019 - 11:13 AM)

      Cheerful, cartoony fun.

    • Kids LOVE this one. It has a good range of vocab to help stretch the children's vocabulary.

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