The Haunting

The Haunting For fans of Gillian Flynn Caroline Cooney and R L Stine comes The Haunting from four time Edgar Allen Poe Young Adult Mystery Award winner Joan Lowery Nixon The walls whisper The ceilings shriek No

  • Title: The Haunting
  • Author: Joan Lowery Nixon
  • ISBN: 9780440220084
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • For fans of Gillian Flynn, Caroline Cooney, and R.L Stine comes The Haunting from four time Edgar Allen Poe Young Adult Mystery Award winner Joan Lowery Nixon The walls whisper The ceilings shriek No one can survive a night of terror inside Graymoss The old plantation house has been in Lia s family since the Civil War, but it s been possessed for generationsFor fans of Gillian Flynn, Caroline Cooney, and R.L Stine comes The Haunting from four time Edgar Allen Poe Young Adult Mystery Award winner Joan Lowery Nixon The walls whisper The ceilings shriek No one can survive a night of terror inside Graymoss The old plantation house has been in Lia s family since the Civil War, but it s been possessed for generations by a malicious spirit, and Lia s family has always stayed far away Now her parents have decided to move into Graymoss, and Lia must either change their minds or chase away the horror lurking inside the old house Using clues from her great great grandmother s diary and an old copy of Favorite Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, Lia must discover what or who the evil wants Nixon creates a spooky setting fairly dripping in atmosphere, then spins an ever tightening thread of tension Kirkus Reviews A book that will please mystery fans and a plot that keeps readers guessing until the end School Library Journal Nixon has woven a tale that grabs and holds her readers It s a really fun read VOYA A page turner that will satisfy mystery and ghost story fans Booklist

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    Joan Lowery Nixon

    Author of than one hundred books, Joan Lowery Nixon is the only writer to have won four Edgar Allan Poe Awards for Juvenile Mysteries and been nominated several other times from the Mystery Writers of America Creating contemporary teenage characters who have both a personal problem and a mystery to solve, Nixon captured the attention of legions of teenage readers since the publication of her first YA novel than twenty years ago In addition to mystery suspense novels, she wrote nonfiction and fiction for children and middle graders, as well as several short stories Nixon was the first person to write novels for teens about the orphan trains of the nineteenth century She followed those with historical novels about Ellis Island and, recently for younger readers, Colonial Williamsburg Joan Lowery Nixon died on June 28, 2003 a great loss for all of us.

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    • Danielle Bucholtz

      (Jan 24, 2020 - 15:11 PM)

      "The Haunting" is a fictional book about a girl, Lia, whose parents want to move to a house called Graymoss, which was willed to Lia's mother by her great-grandmother when she died. Lia finds out some interesting things about Graymoss that start to worry her. Once she visits the new house, she experiences events that warn her of something haunting the house. "The Haunting" is another book that I have completed from the Joan Lowery Nixon book series. In my opinion, "The Haunting" was not as enjoy [...]

    • the book was great. It is a great mystery. It is about lia and how her great grandma left her family the house. But it is haunted. She wants to get ride of it but how?

    • Emma-LeeBuffington

      (Jan 24, 2020 - 15:11 PM)

      This book was suggested to me by mom. This setting takes place in the current time in at a plantation named Graymoss in Louisiana. Graymoss is a magnificent ,vintage and huge. Complete with columns and a filled garden.Back during the Civil War Charlotte Belvins and her grandfather lived in Graymoss. They read the Favorite Tales of Edgar Allan Poe book together days upon end. Their renter Mr. Slades had then stole their precious jewelry. If things couldn't get worse Graymoss was threated to be bu [...]

    • Michelle Miller

      (Jan 24, 2020 - 15:11 PM)

      Michelle Miller10/25/11Oral & Written 2nd Mr. BalesThe HauntingThe title of this book is “The Haunting”. It was written by Joan Lowery Nixon. She was the author of more than 130 books for young readers. All of which are horror stories, but she was the ONLY four time winner of the Mystery Award.The main character in this horror is Lia Starling. She was a shy, bookworm, who had no bravery like her ancestors. Anytime one of her family members was out climbing Mt. Everest or fighting a sea m [...]

    • The HauntingJoan Lowry NixonAre you a young reader who loves mysteries about ghosts and haunted houses. Then you should read The Haunting, written by Joan Lowry Nixon. If you have ever read any books by Nixon, then you know she has been called the grande dame of young adult mysteries. With more than a hundred books, some being Murdered, my sweet and Don’t Scream. The story follows fifteen-year-old Lia Starling. She talks about how all of her female ancesters are very brave and then there was h [...]

    • Lia's great-grandmother has recently died, but before she died she told Lia about Graymoss. Graymoss is to go to Lia's mother, but Lia's great-grandmother warns to never go to Graymoss because of the terrible evil that haunts the seemingly peaceful plantation.Lia's parents do not believe in ghosts and so they don't believe in the stories of the hauntings of Graymoss. Even after reading the diary of an ancestor who once lived in the house and experienced it's evils they still don't believe. Her p [...]

    • When Lia's great-grandmother dies she leaves her a cryptic message: She must save the plantation that has been in their family since before the Civil War.Lia's grandmother wants the old Graymoss Plantation to be demolished and her parents want to modernize it and fill it with lots of adopted children; but Lia fears the "evil" said to haunt the halls every night. Equipped with her great-great-great-grandmother Charlotte's journal, a tattered copy of 'Favorite Tales of Edgar Allan Poe', and the he [...]

    • Emily Vandergriff

      (Jan 24, 2020 - 15:11 PM)

      This book is not the book that makes your skin crawl or makes you whip your head around, looking to see what lurks in the shadows. Despite it's title, this is not a ghost story meant to frighten you. This is a mystery book that simply involves ghosts. That being said, this book was a good read. I enjoyed trying to solve the mystery of who was haunting the Graymoss plantation and why with the main character. I enjoyed the fact that the author actually tied in Edgar Allen Poe stories as the clues [...]

    • I thought the book was very intense, and the story line as it went from problem to problem you would become flabbergasted as you read along in this thriller of a book. I didn't really like it though. It didn't keep you into the story line and I became bored with the book. When the grandmother dies she leaves the house to her grand daughter and but is actually talking to her great grand daughter. and when her grandma tries to sell the place she wont let her becuase it was hers to keep and she int [...]

    • This is a book my 11 year old was interested in reading. She had two chapters left and so I picked it up to see what it was about. The story started out promising, but I figured out the ending well before the main character, which is always a little disappointing. There were phrases that were repeated over and over in the text which droned on and on and on, and the ending didn't come soon enough. The big showdown at the end was rather anti-climatic, but as far as "not-so-spooky, spooky stories" [...]

    • i am a big fan of joan lowery nixon,but i got to admit that this book is one of her best books that she ever wrote. its basicly about a girl that recently found out fascinating secrets and trying to find out what the evil spirits want and trying to get rid of them.

    • I would really like to reread this book, as I haven't actually seen a copy sinceI want to say grade 6. It was one of my first "scary stories" and I remember loving it. Time to pick it up again and see if it's still as good!

    • I would give this book another half of a star if I could, but I found the plot too predictable. Anyone who has read Poe could figure out the ending by the first couple of chapters. I liked the growth of the Lia's character.

    • Definitely my least favourite of Joan Lowery Nixon's books.

    • Loved this book. Very descriptive and kinda scary.

    • this is a really great book!! i loved it!

    • t was really good you'll have to read it

    • This was ok, but a little weird.

    • Elizabeth Hanks

      (Jan 24, 2020 - 15:11 PM)

      This book is a good quick read. A bit predictable but well written.

    • It was preety good. You should read it!!

    • Great ending, but I belive it deserves a sequal.

    • 2.5. The ending felt rushed, not that I needed to be reminded more of Edgar Allan Poe stories.

    • Compelling, spooky story with an engaging teenage protagonist, a spooky old Southern mansion, and a generations-old family secret.

    • Not a bad story it kept going along smooth and at a nice pace. However I did have the plot way before the book was over. Good story overall for kids to read.

    • Title: The Haunting Author: Joan Lowery Nixon A mysterious but enchanting tale of an old plantation house Graymoss, which was never knocked down or destroyed because of the presence of ghosts that lingered around the house. The magnitude of ghosts that were present in the house was so frightening that everyone who had ever passed through it either died or never wanted to return. What they did not know however was the owner o9f the house had died and was seeking help and his spirit could not rest [...]

    • I enjoyed the book The Haunting very much. I would give this book 4/5 stars. I would definitely recommend it to you. Three reasons why I would recommend this book to you is because of the fear factor, personal narrative and the way the book ended.The fear factor was definitely very enjoyable for me. There were many ghosts whispering into Lia’s (the main characters) ears. Lia would always see dead bodies out of the corner of her eye and then look and they wouldn’t be there. Lia also lives in [...]

    • I wanted to grab a quick read, and this book fit the bill perfectly at 184 pages. It's about a 15 year old girl whose mother inherits a haunted house, Graymoss, in Louisiana and plan to adopt a bunch of hard-to-adopt children with her husband and live there. Problem is, Lia isn't crazy about that idea. The walls whisper one word over and over which no one can quite figure out, the designs on the ceiling turn into hissing and spitting monsters, invisible hands reach out and grab at people's hair [...]

    • Rosie Jean Jenkins

      (Jan 24, 2020 - 15:11 PM)

      This book wasn't really good, but I kind of liked it a little bit. This book is about a house that a girl named Charollet used to live in and now she doesn't now. So she wants to keep the house in a good condition, and her grandfather was shot and she would write in her diary about the house. Lia is trying to keep the house in a good condition and she wants to imagine faces in the house and she doesn't want to live in the house. They consider the house as graymoss and there are secrets about the [...]

    • November Book Review So I was kind of disappointed by the book The haunting, by Joan Lowery Nixon. I liked it but at the same time I was disappointed, I was disappointed because it looked like one of those books that i have a surprising ending, but this one the ending was that they found out the mystery and got rid of the ghosts. But overly the book was good. This book I recommend for young adult-teens because from my prospective us teens and/or young adults like mysteries and scary stuff, so [...]

    • This was a terrible book. The writing itself was very badly done, not to mention the story. It was written in a very vague manner that didn't make a whole lot of sense. For example, Lia's mother wanting to adopt 24 children. The woman spends some amount of time in the book exclaiming about it without once caring how unwanted it makes her daughter feel, even though she's a therapist. At one point she even says that the government will give her money to raise them so it's okay. The whole thing is [...]

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