Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero

Thunder Dog The True Story of a Blind Man His Guide Dog and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero A blind man and his guide dog show the power of trust and courage in the midst of devastating terror It was a m on and Roselle whimpered at Michael s bedside A thunderstorm was headed east

  • Title: Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero
  • Author: Michael Hingson Larry King Susy Flory
  • ISBN: 9781617930492
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A blind man and his guide dog show the power of trust and courage in the midst of devastating terror.It was 12 30 a.m on 9 11 and Roselle whimpered at Michael s bedside A thunderstorm was headed east, and she could sense the distant rumbles while her owners slept As a trained guide dog, when she was on the clock nothing could faze her But that morning, without her haA blind man and his guide dog show the power of trust and courage in the midst of devastating terror.It was 12 30 a.m on 9 11 and Roselle whimpered at Michael s bedside A thunderstorm was headed east, and she could sense the distant rumbles while her owners slept As a trained guide dog, when she was on the clock nothing could faze her But that morning, without her harness, she was free to be scared, and she nudged Michael s hand with her wet nose as it draped over the bedside toward the floor She needed him to wake up.With a busy day of meetings and an important presentation ahead, Michael slumped out of bed, headed to his home office, and started chipping away at his daunting workload Roselle, shivering, took her normal spot at his feet and rode out the storm while he typed By all indications it was going to be a normal day A busy day, but normal nonetheless Until they went into the office.In Thunder Dog, follow Michael and his guide dog, Roselle, as their lives are changed forever by two explosions and 1,463 stairs When the first plane struck Tower One, an enormous boom, frightening sounds, and muffled voices swept through Michael s office while shards of glass and burning scraps of paper fell outside the windows.But in this harrowing story of trust and courage, discover how blindness and a bond between dog and man saved lives and brought hope during one of America s darkest days.

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      187 Michael Hingson Larry King Susy Flory
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    Michael Hingson Larry King Susy Flory

    When the World Trade Center was attacked on 9 11, it was as though the world stood still It was a day that captured our full attention Michael Hingson and his Guide Dog Roselle were on the 78th floor of Tower One that day, and were able to make their way to safety and survive the attack The duo was immediately thrust into the international spotlight, becoming well known representatives of the strength of the human animal bond and a living example of the powerful partnership that exists between a blind person and their Guide Dog In 2002 Michael joined the Guide Dogs for the Blind team as the National Public Affairs director, to share his story throughout the world on behalf of the school In June of 2008 Michael left Guide Dogs to form The Michael Hingson Group to continue his speaking career as well as to serve as a consultent for corporations and organizations that need assistance with Inclusive and Diversity training as well as adaptive technology training.Michael Hingson is available for speaking engagements, public appearances, consulting and training contract positions and media interviews.In his own words I lived through the 9 11 tragedy and have much to say about my experiences leading up to and escaping from the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Since that day, I ve traveled the world with Roselle and her successors at first to help people heal and hope, and now, to help them find meaning and purpose As a blind person living in today s world I want people to see that while there are many different kinds of people, each with their own different gifts, we all can live and work together if we choose to open our minds and hearts and become a inclusive world There are positive lessons to be learned from every tragedy, and 9 11 is certainly no exception.Because I am blind, I have a unique perspective Because I believe in the power of partnering with my Guide Dog, I can speak from the heart about teamwork and trust I ve been a guest numerous times on Larry King Live, have been interviewed on Regis and Kelly, and have appeared on the CBS Morning Show but I m looking forward to my next big engagement as the featured speaker at your event.I promise to bring my faithful friend and guide dog, Africa she has her own fan club If it weren t for our ability to work together as a team just as I Roselle and I did on 9 11, my story would be much different and I probably would not have learned the lessons I now can pass on to audiences throughout the world.The events of September 11th changed the world, and they certainly changed my life There s something about almost losing your life that makes what really matters in life crystal clear I left my successful 27 year career in high tech computer sales and management to travel the world speaking about the importance of teamwork and trust in our professional and personal lives.I would like to bring my story to your audience at your next event or meeting and help you make it a memorable and rewarding experience And you will have the satisfaction that any dollars you spend will not only cover my speaking fees, but will help others like myself enjoy the independence and companionship that comes from a partnership with a Guide Dog.

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    • A guide dog navigates her blind human down 78 flights of stairs on 9/11. Under any circumstance, this feat would be inspiring, but, given the chaos that prevailed, and that the dog had never traversed these stairs, her performance was amazing.Actually, Hingson doesn't say much about the dog's performance. To my surprise, then, I turned a page to a new chapter. It consisted of the 23d Psalm in italics. "The Lord is my shepherd Huh? No disrespect to God, but this book is about a dog who is a sheph [...]

    • Kwesi 章英狮

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 01:27 AM)

      How many children are blind? 1.5 million children in the world are legally blind and only few cares for them. Some family abandoned babies that are born blind but few are strong enough to live and nourish their blind child as a strong willed man in the future. We thought that they are not capable to do things like normal people but we were mesmerized by the fact that they don't have eyes that can work steadily, in the end, blind men show us that they can do like a regular person.I encountered fe [...]

    • Thunder Dog offers a glimmer of hope and joy amidst the chaos and pain of a horrific disaster, in the form of a guide dog that joined heroes in the search for survivors. It's a detailed, edge-of-your-seat kind of novel that brings some inspiration to that horrible day 16 years ago.

    • Eduardo Santiago

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 01:27 AM)

      TL;DR Blind people can do more than you think they can. Also, if you get to pick your parents, make sure you get supportive ones who encourage you to do all you can (vs the mollycoddling kind).I feel disappointed, and I almost feel like I should apologize for it (but I won't). I expected a book titled “Thunder Dog” to, you know, deal a bit more with the dog. Instead it was a long motivational speech. With occasional God silliness and OBTW I walked down the stairs on 9/11.Hingson has a chip o [...]

    • really didn’t know what to expect when I bought this book for my kindle, but it was $1.99 and involved a dog and 9/11. Two things that I find interesting, so I went for it.Wow! It was really good. I don’t want to say too much as to give away the highlights of the book…but essentially you’re guided through Michael’s experiences on 9/11 as well as some of his experiences throughout his life. Being that Michael is blind (and has been from birth), the book offers a lot of insight to the li [...]

    • What if you were blind, on the 78th floor of Twin Tower 1, at the time the plane crashed into it?Wow. Just wow. This book flips between 9/11 and Michael’s life, being blind almost from birth. Not only is the story of how he survived 9/11 breathtaking (and almost tear-jerking), but it also highlights his faith in God and how he entrusted his life to God’s care when fear could have instead taken place.This book takes you on a journey through Michael’s life, how he overcame obstacles and live [...]

    • The title is a little misleading. It is not a book about Roselle, who happens to be the author's seeing eye dog. It is more about the author, his blindness, him overcoming his handicap, him trying to get others to overlook his handicap, and walking down the stairs of World Trade Center's north tower after the first plane hit. I liked this. It sounded like a pep talk for living your life to the fullest, even if you have a handicap. His dog sounded perfect. I wish we had more info on her.

    • Angel / YA rules!/

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 01:27 AM)

      It's been hours since I finished reading the book and I can still feel the flow of emotions I had while reading it. Although, I am amazed at how Michael Hingson overcame his "disability" the feeling of being awe inspired is also mixed with a feeling of dread at what happened on 9/11. To be able to read it from the perspective of a survivor somehow makes it all real for me. Of course, all that is real. However, being on the other side of the globe when all that happened, I felt somehow detached l [...]

    • At first glance one would think Thunder Dog is a moving and inspirational tale of a blind man and his guide dog who survived 9/11 in the World Trade Center, but it is so much more than that. Thunder Dog is as much a about the story of Michael Hingson's life as it is about that fateful day at Ground Zero. Complete with Courtesy Rules for Blindness and a dissertation by former National Federation of the Blind president Kenneth Jernigan, Thunder Dog is an (excuse the expression) eye-opening piece o [...]

    • I recommend you read this book, if you want to read an inspiring book about the human spirit during one of the darkest days in United States history. The author turned a horrible moment and found inspiration and deepened his faith from the experience. I believe anybody would find this book inspiring no matter what religion they are. I enjoyed learning about how the author Michael Hingson and his guide dog Roselle escaped the World Trade Center Building 1 after it was attacked on 9/11. The author [...]

    • Reader beware. The title of this book is somewhat misleading. In my opinion, this book was about an arrogant blind man's life. The intro kind of hooked me, but with the incessant flash-backs and cocky attitude, I lost interest fast. Parts of this book were told well. The descriptions were interesting and SOME of his background was fascinating. But overall, I felt like he could have been a little bit more modest. Don't get me wrong, I think what he is capable of and what he has achieved is remark [...]

    • Christy Lockstein

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 01:27 AM)

      Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson & Suzy Flory is the story of one man's escape from the 78th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11 with his heroic and one -of-a-kind guide dog. Hingson, who was been blind since birth, was getting ready for a meeting that morning when the plane hit his building. He used his beloved guide dog and his faith in God to get him down 1,463 stairs to escape the building, only to flee for his life when the South Tower fell. Thunder Dog is about muc [...]

    • We live in a town that is home to Leader Dogs for the Blind and are lucky to see them in training almost every week in and about town guiding their new “owners” on their paths to a new independence, a new journey and a new love affair with their canine partners. It is always a beautiful and smile-inducing sight which somehow brings tears to my eyes. "Thunder Dog" is a nicely written book about just such a partnership. It moved between the events of 9/11 when the author, Michael Hingson and h [...]

    • My church book club chose to read this for our September meeting, and it felt very appropriate that I finished listening to this on September 11. Because of that, I felt more connected than the 10th anniversary last year when there were many more events to commemorate the day. I had no idea of the organization of the book, since I never saw it in print. At first when Hingson related the events of the day and their descent, I wondered if the entire book would be about September 11. However, he do [...]

    • Cafelilybookreviews

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 01:27 AM)

      As soon as I saw the cover of this book, I knew I had to read it. I’m a sucker for true stories – especially true stories with canines as the subject matter. And when I found out that this story also revolved around September 11th, I was hooked.Thunder Dog is a very emotional read. Not only does it tell the story of Roselle, a beautiful guide dog loyal to her master, it tells the story of a brave man (who also happens to be blind), and how he helped encourage others down the treacherous Stai [...]

    • "Don't let your sight get in the way of your vision." thought-provoking!"She kisses his hand and then he is gone. I would realize later that this touch was probably the last unconditional love he ever got." The author is talking about his guidedog Roselle snuzzling a firefighter on his way up the stairs of Tower 1 on 9/11/01.Thunder Dog is a fast read and is a touching first-hand account of survival on that terrible day. The author is blind and with his guidedog and a co-worker, he makes it out [...]

    • Collin Sedgwick

      (Feb 26, 2020 - 01:27 AM)

      I recommend you read this book. I really liked the inspirational story of this man being saved by his dog. if you want to read an inspiring book about the human spirit during one of the darkest days in United States history. The author turned a horrible moment and found inspiration and deepened his faith from the experience. I believe anybody would find this book inspiring no matter what there past knowledge is about the guide dog foundation

    • Not what it seemed2.5 stars. I thought this book would focus more on Michael and his guide dog's escape from the World Trade Center. There was more on his childhood and college years, and how he dealt with his blindness. I found myself skipping the other parts, or I might have given up reading the book.

    • Reading Thunder Dog was a suspenseful, frightening and yet deeply spiritual experience. Starting with a thunder storm in the early hours of 11 September 2001, Michael Hingson and his guide dog, Roselle, takes the reader through the horrifying events at the World Trade Center. From the moment the first plane crashes into the north tower, down 1,463 steps and out into the chaos of the streets that surround the WTC, to the collapse of the towers and the author's perilous journey home; this is a rea [...]

    • So I was a little skeptical of this book at first. I mean, it's called Thunder Dog. But the premise sounded interesting: A blind man who works on the 78th floor of Tower One relies on his trusty guide dog to help him navigate the destruction of 9/11. That story is interwoven with stories of Michael's experiences being blind. About his parents, his education (his parents mainstreamed him when no one else was doing that), his hobbies, his work, his guide dogs, his wife, and some general informatio [...]

    • Michael Hingson’s purpose in writing Thunder Dog was to share his experiences on 9/11 as he escaped one of the Twin Towers with his guide dog Roselle. Mr. Hingson, who has been blind since infancy, lets the reader know how capable he is despite his blindness. He also shares how important a guide dog is to a blind person. Michael Hingson gives the reader a view of his every day life along with the minute-by-minute details of his experiences on 9/11. The theme of the book was trust. Michael Hing [...]

    • A powerful tale of courage and trust. I picked this book because I thought it was a dog story and also I was traveling to the states soon. I was expecting to learn something about the country I was about to visit. 9/11 was one of the crucial event of their country as so it is to the world also. Story of smart dog was merely entering point for me to get to know the event from a different angle. However, this book is more than that. It is about how trust can thrust amid of difficulties and create [...]

    • This is the story of a blind man and his dog. The main story is during his time getting out of the World Trade Center. The other main theme is the story of blind people in general. Getting out of the tower was traumatic for everyone. The fact that the dog was so well trained and that neither dog nor master were panicked, was amazing. Having read other stories about people getting out, this was no different. Everyone was calm. Everyone helped each other. Amazing stories. I appreciated the informa [...]

    • Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson with Susy Flory is about much more than a guide dog named Roselle. The book intertwines the events of 9/11 as experienced by the author in the north tower of the World Trade Center with his life story. We hear first-hand what one man experienced with his guide dog as he made his way down seventy-eight flights of stairs to safety. We also learn of the life of a blind man growing up in a family that treated him as any seeing child - even driving a car at times.I full [...]

    • There's more to this true story than the title suggests. The ordeal that Mike Hingson and his guide dog Roselle experienced during 9/11 is really a wonderful story about courage, trust and overcoming obstacles. But there's more to it - the 9/11 experience opened an opportunity for Mike to show the world that blindness is just an inconvenience, not a disability. Mike's blindness did not prevent him to enjoy his childhood, excel in his studies, be gainfully employed. It did not stop him to ride a [...]

    • This is a wonderful book. I learned so much about the internal experience about someone who is blind, as well about the inside experience of what happened on 9/1/1. The story moves between that day and the past of the blind many who is telling the story and is experiencing 911. The audio version is well read, and the story is well told. I recommend it.

    • High 3 stars again. Very interesting learning about blindness not only in the context of the author's situation but for others as well. Definitely appropriate for remembering 9/11.

    • I really enjoyed this book about a wonderful guide dog and his blind handler/owner/best friend and how they found their way down 78 floors of the World Trade Centre on 9/11. An inspirational read.

    • I’m not really dog person so I wasn’t sure what I would think, but aside from the dog I actually learned a lot about blindness in general and what it was like for him during 9/11. It was an entirely different perspective than I’d ever heard before. I also liked learning about guide dogs and how they are bread and trained and chosen. This book isn’t just about 9/11 but about his life. What amazing parents he had. They taught him he could do anything and then they let him do it! I actually [...]

    • Riveting story of author, Michael Hingson's, account of getting out of the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attack.I am enjoying this book as a eAudiobook. The narrator really makes this story come alive. I felt as if I were in the stairwell counting stairs with Michael Hingson and his guide dog, Roselle.

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