Jane Burrows is the girl next door well actually five doors down from the new kid She s happy with her life she s got One True Friend a set of wheels and the best job ever newspaper delivery girl

  • Title: 97
  • Author: V.L. Holt
  • ISBN: 9781493786459
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jane Burrows is the girl next door, well actually, five doors down from the new kid She s happy with her life she s got One True Friend, a set of wheels, and the best job ever, newspaper delivery girl She s not even super annoyed when William McLeod starts following her around like a puppy dog He s hot, after all Except, what s with the spooky overprotective thing WhJane Burrows is the girl next door, well actually, five doors down from the new kid She s happy with her life she s got One True Friend, a set of wheels, and the best job ever, newspaper delivery girl She s not even super annoyed when William McLeod starts following her around like a puppy dog He s hot, after all Except, what s with the spooky overprotective thing What s with his stern opinions on ancient warfare What s with his evasive answers to the most simple questions Justwhat s with William If Jane s honest with herself, she wants it to be her William s living on borrowed time He s got three lives left before his number is up, and his dad is forcing the issue No fighting again Never mind the Lochspawn are hot on their tails Nevermind they might be incriminated in four grisly murders Nevermind the girl of his dreams is monster bait He s supposed to sit on his hands and watch while his world goes up in Warloch flames Yeah, no.

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    • [PDF] É Unlimited ☆ 97 : by V.L. Holt ·
      404 V.L. Holt
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    V.L. Holt

    V.L. Holt Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 97 book, this is one of the most wanted V.L. Holt author readers around the world.

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    • Michelle Bolanger

      (Jan 20, 2020 - 05:27 AM)

      First of all, let me say that I was drawn into the story line immediately. A race of magically created warriors created to be virtually destructible on the battlefield? Men with enormous strength, grace, and skill with a blade? HECK YES!These super warriors are not immortal like their creators, instead they have been granted a finite number of times they can be killed and resurrected. Once they use all their lives, it’s over.William - gorgeous, sweet, and oh so young to have so few lives left [...]

    • "It's like we have two lives going on. The one where we try for normal, and the one where we fight to keep it." -WilliamRating: 4 1/2Please note that I received a free e-book copy of 97 from the author in exchange for an honest review. Years and years ago, the Warlochs existed as a prominent force. It was and has always been their goal, even in present day, to have a strong rule over all people. To better describe them, Warlochs, or Battle Loch, are a group of formidable men who are gifted in th [...]

    • Upon my initial reading of the book description for “97”, I initially thought the premise sounded interesting. So, I gave it a try, expecting…well, something interesting. But what I got was so much MORE than interesting, “97” is an engaging story that will firmly capture you in its grip from the first page to the very last.The author’s choice to write “97” from both Jane and William’s points of view and that of the Warlochs adds only to the excitement and the endless postulatio [...]

    • I was excited to get the book as a friend wrote it and have to say ASTOUNDED that someone I know wrote such a GREAT book. I was immediately drawn into it and actually had to put it down so I would not finish it so quickly. I wanted to savor it. I am truly looking forward to the next book so I can see what happens to William and Jane. It is a good read for almost any aged language is not an issue but there is some adult themes in it though they are not in any way racy or smutty. Jane is your norm [...]

    • Wow! I guess that sums up well enough how I feel about the book but I coudn't just stop there, right? So first of all, I'd like to say I commend the author for a job well done. While I was in the middle of reading the book I keep thinking to myself how could this author come up with such a story?This is I think a YA fantasy. What really hooked me in was the way the author bring forth the past and present and the fantasy bit into the reality bit and blend them well together. Usually, stories that [...]

    • What a great story. When I first started the book I was a little confused. The story telling of both time lines had me wondering what story I was actually reading. I trusted that Holt had a reason for telling the story this way. It didn't take me long to get the a-ha moment. I understood what was going on. I loved being able to learn about the back story this way. It was so interesting, at times I tried to read the present story fast to get back to the flashback. In no way does that mean I didn' [...]

    • Actual rating 4.5 stars *I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*The concept and lore surrounding this story was very cool and in my experience very fresh and new and I really enjoyed it, but I must confess I did have one complaint and that was the romance , I don't really care for insta-love I prefer to watch a relationship grow and although it could be argued this was not insta love I think it was close enough and I was also bothered by the up and down [...]

    • Fabulous story concept. The author alternates between the story of the Warlochs and William and Jane's story as she weaves her tale. Early in the story I found myself struggling to read faster because I wanted to know what was going to happen, definitely pulled in quick. Jane and William are easy to like and I was rooting for them. I truly loved Crady's personality; she has a ton of it.Generally the book was clean. There were a few swear words and some adult themes. The Warlochs use women for a [...]

    • The book's description got me interested because it seemed similar to a story idea that I had. I read it and it's different enough, thankfully. :))There's something about high school romances that make me cringe But I read them anyway. Jane is a girl-next-door type (should I say, literally?) paired with the strong and silent William. A classic recipe I guess, and that works.I really like how the author provided the backstory for the villains. At first the reader might be confused at how they com [...]

    • Gah! I devoured this book. I could not put it down. It is so well written and just! I can't with the words right now!!! Seriously. I loved this so much. I love the back and forth between the history of the creation of the Warriors and Jane and William's present day life. I love Jane's parts the most. She's entertaining and caring and I love her so much. My only real complaint is the way the POV switches toward the end. It was a little confusing trying to keep up with where we were and who we wer [...]

    • Virginia Madrid

      (Jan 20, 2020 - 05:27 AM)

      A totally new fairy tale both modern and olden times! I love this book and have 98 sitting right next to me just waiting for me to open and read it! Amazing work of imagination! I love the way the author jumps back and forth and into different perspectives! It fill in just enough of the details to make you wonder what it all boils down to!

    • So good, I'm sad it is over. Really good YA with some fantastic characters. The dual stories threw me until they all caught up with each other. The end is heart-stopping and I can't wait for the next installment.

    • I really liked this book. The only thing I didn't like was how it ended. It totally leaves you hanging. Terrible cliff hanger. So if that annoys you, then it would be a good idea to wait until more books are written.

    • James Cozzarelli

      (Jan 20, 2020 - 05:27 AM)

      Great read, I could not put the book down!

    • Michelle Bachelor

      (Jan 20, 2020 - 05:27 AM)

      Teen paranormal.

    • a real page turner! I look forward to the sequel.

    • Curly Carla Celebrity Readers

      (Jan 20, 2020 - 05:27 AM)

      I knew I would like this book as soon as I read the first page. The MC is a bit of a smart ass. And I like it. It was a decent length as well, a little over 300 pages. I don't even know how to classify this book. Is it YA? Paranormal romance? Both? Okay well, all I can really tell you is this book is classified as.GOOD! I found the story to be highly original and have already told several people about it. It has a bit of a cliffhanger, well actually, I don't even know if you could call it a clif [...]

    • This is one of those rare books that has the perfect pacing. It's a read that quickly pulls you in. The storytelling is superb, the characters are strong and well-developed, the humor is timely and full of wit, the writing is well-crafted with language and flow that are gifts to the reader.I was thoroughly entertained, while also learning so much from Holt's writing style. I loved this novel!Some of my favorite parts were the wonderful humor, the clever mom-isms, Crady and Jane's endearing frien [...]

    • I loved the way this story unfolded… the telling of the current day story with Jane and William, and the history of the story with the Warlochs creating and beginning the race of warriors. I especially liked how it all came slowly together. No questions were fully answered outright… they were slowly drawn out. It left a lot of intrigue and really pulled me into the story as Jane learned what was going on.The collision of real world high school situations and fantasy made for a fun read. I li [...]

    • The warriors had 99 lives to win the world for the warlochs but they only wanted their freedomI liked this book. the author is an exceptional writer. I think she will definitely improve as she continues. I think she has a great support system as the editing is great. this is a book for young adults and older as well as those who love the idea of magic. this one is a little different in that there's not that much in your face hocus pocus but more implied magic with creating beings and or getting [...]

    • Davidandkelley Crandall

      (Jan 20, 2020 - 05:27 AM)

      A unique and creatively written novel told in an astoundingly genius perspective. Holt has successfully taken the beliefs of the past and thrust them into the traditions of the present, creating a heart-warming love story with the excitement of the unknown combining inexplicable attraction that comes when soul mates finally meet. Warloch’s and gargoyles are creepy. Jane is simply rare in every aspect. William is strikingly handsome and a warrior in the truest sense. I was impressed with how we [...]

    • I love the mixture of fantasy and real world! Jane is fully immersed in regular every day life until the new boy comes to town. At first William seems like the dream man. He is totally adorable, and smart to boot. Jane is an average looking, shy girl. Why does the new stud want to be her boyfriend?Enter in a mystical Warloch. The story lines are running parallel, with one in the distant past quickly catching up to modern times. How will Jane come to terms with the Warloch’s world? Will she eve [...]

    • Vivian (Vivi) McCormack

      (Jan 20, 2020 - 05:27 AM)

      ArrghYet another cliffhanger¿¿Thank you to my neighbor Laura for reading this book and talking it up and then informed me that we all have a common bond in our church, so I thought I better gives this author a try. Love it,the only thing is their Lochspawn's names, where they drawn from a hatLOL. Hard to keep who's who. B

    • Vivian (Vivi) McCormack

      (Jan 20, 2020 - 05:27 AM)

      I loved this book, fast running, great characters and couldn't wait to get the next book to know more about the characters and their lives

    • FTC Disclosure: I received this book free from hoping I would review it.

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