Lenore: Wedgies

Lenore Wedgies Lenore is our favorite little dead girl Part humor part pathos Lenore s travails are a combination of cuteness and creepiness that we re sure you ll find appealing Wedgies collects issues of the

  • Title: Lenore: Wedgies
  • Author: Roman Dirge
  • ISBN: 9780943151311
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lenore is our favorite little dead girl Part humor, part pathos, Lenore s travails are a combination of cuteness and creepiness that we re sure you ll find appealing Wedgies collects issues 5 8 of the Lenore comic book series and includes a bonus section in full color.

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      203 Roman Dirge
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      Posted by:Roman Dirge
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    Roman Dirge

    Roman Dirge born on April 29, 1972 is an artist and magician, and the creator of the Lenore comic book series he currently lives in Los Angeles, California Told by his art teachers that he would never make it as an artist due to his crude style, he quit art and became a full time magician After a few years, his passion for art overtook him and he created the comic about Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl for Xenophobe magazine The comic strips were later seen by Dan Vado, president of Slave Labor

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    • Es obvio que éste no es un libro para gente que se perturba fácilmente, o que busca la máxima verdad en todo lo que lee. Es más un libro para juguetear con el humor negro: el del dolor, la muerte y el doble sentido. Pareciera un cuento infantil (aunque no lo es) salpicado con rimas y calaveritas (que tampoco lo son), donde la oscuridad se vuelve colorida, muy al estilo de un Día de Muertos, muy en tiempo para la fecha :v Voy a poner mi reseña/opinión aquí (/^o^)/ depalabrasymonstruos.wor [...]

    • Compared to the previous volume, the artwork has significantly improved here.Though still random, there's now more continuity from one gag to the next.That lady bug revenge tale was so damn funny :)

    • Este tomo estuvo bien. Me han gustado mas los otros dos que he leído, Lenore parece más loca en esos, pero es que este era tomo de transición para nuestra adorable niña muerta. Ya solo me queda el último, ya veremos en que terminan sus aventuras, y a cuantos bichos más se carga en el camino.

    • I really like the art but the humor is very uneven for me.

    • This was adorable,loved the art.

    • Fantastic artwork. Clever stories.

    • what the f did I just read?

    • I loved this book so much!!!! It's cute, funny, AWESOME, and deliciously morbid. The character development is superb, from Lenore to Ragamuffin to Malakai and the Taxidermy. One of my favorite parts was "a brief moment of clarity," where Lenore is playing jump rope with another little girl, and while doing this, realizes how evil and murderous she is. She then vows to pay more attention to her surroundings, and she thinks she'll get lots of new friends-but then she looks back at the girl and rea [...]

    • I was really disappointed with this book because I was expecting more humor twisted with the horrific behavior. There were a few attempts that peeped laughter, yet not fulfilling enough to potentially purchase. I was more affected by the grotesque aspect of some moments because the subject matter was too disgusting to be writing about, at least for my tolerance.From reading the first few pages of Lenore: Noogies, I was lead to believe that the googley-eyed freak doll was some sort of comical cha [...]

    • This is my review for the entire Lenore series (Issues 1-12):"So what did you think of Lenore?" One may ask me, and being an Tim Burton and Jhonen Vasquez fan I'm obligated to say yes. So the long and short of it is yes I did but considering I even brought up the other aforementioned writers I'm gonna have to say it is a more childish version of the other two. Lenore is good but not great. It's silver, but it's not gold. It's Dirge but it's not Vasquez. The draw of the series was the entire chil [...]

    • Like the first issue of Lenore, this one was hilariously funny and sadistic. I love Lenore; I find her lack of emotions refreshing and comical. There are also parts that the author, Roman Dirge, includes himself in; they are stories from his past, illustrated for our enjoyment, and they are my favorite parts in every issue, especially in this one. I crack up during each of these and laugh for a good five minutes; it’s hilarious. Be warned, though: this comic book is not for the faint of heart [...]

    • "Lenore" is a little dead girl in a violent and gothic comic world. The general art reminded me of "Squee" so I thought I would give it a try. The issues weren't bad. It's a little graphic but I wasn't NOT expecting that. Roman Dirge's illustrated life accounts between comics were pretty funny. "The Last Dance of the Lady Bug," and Chapter #3 about Lenore's dreams were my favorite additions to this volume. And even though I skipped the pretentious intro, I appreciate that Nivek Ogre wrote it. Re [...]

    • EhhI don't mind Lenore herself but the stories are incredibly predictable, I know how Lenore is going to react in almost every situation she's in: Lenore will always kill Mr. Gosh, Lenore will always kill an animal she's trying to help, fairytale retellings always go wrong. Most Lenore stories also fail to provide any real depth, characters never grow, the plot never advances, and in the end I don't know why you'd ever read Lenore over Johnny The Homicidal Maniacor other SLG books.

    • Robert Beveridge

      (Jan 24, 2020 - 13:36 PM)

      Roman Dirge, Lenore: Wedgies (Slave Labor Graphics, 2000)I'm jumping on the Lenore bandwagon unconscionably late, I know, but at least I got there eventually. Worse yet, I know I should have waited for Noogies, the first collection, but while leafing through everything I got from the library Friday, I got caught by Ogre's introduction, and from there I was lost. I gulped the whole thing down in one shot. It's sick, it's twisted, it's funny, it's deeply-felt Oh, and it's got Jhonen Vasquez, Maste [...]

    • I just cannot get enough of this cute little dead girl and the amusing stories from her creator. This volume holds issues 5 to 8 and finds Lenore holding a tea party, playing the Easter Bunny (after a slightly unfortunate incident) and being chased by a new toilet cleaner that has escaped from a nearby science lab. She also finds herself returned 'home' after an innocent visit to the doctors. We also discover Roman's talents as a magician and are told an immensely amusing story involving a snake [...]

    • Like I said for "Noogies", its cute and somewhat odd. Like, morbidly cute. The thing is though, beyond cute its not too noteworthy in other ways. I like it, definitely a solid 3 stars. Its funny but not hilarious to me (like Nny or I feel Sick), morbid but not graphically disturbing (like Preacher or anything by Warren Ellis). I would probably compare it most with the Courtney Crumrin series. Both are cute with a sense of morbid supernaturalism. CC series does feel like it tells more of a linear [...]

    • When I was younger (and maybe had more dark and gothic tastes) I dreamed of collecting all Dirge's comics and I thought he was a genius even though I had never read anything drawn by him.Well, the day has come and I finally bought and read "Lenore: Wedgies" (which in Italy was released as the first issue of Lenore for some strange reason) and I found it quite silly and not funny at all. It was pretty fast to read, at least.I wonder if my 15-16 years old self would have found this hilarious. Gues [...]

    • Once again I took a trip into the dark world of Lenore, and boy am I glad I did. Some familiar characters are back in new stories like poor Mr Gosh and his misplaced undying love for the little dead girl. So many of these stories are utterly hilarious! I had to grit my teeth to stop myself as I was sat on a platform surrounded by people.Once again Roman includes random stories about himself, my favourite being him sharing a flat with two other guys living across from a college campus.Definitely [...]

    • I'm really not much of a fan of cutsey gothic. I've seen Lenore for ages and found this and the first volume cheap at the Oxfam so decided to read them. It was cute, dead things and more dead things. But I'm just not a fan of comic strip style stories. (I can't think of a better way to say that.) It just seems like something you pick up and read a couple pages of and put down and I like things with more depth. Nothing wrong with it just not really my thing. I don't think I will bother getting an [...]

    • This compilation of Lenore comics was much better than the first compilation, Noogies, the art style has improved and the story telling is better overall than the first installment. I'm still kind of disturbed by the people/animal murdering, but I guess if you're reading this kind of comic then you kind of have to anticipate some twisted character behaviors. I think it was a vast improvement from the first couple of comics. Good show Mr. Dirge.

    • This was not near as good as the first issues, Lenore: Noogies. There weren't really any cute or funny strips. The only semi-interesting ones were the "Things Involving Me" sections (which involve the author Roman Dirge).Disappointed, especially since I actually purchased this. I wouldn't bother, it was difficult to find, my library didn't have it and I definitely don't recommend purchasing it.

    • First Line: "Uh huh Bring Everyone."I didn't enjoy this compilation quite as much as the first, it was still very darkly funny. I feel a bit evil when I'm reading these - as though Lenore's orneriness seeps into me as I turn the pages. It is a very darkly funny series - with the result that I often find myself laughing with a mixture of glee and guilt. Reading Lenore is quite a unique experience, so give it a try if you're feeling naughty.

    • Wish I could give half-stars: I think this collection is better than the first collection (to which I gave an even 3 stars). Lenore's character is developing more fully in this, but the cleverness of the stories is still inconsistent, so I can't quite give 4 stars. So, 3-1/2 stars it is I have to admit, despite the inconsistency, Lenore the character has wormed her way into my heart, so I'll definitely be buying book #3 this week!

    • Blodeuedd Finland

      (Jan 24, 2020 - 13:36 PM)

      Best comic I have ever read :) Who thought a creepy, cute little dead girl would be so fun to read about. A girl who accidentally kills her kitties.If I were to recommend a comic then yes it would be this one. Creepy and cute is just a perfect match. Oh and do not forget funny too, because that is sure is. Very amusing in a morbid way

    • You have to have a sort of warped sense of humor to enjoy these comic novellas. If that's you, then you'll appreciate this and the follow-ups! They're down-right silly and a nice light read for short flights! (I read this one from the set I gave to my sister for Christmas, she didn't mind!)

    • TEENS Holmes County

      (Jan 24, 2020 - 13:36 PM)

      If you like Emily the Strange, you will like Lenore. She is the little dead girl who wants to be good, really she does. She gets into all kinds of situations with her playmates: Ragamuffin, Taxidermy and Muffin Monster. There is also some personal stuff about the author/illustrator Roman Dirge. Lenore is lots of devilish and sometimes gross fun.

    • Dead little girls are cute and deserve their own playground and comics. Lenore died, but her death was just a beginning and she met new friends, who were twisted and crooked in the most funny and dark way. Lenore knew her ways and her approach was always straight. Broken Hamster story for examplemply all are broken thus killed why trying them in pet shop.

    • Gotta love Lenore! <3That dead girl is so funny.My only problem with this one was, I kept comparing it to the first one. I gues the first one will always have the element of surprise by way of introducing all the characters. So in a sense the second book felt like repetition of the first one.I won't let that get in the way of buying a Lenore T-shirt first chance I get my hands on one.

    • A collection of very dark, twisted and demented cartoons about a little dead girl who leaves devastation in her wake. The ideas and art in this comic are warped in the extreme and yet still quite whimsical. It's one of those books you think you shouldn't be laughing at and yet you can't help yourself.

    • A collection of very dark, twisted and demented cartoons about a little dead girl who leaves devastation in her wake. The ideas and art in this comic are warped in the extreme and yet still quite whimsical. It's one of those books you think you shouldn't be laughing at and yet you can't help yourself.

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