Nobody's Secret

Nobody s Secret When fifteen year old Emily Dickinson meets a mysterious handsome young man who doesn t seem to know who she or her family is and playfully refuses to divulge his name she s intrigued She enjoys her

  • Title: Nobody's Secret
  • Author: Michaela MacColl
  • ISBN: 9781452128542
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • When fifteen year old Emily Dickinson meets a mysterious, handsome young man who doesn t seem to know who she or her family is and playfully refuses to divulge his name, she s intrigued She enjoys her secret flirtation with Mr Nobody until he turns up dead in her family s pond She s stricken with guilt and is determined to discover who this enigmatic stranger was befoWhen fifteen year old Emily Dickinson meets a mysterious, handsome young man who doesn t seem to know who she or her family is and playfully refuses to divulge his name, she s intrigued She enjoys her secret flirtation with Mr Nobody until he turns up dead in her family s pond She s stricken with guilt and is determined to discover who this enigmatic stranger was before he s buried in an anonymous grave, an investigation that takes her deep into town secrets, blossoming romance, and deadly danger A celebration of Emily Dickinson s intellect and spunk, this exquisitely written and meticulously researched page turner will excite fans of mystery, romance, and poetry alike.

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      265 Michaela MacColl
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    Michaela MacColl

    Prisoners in the Palace is my debut novel I like to create historical fiction that has a modern appeal to teens and adults.Regency romance blends enjoyably with historical fiction, with a plucky heroine for each mode Kirkus This novel is full of historical detail, vivid settings, and richly drawn characters, and themes of friendship and romance give the story teen appeal Booklist MacColl offers a whip smart, spunky protagonist and a worthy heroine to root for Publishers Weekly

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    • Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay)

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 10:04 AM)

      Emily Dickinson is always looking for a way out of helping with the numerous chores her Mother creates for her and her younger sister Vinnie. On one such afternoon when Emily is hiding in the meadow, she strikes up an acquaintance with a young man who mysteriously refuses to tell her his name. To each other they are Mr. and Miss Nobody. So when she arranges to meet up with him again soon and show him about town, Emily is excited to have a secret. Then Mr. Nobody is found dead in the Dickinson fa [...]

    • When I first heard about the idea for this book involving the famous poet becoming a sleuth and solving a murder, I dismissed it as rather silly, but once I opened the book and began reading, I was captivated. With Emily Dickinson's curiosity and sense of fair play, it makes sense that she would want to figure out the reasons for someone's unexpected death. The story revolves around the fifteen-year-old poet's encounter with a stranger while she is trying to lure a bee to set down on her. The tw [...]

    • Short and Sweet:Nobody's Secret was sweet and wonderful for a murder mystery. I loved the imagination of the author concerning Emily Dickinson and the poetry mixed through out. I felt like I was reading a historical Veronica Mars episode and I want to kiss Michaela MacColl's face for writing this wonderful book. :)To Elaborate.The story begins with Emily laying in a field of wildflowers hoping a bee will land on her nose. just to experience something different. After a few moments she hears foot [...]

    • 4.5 stars I love Michaela MacColl's books - they are refreshing, well written, and always an intriguing look at history. Additionally, Michaela MacColl picks people in history who aren't commonly featuring in historical fiction, which is always absolutely delightful to read about. And Nobody's Secret is her best yet - a historical murder mystery? How much cooler can you get?I loved Michaela MacColl's portayal of Emily Dickinson. She is almost a Nancy Drew-type figure and is just way too cool. Sh [...]

    • Nobody's Secret is a novel of historical fiction based on 15 year old Emily Dickinson, the famous poet of the 19th century. Emily becomes entangled in the investigation of the death of an unknown young man. She must keep her sleuthing secret from her disapproving mother and nosy sister. The story takes place in puritanical New England where Emily challenges the accepted rules of behavior for young women of that time. The story is very clearly and simply written. The characters are well-developed [...]

    • A young Emily Dickinson is daydreaming in the woods near her home when a handsome young man interrupts. She’s never seen him before, yet when she asks his name he tells her he’s nobody. The air of mystery deepens when she sees him in town and he still won’t say who he is or why he’s visiting Amherst, but he hints at family crimes. The next day Mr. Nobody ends up dead in her family’s pond, and Emily suspects foul play. She sets out to discover who Mr. Nobody is and why he died.Nobody’ [...]

    • This was a really nice book. I've always loved Emily Dickinson's poetry and the days before I read a variety of genres were filled with mysteries like these. Every chapter started with some lines by Emily that really fit the tone of that chapter. The emotions were generally very realistic - the laughing flirtation with Mr. Nobody, the mixed dread and odd curiosity of death, the combination of excitement and fear found in investigating a crime. The mystery itself was very well-written, complete w [...]

    • Kacey Vanderkarr

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 10:04 AM)

      I won Nobody’s Secret as an ARC on .Nobody’s Secret is a rich step into the past. Following a fictitious version of Emily Dickinson’s life, the reader experiences Amherst in 1845 through young Dickinson’s eyes while she investigates the murder of Mr. Nobody. The story is as refreshing as Miss Dickinson’s refusal to live by the social norms placed on her by society. She’s feisty, driven, and prefers to spend time exploring nature and writing poetry instead of cooking and doing chores. [...]

    • Paula Patterson

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 10:04 AM)

      Emily Dickenson is a free spirit with a love of writing. She happens to meet a handsome young man that she refers to as Mr. Nobody. After several unscheduled meetings, Emily becomes friends with Mr. Nobody. But before she can learn his real identity, he is found floating in the Dickenson's pond. Many questions arise from this grisly discovery. Who was he? Why has no one identified him when he told Emily he was in town to handle family business? And why was he dressed in clothes of a farmhand? Em [...]

    • Melissa (YA Book Shelf)

      (Mar 31, 2020 - 10:04 AM)

      Thought I knew where this book was going, but boy was I wrong. Great mystery with unexpected twists and turns. I also loved how Michaela MacColl uses Emily Dickinson's poetry to tie together the story, making the reader actually believe that she was involved with solving a crime at one time, even though it was a complete fabrication. Mrs. Dickinson reminded me of a non-silly version of Mrs. Bennet, in the sense that she was always putting the idea that Emily would be marrying someone someday and [...]

    • This book was sooo good. Emily would not give up to find Mr. Nobody's killer. Even though that her mother told her to stop her taunting she would not give up. She was very brave to go on all of her adventures.

    • Cover Blurb: Yes or No? I really am not a huge fan of the cover art, and I am not entirely certain why. True, there are two character impersonators, and one of them is staring most disconcertingly at me, but "Emily" is turned around, and "Mr. Nobody" doesn't bother me a great deal, surprisingly. So what is it that I don't like? Sadly, I cannot put my finger on it; I just know that it is not entirely to my liking.Characters: Young Emily Dickinson makes for a spunky, intelligent, and quick-witted [...]

    • Originally posted on The Selkie Reads Stories (selkiereadsstories)Nobody's Secret was a nice light read. The writing was fluid and easy to understand, and I especially liked how the dialogue flows between the characters. The historical setting was quite evident in the way the book was written and in how people acted. I enjoyed hearing Emily's opinions about the people and things around her. She was considered "odd" by most people and was depicted in Nobody's Secret as quite a tulip in a bed of r [...]

    • I would give this a 3.5, rounded up to a 4. In “Nobody’s Secret,” Emily Dickinson is a 15-year-old who meets an older boy. Emily is eccentric, and finds that this boy is also strange his own way. She doesn’t know his name, yet he makes a definite impact on her. Before their relationship can progress, he is found dead in the pond outside her house. What starts as a mission to discover his true name becomes a quest to discover not only his name, but who he was, how he’s related to this t [...]

    • Fifteen-year-old Emily Dickinson is tired of living in Amherst, Massachusetts where everyone knows her family. She wishes sometimes she could be nobody at all. She also wishes for a friend who will understand her thoughts. Then she meets Mr. Nobody, a handsome stranger who gets her love of nature and her unorthodox views on religion. When Mr. Nobody is found dead in the Dickinson's pond and no one can identify his body, Emily is determined to find out his identity. As she pursues the clues, she [...]

    • This is an ARC won through First Reads giveaways.Emily Dickinson the next great Sherlock Holmes! Ms. MacColl's second novel centers around famed American poet Emily Dickinson. In this novel, Emily is 15 and has found herself compelled to investigate the murder of a gentleman she briefly met and who calls himself 'Mr. Nobody'.A classic who dunnit, the story flows quickly. The author intertweaves between Emily's 'career' as sleuth and her dutiful 'career' as a young lady of the 1800's. Ms. MacCol [...]

    • I absolutely adore the poetry of Emily Dickinson, and am fascinated by her life. So, when I read that this book was a fictional account of Emily as a teenager, I knew I had to read it. This book did not disappoint. It's a fun little mystery, and even though I pretty much had it figured it out, I still enjoyed reading to see how Emily sleuthed out who the murderer was and what she would do about it. The author uses Emily's real family, real town, and her own life and hobbies. The only fictionaliz [...]

    • I received this book as an Advance Reader's Copy to review. I love reading fan fictions so I was delighted to find this in the mail. Truthfully I loved it. I was only disappointed that there was not more interaction between Mr. Nobody and Miss Dickinson. I would have like to seen a little bit more blossom between them. However the author did such a good job of drawing you in from the moment the two meet. I enjoyed how fearless Emily was. The sisters personalities played off each other very well. [...]

    • Quite charming! The prose is a little uneven, but the author turns many a swell phrase and does a nice job imagining Emily D. as a fifteen-year-old budding-poet-turned-amateur-detective. I also thought the relationship between Emily and her younger, more proper sister Lavinia was rather nicely done. Other supporting characters are drawn with varying degrees of success, but this was an enjoyable afternoon's read. Having lived in Amherst for a year in college, I also quite enjoyed the setting.

    • Received an advance copy from the publisher through . What a pleasant surprise! Even readers who don't usually enjoy historical fiction could find themselves easily falling into this mystery featuring a young Emily Dickinson and an enigmatic, charming young man. It includes plenty of references to her poetry, but nothing that's alienating for those unfamiliar with her work or life. I would recommend for a middle school library.

    • 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 because, even though it is a simple story, seemingly silly in topic and definitely a very light read, Nobody's Secret is nicely written and handles the mystery, Dickinson's poetry and the re-imagining of the poet herself with love, care and intelligence.

    • Fun mystery concerning Emily Dickinson and a foxy young gentleman who turns up dead in her family's pond.

    • Not as emotional as it could have been, but a good mystery regardless.

    • Nobody's Secret is an historical fiction in which 15 year-old Emily Dickinson meets a young man who is later killed. Emily becomes embroiled in the investigation of the death of the unknown man, but she must keep her involvement a secret from her mother and her sister. The story takes place in New England at a time when Emily challenges all of the puritanical accepted rules of behavior for young women. The characters are very well developed, and the story is plainly and straightforwardly written [...]

    • (3.5/5 stars) It wasn't until the last page that I realized that this book was inspired by a poem I studied for class!! That very much so excited me. This book was very interesting but not great ~mystery~ wise. The ending was quite boring and they basically told you who killed in the first like 50 pages. But that's not really that big of a deal. I found that this book wasn't really strung together very nicely (much like this review). It was a little all over the place and I think just needed to [...]

    • I loved Emily Dickinson poems while in school and thought I would give this a shot. I went in not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised how much I ended up liking this. I liked the little poems that were at the beginning of each chapter. I liked that it was fictional but using real people. I liked how the book portrayed her and how she got her inspiration for her writings. I like the mystery of Mr. Nobody and how Emily was determined to figure things out.I found this to be easy to [...]

    • Michaela MacColl. 241 pages. Emily Dickinson is 15 and meets a young, handsome mysterious man in the meadow near her home who introduces himself as “Mr. Nobody.” She meets up with him one more time in town and just a day before her family finds him floating in their pond in Amherst, Maine. No water was found in his lungs and Emily discovers tracks to carriage wheels that drove into the water. So, Emily sets out to find out who the young man is, who is family is and who may have murdered him. [...]

    • I appreciated this story. I really enjoyed the recreation of Emily Dickenson's girlhood. It was believable and Emily was easy to root for. In the story, Emily becomes a detective to solve the murder of a stranger "Mr. Nobody" whom she was beginning to befriend and had affections for. The identity of the murderer was surprising to me and I liked the unexpected twist at the ending. I liked the references to Emily's poems too. Every chapter quoted her poems as the titles. 4.5 stars! Would definitel [...]

    • I had a great time reading this, although it was very sad as well. I mean, her friend DIED. But it was a cute little story and I enjoyed many of the characters such as Vinnie and Henry. And, of course I loved Emily.That’s all I really have to say. Now would be the time I talk about the bad stuff in this book, but I can’t because it’s perfect.Happy reading!

    • On the one hand, this is a very traditional mystery with a murder and heroine trying to solve that murder. What makes this unique is that the heroine is Emily Dickinson, and the story beautifully weaves in her poetry and some true elements of Emily's life (though the murder investigation is completely fiction.)

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