Wolverine and the X-Men, Vol. 3

Wolverine and the X Men Vol AVX tie in Wolverine is torn between two teams Cyclops comes to the Jean Grey School to extend an olive branch but will Wolverine s X Men join their estranged ex teammates against the Avengers And ev

  • Title: Wolverine and the X-Men, Vol. 3
  • Author: Jason Aaron Chris Bachalo Nick Bradshaw
  • ISBN: 9780785159995
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover
  • AVX tie in Wolverine is torn between two teams Cyclops comes to the Jean Grey School to extend an olive branch, but will Wolverine s X Men join their estranged ex teammates against the Avengers And even if they do, will the students follow their lead After seeing the events of AVX, the kids have a choice to make but it may not be what you expect Plus Iceman vs RedAVX tie in Wolverine is torn between two teams Cyclops comes to the Jean Grey School to extend an olive branch, but will Wolverine s X Men join their estranged ex teammates against the Avengers And even if they do, will the students follow their lead After seeing the events of AVX, the kids have a choice to make but it may not be what you expect Plus Iceman vs Red Hulk Kid Gladiator goes after the Avengers single handedly The Shi ar Death Commandos take on the Phoenix And the secret history of Warbird Collecting WOLVERINE THE X MEN 9 13.

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      149 Jason Aaron Chris Bachalo Nick Bradshaw
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    Jason Aaron Chris Bachalo Nick Bradshaw

    Jason Aaron grew up in a small town in Alabama His cousin, Gustav Hasford, who wrote the semi autobiographical novel The Short Timers, on which the feature film Full Metal Jacket was based, was a large influence on Aaron Aaron decided he wanted to write comics as a child, and though his father was skeptical when Aaron informed him of this aspiration, his mother took Aaron to drug stores, where he would purchase books from spinner racks, some of which he still owns today.Aaron s career in comics began in 2001 when he won a Marvel Comics talent search contest with an eight page Wolverine back up story script The story, which was published in Wolverine 175 June 2002 , gave him the opportunity to pitch subsequent ideas to editors.In 2006, Aaron made a blind submission to DC Vertigo, who published his first major work, the Vietnam War story The Other Side which was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Miniseries, and which Aaron regards as the second time he broke into the industry.Following this, Vertigo asked him to pitch other ideas, which led to the series Scalped, a creator owned series set on the fictional Prairie Rose Indian Reservation and published by DC Vertigo.In 2007, Aaron wrote Ripclaw Pilot Season for Top Cow Productions Later that year, Marvel editor Axel Alonso, who was impressed by The Other Side and Scalped, hired Aaron to write issues of Wolverine, Black Panther and eventually, an extended run on Ghost Rider that began in April 2008 His continued work on Black Panther also included a tie in to the company wide crossover storyline along with a Secret Invasion with David Lapham in 2009.In January 2008, he signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, though it would not affect his work on Scalped Later that July, he wrote the Penguin issue of The Joker s Asylum.After a 4 issue stint on Wolverine in 2007, Aaron returned to the character with the ongoing series Wolverine Weapon X, launched to coincide with the feature film X Men Origins Wolverine Aaron commented, With Wolverine Weapon X we ll be trying to mix things up like that from arc to arc, so the first arc is a typical sort of black ops story but the second arc will jump right into the middle of a completely different genre, In 2010, the series was relaunched once again as simply Wolverine He followed this with his current run on Thor God of Thunder.

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    • 3.5 starsWell, it's rare that my friends an I all agree on anything about comics, but the AvX event brought us all together!It was hideous. And it was everywhere for a while. Wolverine and the X-men was, unfortunately, no exception. But you've gotta give Arron props for not letting it totally ruin this volume. Sure, there's a lot of bloated crap between the X-men & the Avengers, but this title managed not to make me heave the entire contents of my stomach into the nearest toilet.Aaron someho [...]

    • When I was younger, a local TV station would air movies in the afternoon, which was fine, but they cut the movie down to an hour in order to fit it into the allotted time frame. As a result, you had characters who came out of nowhere, plot lines that just died, and dialogue that made no sense whatsoever. This was my training ground for reading big Marvel crossover events.This volume is part of the AvX mega-storyline in which the Avengers go toe-to-toe with the X-men for control of Hope, a mutant [...]

    • Goddammit, I hate “Avengers Vs. X-Men” so much! Like a black hole of shit, it’s managed to suck in one of the Marvel U’s brightest stars and cover it in its crap. That means this once charming series now has that awful “AVX” logo on it and the funny, creative stories are replaced with the soulless tedium of superheroes beating on each other. It’s soooooo horrendously boring.Most of the book is taken up with both side’s leaders, Captain America and Cyclops, approaching Wolverine t [...]

    • God, I hate AvX. It's a shame that Wolverine and the X-Men had to get tangled up in it, but there was really no way around that. This series in particular is very tied up in the events of the main AvX series, which makes this really hard to follow unless you've read the main series recently. I read it recently enough that I was basically able to follow along, but it's a major weakness. That said, Aaron does his best with what he has to work with. And believe it or not, the various positions actu [...]

    • My review will be spotty as I'm reading this interleaved with the rest of the Avengers vs. X-Men event books.Glad to see Aaron doesn't lose his touch on this book - still with the comedic touches, and softening up some of the characters who could use a little softening. The confrontation between Scott and Logan reads much more heartfelt than the mainline story - still a bit posture-y, but not terribly obvious or repetitive. Aaron seems to get Scott and Logan's motivations better than most, and d [...]

    • When it was being published monthly, Wolverine and the X-Men was one of the best books out there, almost side by side with Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force for this reader. Part of it success could be attributed to the strong writing and deft handling of teen characters by writer Jason Aaron, and the rotating art team of Chris Bachalo and Nick Bradshaw. Now those artist couldn't be more different, veteran Bachalo utilized a thicker line and made for more expressive figures, while the relative new [...]

    • This 3rd Volume of the new series is heavily involved with the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline. Since Wolverine is a member of both teams, kinda puts him in a very tough spot. The philosophical arguments between Cyclops and he, and then he and Cap are interesting, and give the story some serious gravitas. Oh and there's a LOT of fightingting for sure, but you can tell this is meant to fit into the bigger event than to stand alone as it's own part of this series.Funny how in this one, Cyclops seems [...]

    • Gee, thank you for that confusing art, Bachalo. The more dynamic the scene, the more the angle is skewed to make everything as muddled as possible. I wish there were no fights in this arc, but it's X-Men, soThe Phoenix Force has returned and is destroying one world after another on its way to Earth. The Avengers and the X-Men believe that Hope is going to be its next host and the two teams don't agree on how to handle this. The Shi'Ar also have protocols to deal with this event and they won't sh [...]

    • This review originally appeared on my blog,Shared Universe Reviews. One of the big problems with modern superhero comics is that titles are often interrupted, almost on an annual basis, with the latest crossover event. For the uninitiated, crossovers are the summer blockbusters of comic books. The stories are often the product of a company’s top writer, top artists, top colourist, top everything else and it’s usually a pretty addition to any of the contributor’s body of work. Crossovers of [...]

    • As an X-baby from the 80's, the last 10 years or so of these books has made me extremely miserable. I think that with each year, and with each crisis, the writers and architects behind them justify the action less an less with story and make it glaringly obvious that they want to lead the sales for the next 6 months or so. When Schism came to pass, I thought we would have some issues settled and each of the teams could flesh itself out for a bit and find a footing. I was wrong. But Aaron's WATXM [...]

    • I'm sure this book would have been just as great as the last if it hadn't been forced into the AVX crossover bullshit. A few milliseconds of character development/power evolution aside, it was just a drawn out chase and replaying of the exact same ethical dilemma I've already read in other books with the same characters. I.e should hosts of the Phoenix be killed before they're allowed to wipe out worlds? But isn't this the exact same problem X-Force just faced when they decided to let Genesis (p [...]

    • Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai)

      (Jan 20, 2020 - 06:47 AM)

      AvX.Soooooooo boring. While I enjoyed the main AvX series (mostly), I am over the big hyped crossover events. Cash grabs and they mostly just annoy the hell outta me. I wish the big marvel events would just stick to their own series instead of forcing me to read titles that I am not normally a part of.AnywaysNothing to see here, move along.

    • In Aaron We Trust.

    • First issue is great. Artwork continues to hold up and you see how Logan has to split his time between his teams and his past and present. You can tell this is ramping up to be intense and Logan is ready for it. One particularly great moment happens between Idie and Logan, something we haven't gotten for a while. They're a great duo and it's one of those rare moments when Logan is totally humanized where you see that he's a good guy wanting to make it a better world for these kids. Motives set, [...]

    • It was kind of a hot mess, artistically and plot wise, until the last two issues where Aaron finally amped up the emotion and made me care about the characters--as opposed to the "AvX" crossover. And if there's one thing I learned, it's that when Jason Aaron wants you to care about a character you WILL care about said character. Unfortunately,though, he was too busy balancing the mess that was the "AvX" crossover and didn't hit his emotional stride until the last two issues of the collection. Al [...]

    • Not much I can write that other people haven't. The biggest flaw is that within those middle chapters where the story is hindered by A vs. X, the stories just sort of jump around through time and become randomly episodic. The big travesty is that those pretty Bradshaw issues are impacted most. He is so much better at illustrating and telling a story than Bachalo. Now I have to wade through another rotation of artists until Bradshaw draws a couple more issues. Hopefully they will be written bette [...]

    • This is the problem with reading a title that's part of an "event" (Avengers vs. X-Men, in this case) without having access to the main "event" book - all of the sudden there are multiple (5?) Phoenixes and I have no idea what happened to cause that. It's like having a favorite character that died several years ago, and now you're reading a comic book and suddenly that character is just there, no explanation as to how he's back or what's going on. I actually gave this book 5 stars to begin with, [...]

    • This is a fun series. I enjoy the sense of humour (despite initially being unsure about it). This book, and a very good addition to the story, giving us more background and development of the characters and their relationships.That being said, this takes place right in the middle of the AvX, Phoenix Force debacle/Event. This means we see exactly why Marvel's mega-Events bug me. True, I read the AvX mini-series, but even then it was a little jarring to see the story and the characters' place with [...]

    • This one was all over the map. It is basically part of the set up to the latest time the Phoenix was coming to Earth. Luckily it didn't include a reprint of all the silly X-Men versus Avengers pointless battle crap. It did have some small tidbits that were pretty good - Logan with Hank, Logan with Scott, Logan with Hope, Angel figuring out who he was. But in the end there really wasn't much substance to this one. And still too much Avengers on X-Men and X-Men on X-Men pointless and uninteresting [...]

    • The good thing about this Avengers vs X-Men is that Aaron is terrifically writing a conflicted Wolverine, who hates Cyclops, doesn't want to fight in front of the students, and doesn't want a repeat of Jean's death, among other feeling a and issues.That plus aside, the best part of this volume is the Warbird-centric issue at the end. The students, for the most part, aren't as three-dimensional as the teachers in this series, but this issue does a great service to this newer minor character by sh [...]

    • I realize my to-be-read pile is out of control what with my recent vacation and me placing all my (then unread) library books at the top of the pile, but it's very odd how volume 2 and 3 release only some 3 weeks apart.This wasn't as great as I'd hoped because it's a tie in to a big, epic event of which I could care less. Artists Chris Bachalo and Nick Bradshaw trade off drawing duties every other issue.

    • Shannon Appelcline

      (Jan 20, 2020 - 06:47 AM)

      This volume starts off as great as what came before it, with some terrific single issues highlighting the place of Wolverine’s school in the AvX crossover. Issues #11-12 weaken a bit, as they end up depending too much on AvX, but then the last issue is great against, thanks to its focus on Warbird, one of many peoples that Aaron introduced to the school.Overall, a pretty great book despite the over-crossover-itis (but not quite as good as the last volumes because of it).

    • One of those stories that you can pick up and, even though the arc is well formed, you can jump right in. Without missing a beat, you realise which characters are doing what, who is who in the zoo and understand the different motivations behind certain decisions. A fun adventure, with some serious (for the characters at least) implications.

    • At least the crossover fights didn't last too long. If there was ever a good case for executive editing, the AvX would have been a good choice.Otherwise, I focused all my attention on the school, and all was right in the world. Quentin is getting cool. Who knew? I'm also loving the others. Poor hank is so overworked.

    • Still awesome, but not the best.

    • Pretty good just a little hard to follow sometimes just like all comics

    • Impressive. Jason Aaron manages to put his goofy take on the X-universe through the requisite mega-crossover grinder, and he never breaks the tone of his series once. That's an achievement. kudos.

    • Het derde volume van Wolverine and the X-Men maakt de middelmatige verhaallijn van Avengers vs. X-Men eigenlijk beter. Minder willekeurige vechtpartijen, meer een reflectie in het hoofd van Wolverine, Rachel Summers en een alien. Het leukste van allemaal is het tekenwerk: zo cool om de Marvel-personages in de stijl van Bachalo en Bradshaw te zien.

    • Event titles make me want to murder things. Needless to say, it's impossible to follow on its own, and if you, like me, don't actually want to read about the wider Marvel universe, you're likely to be pretty frustrated with it.

    • It was okay. I don't think it really added anything to the main story.

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