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  • At first I thought - this sounds familiar. A stronger, more advanced civilization colonizing and stealing from an indigenous population. And these folks have "religion" backing them. But then I saw the protagonist was from the colonizing side and it looked like the book was going to be sympathetic to him. Soon I really wondered where this was going. The art was okay - a bit cartoony for my taste with the subject matter. And the faces look…I don't know…weird. But the story ended up being an i [...]

  • The Last Fall is a tragic scifi war story that's so true on many levels. It tells the story of Marcus Fall, a soldier, whose family dies and he himself seems to have lost the will to live and find reason in the universe. We have two opposing forces, a religion to make justice for everything and an outcome so different to what everyone fighting for it ever thought. All the noble ideals die under greed and lies. I really enjoyed the story line and how we think we fight for good, when in reality it [...]

  • That was a good book. The story is very present to the world we live in today. Although it takes place in a futuristic planet far away the story is easy to read. The characters are straight forward and the story plays out well. I look forward to the next volume of this story.I read this book via NetGalley. I thank them for this book.

  • The second story for today was a bit better, but not enough to make me finish it.What did I like about this story? I'm sure there was something The graphic was colorful, but sometimes too colorful. It was war after all and yet everything was in such a bright colors, everyone had it's own armor (which actually helped to distinguish them). The plot was OK, but not very imaginative. A classic betrayal and come back to taste the glory and destroy the culprits. Predictable.What I disliked? - Yet agai [...]

  • This story follows a soldier, Marcus Fall, fighting in a war that caused the death of his wife and son. I liked the story and artwork, although I don't think the story was all that unique.There is an interplanetary war, the soldier is jaded after the loss of his son, he meets a woman from the enemy race, he learns secrets that makes him rethink what he is fighting for. I did enjoy the characters--I liked Marcus' soldier friends even though they were background characters. They had personalities [...]

  • This was a pretty good book, but it's too easy to see how it could have been much better. For one thing, the story of a grunt and an officer and their mutual hatred, with the background of an interplanetary religious war, could have been so much more scathing – and a lot less woolly and verbose – if it had been given a sort of 2000AD treatment. For another thing, things are too obvious. If it wasn't so blatantly and predictably an Iraq metaphor – war with religion the excuse and fuel the g [...]

  • Science fiction comic collection about a religious warGround-Sergeant Marcus Fall leads an attack against the Krovinites in their war of religion against Merkonia: however his motivation is not religious but revenge. Left for dead after a covert mission, he finds himself at the mercy of the enemy. The war, we discover, is more complicated than the grunts thought and Marcus Fall is out to avenge betrayal.Illustrations are colourful and cartoony but reasonably clear. The writing is basic and quite [...]

  • This was actually pretty good. The story is about a sargeant who has lost it all during a religious war between 2 planets. Decent art with some anime influences, especially in the coloring. Received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • A good SciFi comic book. The artwork has its moments where it's really good and it always is serviceable. The concept is interesting and the story will engage you. I don't know if the creators went beyond these five issues but I hope they did as the real story would be what comes next.

  • A powerful meditation on war, loss, and the passage of time. 5 stars.

  • While the Last Fall isn't up to my usual expectations for Image Comics, it's certainly not a complete loss. Military science fiction with a conscience, it tells the story of Marcus Fall, whose mission of revenge for his slain wife and son is complicated when he finds out that the bad guys aren't who he thought they were. The anti-war/pro-peace message of the book is undermined somewhat by the number of panels devoted to battles which do little to undermine how cool it looks to fight on another p [...]

  • Reading some graphic novels from independent publishers.A reasonable example of military sci-fi, where Fall, the central character is wondering at the point of it all. This is a holy war, combined with terrorism - and space suits. Some nice artistry making for an above average sci fi graphic novel.

  • an interesting story about life on another planet where a certain race invades another planet to take resources for its own gain. Sounds nothing like any war that's happened in the last thirty years.

  • 'The Last Fall' by Tom Waltz with art by Casey Maloney is a story of revenge, and an allegory for certain recent historical events as well.Marcus Fall is the kind of hardened soldier you want on your side. He has death in his eyes and revenge in his heart. In flashbacks, we learn why. Which is why he is out to destroy the enemy. When a mission he goes on goes badly, he begins to learn the truth, or at least another side of the story. He has to choose what he will do, and how he will reconcile th [...]

  • 1 star is a brutal rating, I know. But I did not enjoy this at all. poorly written, dialogue, Artwork Just not for me.I received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley and the publisher

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