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  • This short story is largely an exercise in conversational wit while embedding a deeper question about the basic human curiosity. The curiosity of the first-person "I" in this story is the one to be examined carefully since it defies the self-proclaimed disbelief. How does one "be taken" by stories told in a particular fashion? How does the disbelief giving ways to fascination and mystery? The author has demonstrated the art of story-telling pitting successfully against our cooler reasoning -- it [...]

  • This story is taken from Seven Men, copyright 1920I unpacked my things and went down to await luncheon.Two of Beerbohm's self-portraits. "The Theft" depicts him stealing a book from the library in 1894. "The Restitution" shows him returning that book in 1920. (wiki pic)absurdist literature3*

  • This short story was one of my favorites this semester. It is incredibly imaginative and it plays with your mind. I can't believe that there are other people that create stories this way and share them as if they were true! I just do it in my head.


  • One of those unusual short tales, and damned extreme imaginations

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