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  • 998 B.C.I felt pleased and blessed when Zondervan sent me a copy of "Day of War," by Cliff Graham. Cliff has signed note read: Psalms 140:7 “O God the Lord, the strength of my salvation, Thou hast covered my head in the day of battle.” Battle rage and battle weariness are continuous themes throughout the novel. Understanding how warriors actually fell under those conditions and what they depend on is one of the great achievements of this book. To know God’s covering, praying for it during [...]

  • Great concept. Well developed.What's not to like? The story telling was pitiful. It needed proofreading. And there were egregious groaners, like "chain mail resembling fish scales" or "bamboo bow" or "infection" (you and I may know what infection is but not a point of view character in the tenth century BC) or "Nile delta flush with spring flooding" (the annual flooding starts afterthe summer solstice) or "[his] heart was pounding blood through his veins so hard . . .". Numerous modern word choi [...]

  • I snagged this novel from one of the Barnes & Nobel free Friday offerings for Nook owners. A Christian fiction, with heavy emphasis on Bronze Age/Early Iron age military tactics, retelling or 'filling in the blanks' of David and his warriors (and Jonathan and his army). In his Note to the Reader, Cliff Graham references 2 Samuel 23 and 1 Chronicles 11 as inspiration for his retelling of David and his 'Dirty Dozen.' He warns the reader about the battle violence and after-battle pillaging and [...]

  • I’ve had “Day of War” on my eReader for quite some time, but just never found the right mood or opportunity to read it. (It came highly recommended.) Then we started studying the life of David in our home group, and it seemed like the perfect time. This novel did help give me a new perspective of the portion of David’s life that it covered. I especially appreciate the fact that it was written by a former soldier, who clearly did his research prior to writing. Gave the whole narrative an [...]

  • Awesome story about one of Ethan's favorite guys - Benaiah. You know, the one who jumped in a pit with a lion on a snowy day? Yes, that one. After reading it, I read through 2nd Samuel and 1st Kings. Not many books will spur you back to the Bible, but this one did. Great read, especially for guys.

  • With a final burst, he released one of the ropes, sending the stone whistling through the air, and as it flew towards the black form of the warrior, he whispered in his spirit: Cover me in the day of war.” (p.10, day of War) Review: Sometimes an action book is just an action book--the fighting, the intensity, the imagery, the hype of the plot and the fans all clamoring really just about the entertainment of the story—a story without substance. A story without meaning. A story that will be fa [...]

  • Kimberly Bower MLIS (gladeslibrarian)

    (Sep 17, 2019 - 08:28 AM)

    In Day of War Cliff Graham takes the Biblical account found in 2 Samuel 23 and I Chronicles 11 of the life of David and the soldiers committed to protect him from King Saul. He flawlessly brings the reader into their day-to-day battles of war and survival. References to David’s destiny to the throne of Israel are told through campfire tales from seasoned soldiers to the soldiers new to David’s company. Day of War carries the reader from the time of David’s exile until the death of King Sau [...]

  • So, I'm not a fan of war stories. Not movies, not novels, not even the news. I know war happens. I know in a general way what goes on, but I don't like to hear more about it than I need to. I read this novel because I know and respect the author. It would be most flattering to him to say that this novel completely changed my mind about war stories, but that's not the case (sorry Cliff). I was, however, very impressed with the novel as an example of historical fiction. In every chapter you could [...]

  • This novel is the first book in a 5-book series 'produced' by a media company who is also has a comic-book version of the series, a documentary that takes you behind the story, and an in-process full-length feature version.And it reads like a book designed for 'transmedia', where aspiring media types hope that the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. "Creating virtually" the production company website proclaims without a hint of irony.It's hard not to be cynical about the premise of [...]

  • Kimberly Bower MLIS (gladeslibrarian)

    (Sep 17, 2019 - 08:28 AM)

    In Day of War Cliff Graham takes the Biblical account found in 2 Samuel 23 and I Chronicles 11 of the life of David and the soldiers committed to protect him from King Saul. He flawlessly brings the reader into their day-to-day battles of war and survival. References to David's destiny to the throne of Israel are told through campfire tales from seasoned soldiers to the soldiers new to David's company. Day of War carries the reader from the time of David's exile until the death of King Saul. Thi [...]

  • I was really excited when a friend from church recommended a book about David. I jumped into reading Day of War with a hopeful frenzy. That soon turned south with the opening lion hunt scene. Maybe its just me, but I tend to like dialogue in books I read. This barely had any verbal interaction between the characters at the start of the book - and really throughout the whole book. The plot was done well enough. We follow Benaiah through his lion hunt and learn about his wife and dead daughters (h [...]

  • This is a pretty impressive book. No romance, no sweetness, a definite man’s book. War told from the point of view of a soldier and it was written so well that I loved it. I really enjoy a historical fiction that can teach me – creating a story around real-life events. I have heard, briefly, the story of David and when this book came up as a free nook purchase, I jumped at the chance to learn more. Because the book was told from someone else’s viewpoint, I really didn’t get to know David [...]

  • Christian bookstores have been flooded by an overabundance of light romance and Amish novels that have all meshed together in an indistinguishable conglomeration of formulaic, feel-good fiction (in my unapologetic opinion).In the midst of all the bonnets and courtship, Day of War by Cliff Graham is a breath of fresh air.Graham brings you the story of King David and his warriors in a way you've never seen before. His gritty, realistic depiction of ancient warfare in the Bronze and Iron ages is th [...]

  • WOW!!! I wasn't sure what to think of the book when I started reading it, but I certainly knew what to think about it by the time it ended. The story is told from several different points of view which adds complexity to the plot (even though you know where the story is going and mostly how it will get there if you've read the Bible). I love his depiction of the covering but the best part of the novel is his character development. The author makes you really know and like David's mighty men. I c [...]

  • This book really surprised me. Christian fiction is usually heavy handed and poorly written but Day of War is the exact opposite. The battles are exciting and the accuracy of the tactics as well as the historicity of the account really set a firm foundation for the anchor book in this five tome series.

  • This was definitely worth the read for anyone interested in seeing a Christian story with real-life grits and intense emotion in every sentence.

  • Thomas Umstattd Jr.

    (Sep 17, 2019 - 08:28 AM)

    Violent, thrilling and fast paced. More blood than cleaning a deer. This book gives you a great feel for the times of David and his mighty men. I can't wait for the movie to come out.

  • A fantastical retelling of a fascinating portion of the Bible. I have read through the list of David's mighty men and the brief accounts of their battles and heroism, but I never pondered to think about what life was like on the campaign trail with one of the greatest military leaders in history.Any fan of 300, Game of Thrones, etc. will find this book right up their alley and probably quite surprised that Graham's story is a historical retelling of a portion of the Bible.I most appreciated Grah [...]

  • "Every day is the day of war."To be honest it took me 2 attempts to read this all the way through. I can't explain coherent reasoning bc I really enjoyed this book when it was all said and done. I loved how it took the bible stories I grew up reading and made them more real. Getting depth to the stories and character that are otherwise grazed over was thrilling and unique. I wouldn't say this was the best written book I've read but it was compelling and certain moments really impressed me. (the [...]

  • Excellent book of action and history. This is a fictional story based on real people and real places and actual events. The fiction comes by way of additional detail and dot-connecting. The story is biblical with plausible enhancement-added portions do not contradict the scripture but rely on historical accounts. There is such an amazing layer of richness added to the bible stories that I know so well, making them more memorable and vivid. We tend to wash away the grit and blood from stories we [...]

  • Action packed history coming to lifeA superb combination of history, warfare, and faith that will carry you into the ancient world of the Bible with some of its most iconic figures.Well-researched and written with excellent pacing and meaningful development of both the plot and dynamic characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the story weaved in the incredible feats of David's mighty men. Just the right amount of imagery to transport the reader into the story without over doing it, and the revea [...]

  • Violent true to the images of war. For mature audience but not pornographic but it does speak of the rape and sexual desires. i enjoyed hearing it and made me appreciate the violence of the time and of war in general.

  • Great read Great read. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Great picture of David and his mighty men and their battles.

  • Decent story. i want to read the follow on books.

  • I have been reading the book "Day of War" by Cliff Graham. The book was published post 9/11 in the late 2001. Cliff Graham wrote this book in order to show readers to end all wars after 9/11 because of the catastrophic event. This book would fall into the "action" category because there is a lot of fighting, blood and gore. The theme of this book to me is to be a hero and end all wars. This is the first book in the series "Lion of War." There are a total of three which I have only read the first [...]

  • Day of War is the story of a restless mercenary and the warlord rumored to one day be king to whom he pledges his allegiance. Benaniah’s troubled spirit has not been satisfied with skirmishes with Amalekites, Philistines or even one-on-one contests with man eating lions. But in the mysterious warlord David, he senses something of destiny. Something worth living and dying for.By way of disclaimer I must admit Biblical novels are not my favorite. Too often writers, in an effort to spin a good st [...]

  • For a long time, I've felt that some of the stories from the Old Testament, especially the Kings and the Chronicles, would make great movies. "Day of War" is, of course, not a movie, but Cliff Graham has done in novel form what I've longed for on the big screen: a dramatized presentation of the great stories of the Faith. This book follows the story of Benaiah, one of David's men, from the famous lion in a snowy pit through the battle between Israel and the Philistines, with some Amalekite raidi [...]

  • I love the overall concept and plot for this series: presenting the exploits of David and his mighty men in the form of macho, bloody military fiction. Since the Bible gives only a few brief stories about David's mighty men, the author has quite a bit of latitude to write his own fictional story interwoven with the Biblical account. This particular book focuses primarily on the mighty man Benaiah during the days in which David and his band had settled in the Philistine city of Ziklag.The author [...]

  • Rarely do you read a book that has so much raw courage and yet is clean. There wasn't a single cuss word in the entire book and no sex (though there are references to it).If you're looking for your typical Christian historical fiction sunsets, bonnets, covered wagons and white picket fences then this isn't for you.Let me put it this way: there wasn't a boatload of violence, there was an entire Pacific fleetload! If you can't stand violence then you don't want to read this. But if you want it rea [...]

  • I have had this book on my Kindle for almost 3 years. Now, I wished I had read it sooner. I really enjoyed this look into the life of David & his Mighty Men. One point that Cliff stressed a lot was the use of "Iron" weapons over "Bronze" (other nations had the technology to forge, Israel did not for a while). Cliff describes day to day life at that time in a very knowledgeable manner. This book focuses on Benaiah, who is one tough fighter (early on he took on a lion). He has been given the t [...]

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